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  Наименование CD :
   Cansos De Trobairitz

Год издания : 1990

Компания звукозаписи : EMI Reflexe

Время звучания : 50:06

Код CD : CDM 7 63417 2

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Classics (Reconstruction)      

Recording site and date: Evangelische Kirch, Seon [June 1977]

Montserrat put the problem to me right away: "Would it be possible to fill a whole long-playing record of over forty-five minutes' duration solely with songs of the trobairitz?" This is to say, with works of some of the eighteen women whose names have been handed down to us - of only eighteen of a great number of female singers who, like their male colleagues, used to practise the art of trobar at the courts of Western Europe. My first professorial answer was "no". It was not possible. Of the 236 surviving melodies of the troubadours known to us, 43 different authors in all, only one, namely A chantar m·er de so q'ieu no voldria, was written by a trobairitz, the mysterious Condesa de Dia. Therefore I suggested something different: a recording of songs of Catalan troubadours, or a selection of the most famous works of that period, or of such songs as had not yet been issued on record. "Later...", they replied with undisguised disappointment. When Jordi and Montserrat left me that day they looked a little sad. So I made up my mind to make the impossible possible and try to oblige them, but not altogether for altruistic reasons. I myself had begun to be fascinated by the idea of hearing women's songs from Occitania performed after so many centuries of silence, sung, too, by the voice of a woman who had a natural affinity to them, both spiritually and geographically - a Catalan singer. I had the idea of taking full advantage of the immense possibilities which arise out of the common medieval practice of borrowing melodies for a given piece of poetry. This was a widely practised, if little known custom (of the 2542 surviving works of the troubadours, 514 are securely, and another 70 in all likelihood, reckoned to be imitations of borrowings with respect to their melodies). Besides, I intended to adopt the legitimate method of having the dialogic songs sung by two vocalists, the part of the man by a male voice, that of the woman by a female one. Thus we arrived at a total number of seven compositions - the record had been made possible, and Montserrat and Jordi were overjoyed. Together we made a thorough study of the texts (at German and Catalan Universities they teach the traditional pronunciation which differs in some points from the pronunciation common in France), rehearsing began - and here now is the result.

- Francisco Noy, booklet notes


Montserrat Figueras, Gesang #1-7

Josep Benet, Gesang #1, 4, 7

Pilar Figueras, Gesang #3

Jordi Savall, Fidel & Lira

Hopkinson Smith, Laute & Guitarra moresca

Lorenzo Alpert, Flote & Schlaginstrumente

Gabriel Garrido, Guitarra moresca, Flote & Schlaginstrumente

Christophe Coin, Fidel & Rebab

  Соисполнители :

Montserrat Figueras (Mezzosoprano Voice)

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Наименование трека



   1 Vos Que.m Semblatz Dels Corals Amadors         0:03:57 2 Voices, 2 Flutes, Percussion - Words By Condessa De Provenza Gardensa (c.1193-c.1215) & Gui De Cavaillon (fl.c.1210) Music By Gaucelm Faidit (c.1150-c.1220)
   2 Estat Ai Eu Greu Cossirier         0:06:11 Voice, Vielle, Lyre - Words By Condessa De Dia (fl.c.1200) Music By Raimon De Miraval (c.1180-1215)
   3 Na Carenza Al Bel Cors Avinen         0:05:55 2 Voices, Lute - Words By Anon. Music By Arnault De Maruelh (c.1170-1200)
   4 Si.us Quer Conselh, Bel' Ami' Alamanda         0:09:46 2 Voices, Vielle, Lute, Lyre, Guitar - Words & Music By Giraut De Bornelh (c.1140-c.1200)
   5 Ab Joi Et Ab Joven M'apais         0:05:31 Voice, Flute, Vielle, Guitar, Rebab, Percussion - Words By Condessa De Dia. Music By Bernart De Ventadorn (c.1135-c.1195)
   6 A Chantar M'er De So Q'ieu No Voldria         0:08:22 Voice, Lyre - Words & Music By Condessa De Dia
   7 S'anc Fui Belha Ni Prezada         0:10:24 2 Voices, Flute, Lute, Guitar, Vielle, Lyre - Words & Music By Cadenet (fl.c.1220)


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