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  Наименование CD :
   The Michael Franks Anthology: The Art Of Love

Год издания : 2003

Компания звукозаписи : Rhino, Warner Bros., (wb)

Музыкальный стиль : Soft Rock, Crossover Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Jazz-Pop, Contemporary Jazz, Vocal Pop

Время звучания : 2:26:48

К-во CD : 2

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Pop      

With his sly, subtle blend of jazz, Brazilian music, and folk-rock, Michael Franks may be a bit of an acquired taste, which is why Rhino's double-disc, 31-track The Michael Franks Anthology: The Art of Love may not be the best way to get acquainted with his music - there's simply to much to absorb at once. But for those who already have become a convert to his sophisticated soft pop, this is the ultimate anthology, providing an exhaustive but not exhausting overview of his Warner recordings from the mid-'70s to the mid-'90s. All the hits are here, along with a sharp selection of album tracks, pretty much rounding up all the highlights from his rich, extensive career. Diehards will still want the albums, but serious fans who want just one Michael Franks album will need this.

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  Соисполнители :

Abdul Wadud (Cello)
Alan Shulman (Strings)
Andre Fischer (Drums, Percussion, Tambourine)
Andy Newmark (Drums)
Andy Snitzer (Alt Saxophone)
Anthony Posk (Strings)
Bashiri Johnson (Percussion)
Ben Riley (Drums)
Bill Reichenbach Jr. (Horn)
Bob Leinbach (Organ)
Bob Mintzer (Flute, Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone)
Brenda Russell (Vocals, Background Vocals)
Bucky Pizzarelli (Acoustic Guitar)
Bud Shank (Flute)
Buddy Williams (Drums)
Charles Libove (Strings)
Charles McCracken (Strings)
Chris Palmaro (Keyboards)
Christopher Parker (Bells, Cymbals, Drums)
Chuck Loeb (Guitar)
Clare Fischer (Conductor)
Claus Ogerman (Conductor)
Clifford Carter (Piano)
Crusher Bennett (Conga)
David Liebman (Flute)
David Sanborn (Alt Saxophone)
Dennis Belfield (Bass)
Diane Barere (Cello)
Earl Klugh (Acoustic Guitar)
Emanuel Vardi (Strings)
Eric Gale (Guitar)
Ernie Watts (Flute, Saxophone)
Flora Purim (Vocals, Background Vocals)
Francisco Centeno (Bass)
Frank Floyd (Background Vocals)
Frederick Slotkin (Cello)
George Sopuch (Guitar, Electric Guitar, Rhythm Guitar)
George Young (Flute)
Guy Lumia (Strings)
Hamish Stuart (Background Vocals)
Harold Coletta (Strings, Violin)
Harry Lookovsky (Violin)
Harry Urbont (Strings)
Helio Delmiro (Rhythm Guitar)
Herb Bushler (Bass)
Hilda Harris (Background Vocals)
Hiram Bullock (Guitar)
Howard Leshaw (Flute)
Ian Bloxsom (Percussion)
Jeff Lorber (Keyboards)
Jeff Mironov (Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar)
Jerry Hey (Horn)
Jesse Levy (Strings)
Jimmy Haslip (Bass, Keyboards)
Joao Donato (Piano)
Joao Palma (Drums)
Joe Caro (Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar)
Joe Sample (Fender Rhodes, Piano, Synthesizer)
John Guerin (Drums, Percussion)
John Tropea (Guitar)
Joseph Malin (Strings)
Kacey Cisyk (Background Vocals)
Kenny Barron (Piano)
Kim Hutchcroft (Horn)
Larry Bunker (Vibraphone)
Larry Carlton (Guitar, Electric Guitar)
Lawrence Feldman (Flute, Alt Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone)
Lenny Castro (Percussion)
Leon Pendarvis (Keyboards)
Leslie Miller (Background Vocals)
Lew Soloff (Trumpet)
Lewis Eley (Strings)
Luis Conte (Percussion)
Luther Vandross (Background Vocals)
Manolo Badrena (Percussion)
Marcus Miller (Bass)
Maretha Stewart (Background Vocals)
Marilyn Scott (Background Vocals)
Mark Orrin Shuman (Cello)
Marvin Stamm (Flugelhorn, Trumpet)
Michael Brecker (Alt Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone)
Michael Colina (Cymbals, Keyboards)
Michael Kenny (Keyboards)
Michael Landau (Guitar)
Mike Mainieri (Vibraphone)
Neil Jason (Bass)
Nick Moroch (Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar)
Omar Hakim (Drums)
Pat Rebillot (Fender Rhodes)
Paul Griffin (Organ)
Paul Jackson Jr. (Guitar)
Paulinho Da Costa (Percussion)
Phil Scorgie (Bass)
Phillip Ballou (Background Vocals)
Ralph MacDonald (Percussion)
Randy Brecker (Flugelhorn, Trumpet)
Randy VanWarmer (Background Vocals)
Ray Armando (Percussion)
Ray Bardani (Tambourine)
Rick Marotta (Drums)
Rick Zunigar (Acoustic Guitar)
Rob Mounsey (Fender Rhodes, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Background Vocals)
Ron Carter (Double Bass)
Rubens Bassini (Percussion)
Russell Ferrante (Keyboards, Piano)
Sean Franks (Cymbals)
Shawn Pelton (Drums)
Sheldon Powell (Soprano Saxophone)
Steve Croes (Synthesizer)
Steve Gadd (Drums)
Steve Hopes (Drums)
Steve Khan (Guitar)
Stuart Evans (Percussion)
Tawatha Agee (Background Vocals)
Tennyson Stephens (Fender Rhodes, Piano)
Tony Buchanan (Saxophone)
Vivian Cherry (Background Vocals)
Will Lee (Bass, Background Vocals)
William Kennedy (Drums)
Wilton Felder (Bass)

