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  Исполнитель(и) :
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  Наименование CD :
   Cantigas: Martin Codax, Jaufre Rudel, Dom Dinis

Год издания : 2006

Компания звукозаписи : Harmonia mundi

Время звучания : 2:17:50

К-во CD : 2

Код CD : HMX 2907378.79

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Sacred Music (Master Works)      

There are many types of Iberian medieval songs or cantigas, and famed early music interpreter Paul Hillier tries out several of them on this double-disc reissue of recordings made at various times. Unfortunately, with no texts included, it's hard for listeners (excepting, of course, those fluent in Old Occitan or Galician-Portuguese) to make any sense of what the liner notes and tracklist have to say about cantigas de amigo or satirical songs of the Portuguese court. In the absence of knowledge of what's being sung, Hillier's mostly unaccompanied singing quickly runs together into sameness despite his undoubtedly attractive voice. The songs are punctuated by the ethereal harp of Andrew Lawrence-King and, on one set of songs, by accompanimental instruments and a small chorus, but even these more various settings have a flat quality. It may be that Hillier wouldn't have been the right singer for this material even with all the texts and translations at hand: the trend in this material is toward a more down-to-earth style, with a mixture of instruments that reflects something of the various cultures of medieval Iberia. Hillier is quite detached in music that is generally infused with passion. But the biggest problem is Harmonia Mundi's booklet cutting. The buyer of this "budget" set is actually not saving any money at all.

Recording site and date:

[101],[109] Unknown [04/1996]

[102]-[108] Unknown [02/1994]

[110]-[116] Le Domaine Forget, Francois-Bernier Concert Hall, St. Irenee, Charlevoix, Prov. of Quebec, Canada [10/1998]

[201]-[214]Skywalker Sound, Nicasio, CA, USA [02/1994]

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  Соисполнители :

Alfonso X 'El Sabio' (Composer)
Andrew Lawrence-King (Harp)
Daniel Kennedy (Percussion)
Hugh Davies (Vocals)
Jaufre Rudel (Composer)
Joan Airas De Santiago (Composer)
Joan Garcia De Guilhade (Composer)
Margriet Tindemans (Viola D'Amore)
Neal Rogers (Vocals)
Roi Fernandes De Santiago (Composer)
Roi Paes De Ribela (Composer)
Shira Kammen (Viola D'Amore)
Theatre Of Voices (Ensemble)
Tom Hart (Vocals)

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Наименование трека



   1 01 Prelude         0:03:29 Martin Codax - Cantigas (7) De Amigo, Song Cycle For Voice And Accompaniment (music Missing From 1 Cantiga)
   1 02 Cantiga I. Ondas Do Mare De Vigo         0:02:47 -"-
   1 03 Cantiga II. Mandad' Ei Comigo         0:02:05 -"-
   1 04 Cantiga III. Mia Irmana Fremosa         0:02:10 -"-
   1 05 Cantiga IV. Ai Deus, Se Sab'ora Meu Amigo         0:03:15 -"-
   1 06 Cantiga V. Quantas Sabedes Amare Amigo         0:01:36 -"-
   1 07 Cantiga VI. En'no Sagrado En Vigo         0:00:59 -"-
   1 08 Cantiga VII. Ai Ondas Que Eu Vin Veere         0:01:44 -"-
   1 09 Postlude         0:03:57 -"-
   1 10 Quan Lo Riu De La Fontana (Can Lo Rius De La Fontana)         0:08:17 Jaufre Rudel
   1 11 Pro Ai Del Chan Essenhadors         0:05:25 -"-
   1 12 Lanquan (Lancan) Li Jorn Son Lonc En May         0:06:01 -"-
   1 13 Belhs M'es L'estius         0:05:04 -"-
   1 14 Non Sap Chantar         0:07:13 -"-
   1 15 Quan Lo Rossinhols (Can Io Rossinhols E. l Folhos)         0:09:13 -"-
   1 16 Dansa         0:04:54 -"-
   2 01 Cantiga De Santa Maria 327, Porque Ben Santa Maria Sabe Os Seus Does Dar         0:06:35 Alfonso X (el Sabio)
   2 02 Par Deus Ai Dona Leonor         0:04:48 Roi Paes De Ribela
   2 03 Un Cavalo Non Comeu         0:02:46 Joan Garcia De Guilhade
   2 04 Cantiga De Santa Maria 231, Vertud' e Sabedoria         0:03:46 Alfonso X (el Sabio)
   2 05 Fois'o Meu Amigo A Cas D'elrei         0:04:50 Joan Airas De Santiago
   2 06 Quand'eu Vejo Las Ondas         0:03:59 Roi Fernandes De Santiago
   2 07 Cantiga De Santa Maria 198, Muitas Vezes Volv' o Demo As Gentes Por Seus Pecados         0:05:18 Alfonso X (el Sabio)
   2 08 I. Pois Que Vos Deus, Amigo, Quer Guisar         0:04:06 Dom Dinis - Cantigas De Amor
   2 09 II. A Tal Estado M'adusse, Senhor         0:04:47 -"-
   2 10 III. O Que Vos Nunca Cuidei A Dizer         0:06:00 -"-
   2 11 IV. Que Mui Gran Prazer Que Eu Ei, Senhor         0:05:52 -"-
   2 12 V. Senhor Fremosa, Non Poss'eu Osmar         0:05:51 -"-
   2 13 VI. Non Sei Como Me Salv'a Mha Senhor         0:06:13 -"-
   2 14 VII. Quix Ben, Amigos, e Quer'e Querrei         0:04:50 -"-


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