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  Наименование CD :
   David & Jonathas

Год издания : 1998

Компания звукозаписи : Harmonia mundi, (wb)

Время звучания : 2:02:40

К-во CD : 2

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Classics (Opera)      

Марк-Антуан Шарпантье. Давид и Ионафан

Либретто Пьер Франс (Pere Franc), Поль Бретонно (Paule Bretonneau)

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Les Arts Florissants - orchestra

Dir. William Christie

Tragedie bilbique em um prologue et 5 actes H. 490

Livret du Pere Bretonneau

Saul - Jean-Francois Gardeil, basse

La Pythonisse - Dominique Visse, haute-contre

L'Ombre de Samuel / Achis - Bernard Deletre, basse

David - Gerard Lesne, haute-contre

Joabel - Jean-Paul Fouchecourt, tenor

Jonathas - Monique Zanetti, soprano

Marc-Antoine Charpentier's David and Jonathan (David et Jonathas) was first produced in Paris in 1688 then forgotten for 300 years. It has never been produced in Australia before. Based on the biblical story of David, Jonathan and Saul the work contains wonderful arias, choruses and orchestral music that will delight lovers of baroque and excite those coming to this kind of music for the first time.

David & Jonathan synopsis


Saul, king of the Israelites, entreats Heaven to let him know the outcome of the forthcoming battle with the Philistines. Receiving no response he disguises himself and seeks answers from a Witch (La Pythonisse). She raises the ghost of Samuel who foretells the death of Saul and his sons, and the coronation of David (Saul's enemy).

Act One

David, victorious in battle, is recalled to the court of King Achis and the Philistines. Joabel, captain of the Philistine army, had had him banished as he was jealous of David. Warriors, captives and shepherds whom David rescued sing his praises, and Achis goes forth to meet him, telling David that this place is to be the setting for a meeting between Saul and himself to enact a treaty for peace or war.

Act Two

At the meeting between the two Kings David asks to see his friend Jonathan, Saul's son. Joabel, even more jealous of David's fame and glory, tries to persuade him to join the forthcoming fight, thinking that he may more easily be able to kill David during the battle. But David refuses, and Joabel decides to accuse David of treachery before Saul. David and Jonathan rejoice in the peace which brings them together again.

Act Three

Saul, who is already suspicious of David, believes Joabel's accusations. As part of the proposed treaty for peace he asks Achis to deliver David to him as a traitor. Achis believes in David's innocence and refuses. Meanwhile David and Jonathan appear before Saul, and Saul accuses him of being a traitor. David, astonished, but seeing that his presence irritates Saul, withdraws, and Saul pursues him. Joabel rejoices at the success of his accusation.

Act Four

Saul, even more convinced of David's treason because of Achis' support of him, decides to fight rather than work for peace. Achis, also wants a battle having learned of the tumult in Saul's army because of the false accusations. David, preparing to leave Saul's court, is met by Jonathan. They are devastated at being forced to part, and David declares that he will not fight.

Act Five

The battle begins and Saul is defeated. Jonathan is mortally wounded, and finding David dies in his arms. Saul, rather than be taken by the Philistines, falls on his sword. Achis, triumphant, tells David that the Israelites have chosen him to be their King. David withdraws, his heart pierced with grief.

  Соисполнители :

Anne-Julia Goddet (Soprano Voice)
Bernard Deletre (Bass Voice)
Bernhard Loonen (Tenor Voice)
Cathy Missika (Soprano Voice)
Charles Daniels (Countertenor Voice)
Dominique Visse (Countertenor Voice)
Dominique Zanetti (Soprano Voice)
Gerard Lesne (Countertenor Voice)
Jean-Francois Gardeil (Bass Voice)
Jean-Paul Fouchecourt (Tenor Voice)
Michel Laplenie (Baritone Voice)
Romain Bischof (Bass Voice)
Veronique Gens (Soprano Voice)