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Наименование трека



   1 01 Eggplant         0:03:37 Michael Franks
   1 02 Popsicle Toes     T       0:04:34 -"-
   1 03 The Lady Wants To Know         0:04:45 -"-
   1 04 B'wana - He No Home         0:04:57 -"-
   1 05 Antonio's Song (The Rainbow)         0:05:04 -"-
   1 06 When The Cookie Jar Is Empty         0:05:09 -"-
   1 07 Meet Me In The Deerpark         0:05:58 -"-
   1 08 Living On The Inside         0:05:38 -"-
   1 09 Sanpaku         0:04:13 -"-
   1 10 Tiger In The Rain         0:04:18 -"-
   1 11 When It's Over         0:03:04 -"-
   1 12 On My Way Home To You         0:04:50 -"-
   1 13 Inside You         0:04:12 -"-
   1 14 Lotus Blossom         0:04:18 Michael Franks / Don Grolnick
   1 15 Don't Be Blue         0:03:41 Michael Franks / John Guerin
   1 16 Monkey See - Monkey Do         0:06:33 Michael Franks
   2 01 Tahitian Moon         0:04:36 -"-
   2 02 Flirtation         0:03:42 -"-
   2 03 When Sly Calls (Don't Touch That Phone)         0:05:52 -"-
   2 04 Rainy Night In Tokyo         0:04:42 -"-
   2 05 Sunday Morning Here With You         0:04:33 -"-
   2 06 Your Secret's Safe With Me         0:04:39 -"-
   2 07 When I Give My Love To You         0:04:25 -"-
   2 08 Read My Lips         0:03:42 -"-
   2 09 Innuendo         0:05:54 -"-
   2 10 Leading Me Back To You         0:05:06 Michael Franks / Joe Sample
   2 11 The Art Of Love         0:04:11 Michael Franks
   2 12 The Dream         0:05:13 Russell Ferrante / Michael Franks / Marc Russo
   2 13 Monk's New Tune         0:05:43 Michael Franks
   2 14 Somehow Our Love Survives         0:05:00 Michael Franks / Joe Sample
   2 15 Mr. Smooth         0:04:39 Michael Franks


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