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  Наименование CD :
   Chants D'est. Songs From Slavic Lands

Год издания : 2008

Компания звукозаписи : Naive

Время звучания : 1:01:48

Код CD : V5178 (8 22186 05178 8)

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Classics (Guru)      

Songs from Slavic Lands, to use this compilation's English title, features the 'conception and musical direction' of cellist Wieder-Atherton, 'with the complicity of Franck Krawczyck.' In her booklet note, Wieder-Atherton explains that she was attracted by Mitteleuropa, and its history of languages and cultures struggling to retain their identity, and of saying what it is forbidden to say. Of course this is not music originally written for cello and string orchestra, so Krawczyck was brought on board to effect the arrangements. This then, is more a 'concept album' or an album celebrating the cellist than a gap-filler. I have no problem with that. Wieder-Atherton has several CDs to her credit-several for RCA with esteemed pianist Imogen Cooper-and she clearly is an intelligent musician who is not content with recording the basic repertoire over and over again.

The program works beautifully. The works chosen fit together happily, and Krawczyck's arrangements surpass expectations. The Prokofiev and Mahler (especially) might seem, at best, prone to come across as classy easy listening music in arrangements for cello and strings, but Krawczyck and Wieder-Atherton are on guard against that, and the syrup doesn't overwhelm the pancake, so to speak. The cellist also avoids a 'one tone fits all' approach to the repertoire. She can play with a big juicy tone, but she also can pare it down and let the cello moan softly, tease, and speak in the guttural yet appealing tones of a Gypsy woman. The two movements from Ruralia hungarica are especially affecting, as is the last of Krawczyck's seven Jeux d'enfants, although there is also a winning sense of humor at work here-for example, in the fifth, which is laugh-out-loud funny. A good CD can stimulate your desire to go more deeply into the repertoire or to hear more from the musician in question, and 'Chants d'Est' passes both of those tests.

The Warsaw-based Sinfonia Varsovia, founded in 1984 'on the initiative of' Yehudi Menuhin, provides idiomatic and not overbearing support to Wieder-Atherton on this CD. Although the focus is on her, the Polish musicians are equal partners.

With that big Yo-Yo Ma retrospective coming out around now, this CD might fall through the cracks. Don't let it. Cello lovers with a nostalgic streak will love this. I did, anyway!

-Fanfare: Raymond Tuttle


It's impossible to avoid an aura of profound mournfulness, once Sonia Wieder-Atherton embarks on her mission of music-gathering from Central and Eastern Europe. The Sinfonia Varsovia, from Warsaw, provides a highly sensitive surround here, for what is essentially a cello showcase. The album is subtitled Songs from Slavic Lands, but its orientation isn't as folkloric as initial impressions might suggest. Traditional sounds are filtered through the studied compositional process, with the repertoire including works by Rachmaninov, Dohnanyi, Prokofiev, Martinu and Mahler. A living composer, Franck Krawczyk, provides the longest work, as a midway centrepiece. There is also a pair of traditional Jewish songs to further broaden the palette.

The separate pieces are invariably episodic, but gradually make up a woven whole as they progress, building up a pseudo-suite of compatible atmospheres. Wieder-Atherton's sonorous tone always lies at the heart, her romantic flourishes taming an imagined gypsy wildness, slowing its expression down to an introverted hover. These songs might not feature any actual vocals, but the cello takes on a suitably singing role throughout. Alexander Tcherepnin's Tatar Dance is frustratingly brief, failing to hit three minutes, but it acts as a bridge into Franck Krawczyk's seven-part Jeux D'Infants. The composer might be barely 40 years old, but this work is completely in keeping with the older pieces that surround it, turning into a harrumphing waddle for oboe and clarinet, introducing theatrical percussion that suggests a tumbling clown. In a sudden schizophrenic switch, it develops a sincere sadness which marches on into Prokofiev's Field of the Dead.

Martinu's Variations on a Slovak Folksong provide the album's second extended section, once again passing through a variety of humours. Mahler follows, still morose, but with hope for the new dawning. Then, there's a short dervish romp to conclude, with another Jewish traditional dance tune.

Fingers are left itching for the next turntable selection, which has to be a double session with Taraf De Haidouks and the Terem Quartet.

- Martin Longley (2009-10-12)


  Соисполнители :

Christophe Mangou (Conductor)
Sinfonia Varsovia (Orchestra)

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Наименование трека



   1 Nunc Dimittis         0:03:49 Serge Rachmaninov - Vespers Opus 37 (1915)
   2 Andante Rubato, Alla Zingaresca         0:06:45 Erno Dohnanyi - Ruralia Hungarica Opus 32b (1924)
   3 Presto         0:03:51 -"-
   4 Song In Remembrance Of Schubert         0:04:25 Jewish Traditional
   5 Tatar Dance         0:02:46 Alexander Tcherepnin - Songs And Dances Opus 84 (1953)
   6 I.         0:01:52 Franck Krawczyk - Jeux D'enfants, After Janacek's Moravian Folksongs 2007
   7 II.         0:01:55 -"-
   8 III.         0:01:15 -"-
   9 IV.         0:01:23 -"-
   10 V.         0:01:27 -"-
   11 VI.         0:05:21 -"-
   12 VII.         0:03:13 -"-
   13 The Field Of The Dead         0:04:57 Sergey Prokofiev - Alexander Nevsky (1938)
   14 Theme, Rubato         0:01:58 Bohuslav Martinu - Variations On A Slovak Folksong
   15 Variation 1 - Moderato         0:01:07 Variations On A Slovak Folksong
   16 Variation 2 - Poco Allegro         0:01:24 -"-
   17 Variation 3 - Moderato         0:01:59 -"-
   18 Variation 4 - Scherzo, Allegretto         0:02:08 -"-
   19 Variation 5 - Allegro         0:01:23 -"-
   20 Ich Bin Der Welt Abhanden Gekommen         0:06:32 Gustav Mahler - Ruckert-Lieder (1901-1902)
   21 Dance         0:02:19 Jewish Traditional


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