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  Исполнитель(и) :
   Various Artists  (Vocals)
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  Наименование CD :
   The Story Of Fado

Год издания : 1997

Компания звукозаписи : Metro Blue, EMI Hemisphere

Музыкальный стиль : Fado, Western European Traditions

Время звучания : 1:05:56

Код CD : 7243 8 55647 2 7

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : World Music (Folk Romance)      

You won't find a better single-disc introduction to Portugal's heart-wrenching brand of blues. The word "fado" literally means fate, and there is a real sense of human fallibility in the singing and playing on every track. The selections were culled from recordings from the past 30 years, but this fine thread of humanity runs through them all. Beautiful music, tastefully programmed.


Fado (pronounced fadoo) in Portuguese means fate or destiny and embodies the soul and spirit of the Portuguese people. It is one of the oldest styles of urban folk music, a mournful, melancholic style that became popular around the early 1800s in Lisbon, and could be found in tiny hole in the wall taverns, brothels, and street corners. Nowadays, one cannot sing fado on the street corner, as it is illegal. Fado is probably much older than that, and may have been originated from African and Brazilian slave rhythms, blended with the music of the homesick Portuguese sailors who had travelled the world, with some Arabic influences thrown in to the pot. It was the music of the working class of Lisbon, and like the blues music of the American south, was played both for pleasure and the relieve the pain and sorrow, and the unchangeable destinies of everyday life.

Fado was mostly the voice of the poor, and often sung about the trials and tribulations of an overly oppressive government. From 1926 to 1868, during the dictatorship of Salazar fado singers were forced to become professional and could only sing in fado houses, in an attempt to gain control of the content of the lyrics of the fado.

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Наименование трека



   1 A Casa Da Mariquinhas         0:04:09 Alfredo Marceneiro
   2 Nao Venhas Tarde         0:03:34 Carlos Ramos
   3 Tia Macheta         0:02:06 Berta Carduso
   4 A Tendinha         0:02:06 Herminia Silva
   5 A Rosinha Dos Limoes         0:03:00 Max
   6 Maria Teresa De Noronha         0:03:37 Rosa Enjeitada
   7 Partir E Morrer Um Pouco         0:03:05 Antonio Dos Santos
   8 Foi Na Travessa Da Palha         0:02:44 Lucilia Do Carmo
   9 Foi Deus         0:03:42 Amalia Rodrigues
   10 Lisboa A Noite         0:02:57 Tony De Matos
   11 Aquela Janela Virada Pro Mar         0:03:28 Tristao De Silva
   12 Fado Das Ccaldas         0:02:20 Vicente Aguilar Carranza
   13 Belos Tempos         0:04:05 Fernando Farina
   14 Colchetes De Oiro         0:03:04 Frei Hermano
   15 Fadista Louco         0:02:34 Antonio Mourao
   16 Saudade Vai-Te Embora         0:03:00 Fernanda Maria
   17 Embucado         0:03:27 Joao Ferreira Rosa
   18 Amar         0:02:23 Teresa Silva Carvalho
   19 Saudade Mal Do Fado         0:02:23 Carlos Do Carmo
   20 Arraial         0:02:24 Joao Braga
   21 Ate Que A Voz Me Doa         0:03:05 Maria Da Fe
   22 Carvalo Ruco         0:02:43 Nuno Da Camara Pereira


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