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  Наименование CD :
   Johannes Ockeghem: Requiem

Год издания : 1993

Компания звукозаписи : Harmonia mundi

Время звучания : 54:49

Код CD : HMC 901441

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Sacred Music (Master Works)      

Recording: Nov 1992, Grand Refectoire de l'Abbaye de Fontevraud

This is an all-male vocal recording, constructing a full service out of chant and Ockeghem's polyphony. In addition, two polyphonic movements by Antonius Divitis (c.1470-c.1530) are included, to make the service liturgically complete. The Sanctus uses boys voices.


Ensemble Organum

Josep Benet (tenor), Malcolm Bothwell (tenor), Josep Cabre (baritone), Stephan van Dyck (baritone), Stephen Grant (bass), Marcel Peres (bass - chant), Antoine Sicot (bass)

Les Pages de la Chapelle de Versailles in [9]

Christophe Davezac (treble), Arthur Le Mesre de Pas (treble), Baptiste van Opstal (treble)

Marcel Peres, dir.

Johannes Ockeghem's Requiem is a beautiful example of the plainchant mass and is the earliest surviving polyphonic Mass for the Dead. It was most likely written in 1461 and originally consisted of the Introit, Kyrie eleison, Graduale, Tractus, and the Offertorium. All the other texts were probably sung in unembellished plainchant, following normal church practice. In this pre-Tridentine setting, the Requiem appears truncated, but to call this performance a reconstruction or a completion is not quite accurate since Ockeghem's work was as complete as he deemed necessary. However, to give this recording a semblance of completeness for modern listeners, Ockeghem's movements are presented here within the liturgical context, with the Epistle, Gospel, Agnus Dei, and Libera Me sung by Marcel Peres and Ensemble Organum in plainchant. The Sanctus and Communio, though, are provided as supplements to flesh out the work; attributed to Antonius Divitis, they follow Ockeghem's style using the same ornamented chant lines and fauxbourdons in the lower voices. Ensemble Organum's male voices blend well, are flexible, and make the contrapuntal lines quite transparent. In the Sanctus, they are joined by three members of Les Pages de la Chapelle, whose voices add a bright luster to the otherwise somber coloration of this work.

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Наименование трека



   1 1. Introit         0:04:38 Johannes Ockeghem - Requiem (Missa Pro Defunctis), For 3-4 Voices (introit, Kyrie, Gradual, Offertory Only)
   2 2. Kyrie         0:04:31  
   3 3. Epistola (chant)         0:03:30  
   4 4. Graduale - Si Ambulem In Medio Umbre Mortis         0:07:34  
   5 5. Tractus - Sicut Servus Desiderat Ad Fontes Aquarum         0:06:35  
   6 6. Evangelium (chant)         0:04:19  
   7 7. Offertorium         0:08:29  
   8 8. Praefatio (chant)         0:02:59  
   9 9. Divitis: Sanctus         0:03:14  
   10 10. Agnus Dei (chant)         0:01:16  
   11 11. Divitis: Communio - Lux Eterna Luceat Eis         0:02:05  
   12 12. Repons - Libera Me, Domine, De Morte Eterna (chant)         0:05:40  


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