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  Наименование CD :
   Sweep Me Away

Год издания : 2010

Компания звукозаписи : Sony Music

Музыкальный стиль : Jazz

Время звучания : 47:18

Код CD : 88697647572

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Jazz (Woman Voice)      

Fredrika Stahl (родившийся 24 октября 1984 в Стокгольме, Швеция) является певецей и поэтом - песенником, заключила контракт к Sony Music во Франции. Ее стиль - соединение джаза и фолка. Наряду с пением, Фредрика играет на фортепьяно и гитаре. Дебютный альбом выпустила в 2006 году. Fredrika Stahl - A Fraction Of You (2006) Fredrika Stahl - Tributaries (2008) . Участие приняли музыканты, такие как Том Маккланг (фортепьяно), Хосе Пэлмер (гитара), Диего Имберт (контрабас) и Карл Дженнаска (барабаны). Стэхл написал лирику и музыку на ее альбоме дебюта. Ее второй альбом, Tributaires, показывает Hiro Morozumi на фортепьяно, Oyvind Nypan & Andreas Oberg на гитаре, Pierre Boussaguet & Acelio де Паула на басе и Simone Prattico на барабанах.


Fredrika Stahl grew up in France with aspirations of becoming a dancer, but soon turned towards being a singer/songwriter. Originally beginning with a jazz-style, she has since moved towards a sound which more strongly emulated pop, reminiscent of the arrangements found on classic Beach Boys albums. But don't expect a glitzy bleach-blonde happy-go-lucky pop album, it opens with the chantings of a ghostly choir, and sprawls out into a piano piece, and if you strain to hear it, the soft shaking of a maraca. It opens up to the drum and basslines, and Stahl's voice shines through the whole way as the strings come in, accentuating her poignant lyrics.


Alone amongst jazz players! The Swede Fredrika Stahl spent her youth in France. After school she moved to the Seine metropolis, wanted to become a dancer, but started off as a waitress.

And then became a jazz singer, discovered by Tom McClung, an old companion of Archie Shepp. But Fredrika Stahl didn't want to interpret standards, she wanted to write her own songs. But since at least a decade, being a highly talented singer and songwriter in the border zone between jazz and pop is no longer a unique feature.

So she discombobulated the French jazz scene, toured with Herbie Hancock and Lionel Ritchie, released two albums with "A Fraction of you" and "Tributaries", which have to be rated as exceptionally successful.

She rather brusquely said: "The question whether I am a pop singer or a jazz singer always shocks me. Where I belong. Into which category should I be classified. For me, art is one of the few things which cannot have set limits. For me it is simply music.

The main thing is that it sounds good." Fredrika Stahl still has the biggest surprise in store for us though: "Sweep Me Away" her third, just released album is proof of her resolute turn towards pop - in fact, extremely confidently presented, with opulent arrangements and hit qualities between beach boys and bossa nova that even fans of Kate Nash should like.

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Наименование трека



   1 Intro         0:00:49  
   2 Sweep Me Away         0:03:49  
   3 Fast Moving Train         0:03:21  
   4 Rocket Trip To Mars         0:03:44  
   5 Altered Lens         0:03:56  
   6 M.O.S.W.         0:04:04  
   7 A Drop In A Sea         0:03:18  
   8 She & I         0:03:15  
   9 Fling On Boy         0:03:18  
   10 What If?         0:03:33  
   11 In My Head         0:02:54  
   12 Fading Away         0:04:06  
   13 Song Of July         0:03:57  
   14 So High         0:03:14  


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