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Наименование трека



   1 01 Proloque, Ouverture         0:02:32 Marc-Antoine Charpentier - David Et Jonathas, Tragedie En Musique, H. 490
   1 02 Prologue, Scene 1 - Saul 'Ou Suis-je, Qu'ai-je Fait?'         0:02:28  
   1 03 Prologue, Scene 2 - Saul 'Dois-je Enfin Eprouver Le Secours De Vos Charmes ?'         0:00:45  
   1 04 Prologue, Scene 3 - La Pythonisse 'Retirez-vous Affreux Tonnerre'         0:06:36  
   1 05 Prologue, Scene 4 - L'ombre 'Quelle Importune Voix Vient Troubler Mon Repos'         0:02:40  
   1 06 Prologue, Scene 5 - Saul 'C'est Assez ? Ai-je Enfin Epuise Ta Colere ?'         0:03:32  
   1 07 Acte 1 - Marche Triomphante         0:00:54  
   1 08 Acte 1, Scene 1 - Un Guerrier 'Du Plus Grand Des Heros Publions Les Exploits'         0:09:51  
   1 09 Acte 1, Scene 2 - David 'Allez, Le Ciel Jaloux Attend Un Legitime Hommage'         0:00:46  
   1 10 Acte 1, Scene 3 - David 'Ciel ! Quel Triste Combat En Ces Lieux Me Rappelle ?'         0:07:15  
   1 11 Acte 1, Scene 4 - Achis 'Le Ciel Enfin Favorable A Mes Voeux'         0:05:55  
   1 12 Acte 1, Menuet         0:01:16  
   1 13 Acte 2, Prelude         0:01:14  
   1 14 Acte 2, Scene 1 - Joadab 'Quel Inutile Soins En Ces Lieux Vous Arrete ?'         0:02:08  
   1 15 Acte 2, Scene 2 - Joadab 'Depit Jaloux, Haine Cruelle'         0:04:36  
   1 16 Acte 2, Scene 3 - Jonathas 'A Votre Bras Vainqueur Rien Ne Peut Resister'         0:05:42  
   1 17 Acte 2, Chaconne         0:02:07  
   2 01 Acte III - Symphonie D'ouverture         0:00:48  
   2 02 Acte III, Scene 1 - Saul 'Ah, Je Dois Assurer Et Ma Vie Et L'empire'         0:03:27  
   2 03 Acte III, Scene 2 - Saul 'Objet D'une Implacable Haine'         0:05:40  
   2 04 Acte III - Scene 3 - Jonathas 'David Peut Attendre Un Regard Favorable? ' / Scene 4. O Ciel! Protege L'innocence.         0:05:27  
   2 05 Acte III - Gigue         0:01:43  
   2 06 Acte IV - Prelude         0:03:09  
   2 07 Acte IV, Scene 1 - David 'Souverain, Juge Des Mortels'         0:01:37  
   2 08 Acte IV, Scene 2 - Jonathas 'Vous Me Fuyez'         0:03:46  
   2 09 Acte IV, Scene 3 - Jonathas 'A-t-on Jamais Souffert Une Plus Rude Peine? '         0:07:04  
   2 10 Acte IV, Scene 4 - Saul 'Venez Seigneur, Venez : Saul Va Vous Attendre'         0:01:04  
   2 11 Acte IV, Scene 5 - Joabel 'Enfin Vous M'ecoutez, Seigneur? '         0:02:58  
   2 12 Acte IV - Rigaudon         0:00:45  
   2 13 Acte IV - Bourree         0:00:43  
   2 14 Acte V - Bruit D'armes         0:00:49  
   2 15 Acte V, Scene 1 - Jonathas 'Courrez : Saul Attend Un Secours Necessaire'         0:01:01  
   2 16 Acte V, Scene 2 - Saul 'Que Vois-je? Quoi Je Perds Et Mon Fils Et L'Empire?'         0:07:09  
   2 17 Acte V, Scene 3 - Choeur Des Philistins         0:00:21  
   2 18 Acte V, Scene 4 - David 'Qu'on Sauve Jonathas'         0:07:51  
   2 19 Acte V, Scene 5 - Saul 'Vois Traitre, Et Reconnais Ta Nouvelle Victime'         0:01:44  
   2 20 Acte V, Scene Derniere - Achis 'Joignez A Vos Exploits L'honneur Du Diademe'         0:01:17  
   2 21 Acte V - Choeur Des Triomphants         0:03:58  


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