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Год издания : 2010

Компания звукозаписи : Enja, (wb)

Время звучания : 1:02:12

Код CD : ENJ-9558 2

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Celebrating 100 years of Django Reinhardt

The Rosenberg Trio's celebration of Django Reinhardt's 100 th anniversary, featuring special guest Bireli Lagrene, is an ambitious, self-produced project, consisting of an 18-track album PLUS a 57-minute movie documenting the week spent in studio.

Django Reinhardt, the pure genius, became the greatest ever European jazz musician. A superstar in his time, he lived an unpredictable life, moving instantly from the most glamourous hotel suite to a night in the wild, making it a game to get colossal fees for his performances and spend them within hours. He who could neither read nor write, was admired and befriended by the greatest artists and intellectuals of his time, doing more than anyone for the pride of his people, the Roma gypsies. Django was always a pioneer: a restless composer (although he could not write or read music either), an unequalled guitar player who immediately sensed the potential of the Selmer (Maccaferri) guitar, and even an explorer of its amplified sounds. Until today, 100 years after his birth, Django remains surrounded by a double aura of prestige and mystery.

The Rosenberg Trio from the Netherlands is estimated the leading ensemble in the musical genre of "Manouche Swing" or "Gypsy Jazz" that owes its very existence to Django Reinhardt. Since their childhood days, Stochelo, Nous'che and Nonnie have been playing together at family reunions, religious celebrations and other events. Following the great gypsy musical tradition, the three cousins were taught to play by ear and to practice restlessly, playing the classics over and over again. After the release of their first album, "Seresta" (1989), their career has taken them worldwide. Violin master Stephane Grappelli who was Django's partner for many years, adopted the Rosenbergs as his working band and brought them to New York's Carnegie Hall to celebrate his 85th birthday on stage (1993). "They are absolutely the best of all gypsy jazz musicians I have played with in all my life," Grappelli said.

For their tribute to Django on the occasion of his 100th birthday, the Rosenbergs unite with Bireli Lagrene, probably the greatest and most original solo guitarist coming out of the Gypsy Jazz school. "Bireli is a hero to me," says Stochelo Rosenberg about his guest who shares the soloist's role with Stochelo on four tunes and is featured on electric bass on another one. Rather than putting the focus on Django's most famous compositions, "Djangologists" - the Rosenberg Trio's fifteenth album - hails the spirit that has guided Django's work, digging into the less known, the unexpected and the unpredictable. It is a tribute to the master - paid by masters. The enclosed DVD shows the musicians in the studio while recording this important project and also offers nice interviews with them reflecting their love for Django's music.

Enregistre du 20 au 29 octobre 2009 aux Audioworkx Studios, Hollande.

Nous'che et Stochelo jouent sur guitares Eimers et Selmer, sur cordes Galli.

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  Соисполнители :

Nonnie Rosenberg (Bass)
Nousche Rosenberg (Rhythm Guitar)
Stochelo Rosenberg (Guitar)

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Наименование трека



   1 Vendredi 13         0:02:42  
   2 Dream Of You         0:04:34  
   3 Peche A La Mouche         0:03:22  
   4 Clair De Lune         0:03:22  
   5 Choti         0:02:26  
   6 Double Jeu         0:05:18  
   7 What Kind Of Friend         0:03:26  
   8 For Sentimental Reasons         0:02:36  
   9 Gipsy Groovin'         0:02:38  
   10 Coquette         0:02:44  
   11 In A Sentimental Mood     T       0:04:18  
   12 I'll Never Smile Again     T       0:02:26  
   13 Sweet Chorus         0:03:42  
   14 Webster         0:03:46  
   15 Indifference         0:02:48  
   16 Moonglow     T       0:02:54  
   17 Yours And Mine     T       0:02:38  
   18 Tears     T       0:06:32  


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