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The man that hath no music in himself,
Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds,
Is fit for treason, stratagems, and spoils:
The motions of his spirit are dull as night,
And his affections dark as Erebus:
Let so much man be trusted.
William Shakespeare
(from the Merchant of Venice)

The current site contains the list of CDs which belongs to my private collection. Firstly, the interest in making this site was a personal purpose. Often it is very important for me to have an opportunity to look through this list from the outside.
Also, if a member of my
family wanted to get any of my disks to listen, he could choose it from this list using internet. They can have a full access to my collection.

Since that Ive got the conviction that this site could be interesting not only for me. So the general idea of creating universal mechanism of supporting personal collections in internet was generated. There are informational resources and collector-seller-suppliers environment concerning this site. There are some projects on this theme at the moment. Everyone who are interested in the collaboration can mail me.

When somebody is engaged in collecting he tries to find any interesting information about the subject. Looking through internet Ive found that the most interesting pages are thematic private sites and I decided to share the material I have. There is a lot of information on my site (more then 3000 author's biographies, more then 5500 texts of of songs, more then 13500 links to internet resources about separate authors). It can be interesting not only for me. I recommend to look through my links to universal internet musical resources with comments.

I have a professional interest in checking some ideas in automation of the site development process. Within several years I came to the concept of archive of musical image. The current value of the database is 60 Mb. This site is generated by the database during several minutes. The list of CD is too big so it is sorted by alphabet and divided in several parts.

The list of CD is too big so it is sorted by alphabet and divided in several parts.

 A  (abb, abe, aco, ada, aer, aki, alb, ale, all, als, amm, and, ant, arc, arm, art, ash, atl, aus)  B  (bac, bai, bak, bal, bar, bas, bau, bec, bel, ben, ber, bib, bil, bit, bjo, bla, ble, blo, boc, boi, bon, bor, bou, boy, bra, bre, bri, bro, bru, buc, bun, bur, bux, byr)  C  (cag, cai, cal, cam, can, car, cas, cel, cha, che, chi, cho, chr, cla, cob, cof, coh, col, con, cop, cor, cou, cra, cri, cue, cyr)  D  (dah, dam, dar, dav, daw, de , dea, dee, dej, del, den, des, di , din, dix, dol, dom, dor, dou, dow, dre, dri, duf, duk, dvo)  E  (eas, ehr, eks, eli, ell, eng, ens, ers, esk, eva)  F  (fan, far, fat, fei, fel, fer, fig, fit, fla, fle, fon, fos, fra, fre, fri, fro, fun)  G  (gal, gar, gay, gen, ges, get, gil, gir, giu, gla, goe, gol, gom, goo, gor, gou, gra, gre, gri, gro, gry, gul, guy)  H  (had, hal, ham, han, har, has, haw, hay, hea, hel, hen, her, hes, hic, hil, hin, hip, hod, hol, hoo, hor, hub, hum, hun, hut)  I  (il , ira, ive)  J  (jag, jam, jan, jar, jef, joa, joh, jon, jop, jor)  K  (kar, kas, kee, ken, kes, kha, kim, kin, kir, kle, klu, koc, kon, kor, kra, kre, kro, kuh)  L  (lab, lag, lak, lan, las, lat, lav, le , lea, lee, len, les, lew, lie, lin, lis, lo,, lom, lon, lou, lov, low, lya)  M  (mab, mag, mah, mai, man, mar, mas, mat, max, maz, mcc, mcf, mcg, mcl, mcp, med, meh, men, mer, meu, mil, min, mit, moh, mon, mor, mos, mou, moz, mul, mur, mus)  N  (nan, nav, nel, nev, new, nil, nor, nun)  O  (ock, oli, opp, osb)  P  (par, pas, pat, pea, ped, pen, per, pet, pey, pia, pie, pin, pla, pol, por, pow, pre, pro, pur)  Q  (qui)  R  (rac, ran, rav, red, rei, rey, ric, rip, roa, rob, rog, rol, ron, ros, rou, rub, ruh, rus, ryp)  S  (sak, sam, san, sas, sav, sca, sch, sco, sea, sel, sha, she, sho, sib, sil, sim, sin, sle, smi, sne, sol, sos, spa, spi, sta, ste, sti, sto, str, sum, sun, sus, swa, sze)  T  (tak, tan, taw, tay, tch, tea, ter, tes, the, thi, tho, tim, tja, tom, tor, tow, tri, tro, try, tur, tye)  U  (urb)  V  (val, van, var, vee, ver, vil, viv, vol, von)  W  (wai, wal, war, was, wat, web, wel, wes, wet, whi, wil, win, wit, wol, woo)  X   Y  (yes, you)  Z  (zaw, zel, zon, zor, zwi)    ()  -   -   -   -   -   -  ()  - 

The list divided in thematic categories. This is my own classification, which helps to find the interested disk. For the more objective classification there is an information about it and the rating gotten from . You can find full catalog here ABC/doc or ABC/xls (last updated 05.04.14).

Classics Symphony Vocal (Man) Vocal (Woman) Reconstruction Troubadours, Trouveres
  Guru Organ Modern Classics Modern Classics/SU Popular Interpretation
  Guitar Academia Opera      
Jazz ACID Free Free Avant-Garde Free Improvisation Retro records
  Vocalese Small Orchestra Small Orchestra Bop Small Orchestra Smooth Small Orchestra Contemporary
  Violin Classics Jazz Interpretation Trumpet Trumpet Bop Trumpet Smooth
  Vibes Man Voice Saxophone Saxophone Bop Saxophone Smooth
  Organ Woman Voice Piano Piano Bop Piano Smooth
  Fusion Orchestra Orchestra - Swing Jazz Guitar Guitar Smooth
Blues Blues-Rock Blues Guitar Harmonica Man Voice Woman Voice
Rock Jazz Rock Album Rock Hard Rock Alternative Rock Rock Reggae
  Rock & Roll Psychedelic Rock      
Pop Ballads Woman Voice Accordion French Chanson Guitar Pop
  Film Score        
World Music Armenia Georgia Greece Latin America Jewish
  Japan Balkan Gipsy Folk Romance  
Pseudo Ethnic Celtic Asia Arabic    
New Age Avant-Garde New Wave Sound Experiment    
Sacred Music Gospel Orthodox Master Works    
Pop Art Electronics Russia Rock Russian Songs Russian Romance  

There is a separated list of the last added CD's, and the list of CDs. Chronological tables by biography.
For the fast contacts you can mail me.

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Good photos on a site are from A Katkov, bad my own

The site is based 31.08.2001. Texts of all lists are generated automatically on the current contents of a database