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   Choregraphie: Music For Louis XIV's Dancing Masters

Год издания : 2007

Компания звукозаписи : Harmonia mundi

Время звучания : 1:12:47

Код CD : HMU 907335

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Classics (Reconstruction)      

This is one of those albums that can be listened to on two levels: one for the enjoyment of the rich, heavily ornamented sound of Andrew Lawrence-King's Baroque triple harp (the term refers to the instrument's three rows of strings, a configuration that survives today in Welsh folk music), and one for the music involved and how it fit into the musical and cultural universe of its time. The composers on the disc are familiar - Lully and Campra are responsible for most of the pieces. But the music was taken out of its original surroundings and arranged for solo instruments, the harp being a common one. One use for these arrangements was for the dance lessons of Louis XIV himself, one of history's few dancer-kings; the arrangements by Jean-Henri d'Angelbert were included in a dance instruction book called Choreographie, compiled by Raoul-Auger Feuillet, which contained perhaps history's first instance of dance notation. The lavish booklet includes examples of this, and it's pretty much worth the purchase price on its own. Others at the center of the Sun King's orbits of power loved dancing and might have heard this music as well: from New Year to Carnival," a visiting Bavarian princess wrote, "the court just danced and partied."

What the listener gets here, then, is something of an early dance mix. The pieces are mostly upbeat and short - sometimes very short. They are divided into five sets, beginning with an Entree and concluding with the weightier and longer Chaconne, which gives Lawrence-King the chance to display his facility with ornamentation on a difficult instrument as it progresses into denser textures. Within each set are a mixture of programatically named pieces and the generic French court dances: sarabande, bouree, and so on. The trick in playing this music, according to one treatise, was to "please the ear, and at the same time to mark the dance rhythms so well, that one feels inspired in spite of oneself with the desire to dance." Lawrence-King treats the rhythm a bit freely for dancers, or even foot-tappers, but the subtle touch of his ornaments reveals something new each time one listens to it. The music of the French court remains the least understood aspect of the whole Baroque period, not least because performing organizations today can't muster the resources necessary to their reenactment. Recordings like this one, that hold onto the music's original entertainment value while showing us something of how French courtiers heard and enjoyed music, are invaluable. The sound picks up every little detail of Lawrence-King's harp, some of which are as quiet as the sounds of a Chinese zither.

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  Соисполнители :

Andre Campra (Composer)
Ennemond Gaultier (Composer)
Jean Henri D'Anglebert (Composer)
Jean-Baptiste Lully (Composer)
Marin Mersenne (Composer)
William Brade (Composer)

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Наименование трека



   1 Prelude For Keyboard In C Major         0:01:26 Jean-Henri D'Anglebert
   2 Entree Espagnole (Air En Rondeau, Gay)         0:01:42 Andre Campra - L'Europe Galante, Opera-ballet.
   3 Entree: Air Pour Les Paysans Et Paysanes (Des Paysans Et Paysanes Chantent Et Dansent A L'Espagnole         0:01:48 Jean-Baptiste Lully - Xerxes, Ballet (for F. Cavalli's "Serse"), LWV 12
   4 Le Louvre (Aimable Vainqueur)         0:02:35 Andre Campra - Hesione, Opera
   5 Ballet Du Temps / Ballet Des Plaisirs / Une Nopce De Village / Roland / Etc. (Feuillet's Choregraph         0:01:35 Jean-Baptiste Lully - Work's
   6 Sarabande Pour Une Femme         0:01:39 Jean-Baptiste Lully - Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, Comedie-ballet, LWV 43
   7 Bouree Pour Les Basques         0:00:55 Jean-Baptiste Lully - Xerxes, Ballet (for F. Cavalli's "Serse"), LWV 12
   8 L'immortelle, Courante In D Minor For 2 Lutes (from Pieces De Luth En Musique, 1680)         0:04:56 Ennemond Gaultier
   9 Xerxes / Armide (Feuillet's Choregraphie (Paris, 1700)). La Contredance         0:01:12 Jean-Baptiste Lully - Work(s)
   10 Entree D'Apollon         0:04:06 Jean-Baptiste Lully - Le Triomphe De L'amour, Ballet, LWV 59
   11 Suite La Bourgogne (from Feuillet's Choregrphie (Paris, 1700)), For Baroque Harp         0:02:26 Anonymous
   12 Gigues: Gigue A Deux - Gigue Pour Home         0:02:33 Jean-Baptiste Lully - Roland, Opera, LWV 65
   13 Overture: Le Retour Des Plaisirs         0:05:09 Jean-Baptiste Lully - Alceste, Ou Le Triomphe D'Alcide, Opera, LWV 50
   14 La Bocanes (Feuillet's Choregraphie (Paris, 1700)), Courante For Baroque Harp         0:01:49 Marin Mersenne
   15 Sarabande         0:01:48 Jean-Baptiste Lully - Les Noces De Village, Ballet, LWV 19
   16 La Vignonne (Feuillet's Choregraphie (Paris, 1700)), For Baroque Harp         0:01:13 William Brade
   17 Pavane Des Saisons         0:02:42 Jean-Baptiste Lully - Pieces De Symphonie, Noce De Village, Airs Pour Mme La Dauphine, For Orchestra, LWV 70
   18 Gaillarde For Keyboard In C Major         0:03:46 Jean-Henri D'Anglebert
   19 Passacaille D'Armide         0:06:02 Jean-Baptiste Lully - Armide, Opera, LWV 71
   20 Prelude For Harpsichord In D Minor (Pieces De Clavein)         0:07:20 Jean-Henri D'Anglebert
   21 Entree Espagnole (Air Pour Les Espagnoles, Gravement)         0:01:28 Andre Campra - L'Europe Galante, Opera-ballet
   22 Les Folies D'Espagne (improvised After Jean-Henry D'Anglebert, Marin Marais & Francesco Corbetta), For Harp         0:05:05 Andrew Lawrence-King
   23 Chaconne D'Amadis (Les Heroes Et Heroines Temoignent Leur Joie Par Des Danses)         0:09:32 Jean-Baptiste Lully - Amadis, Opera, LWV 63


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