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  Наименование CD :
   J.S. Bach: Cantates BWV 49, 115 & 180

Год издания : 1994

Компания звукозаписи : Astree

Время звучания : 1:10:53

Код CD : E 8530 (3 298490 085301)

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Classics (Guru)      

Ensemble Baroque de Limoges, Accentus Choir

About BWV 49 on 'bach-cantatas.com'

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About BWV 180 on 'bach-cantatas.com'

Those who missed Christophe Coin's three earlier recordings for Astree devoted to Bach's cantatas featuring arias with prominent violoncello piccolo accompaniment will delight in this generous mid-price reissue of the first volume. The performances are all remarkably good, owing to Coin's incisive direction and virtuoso violoncello piccolo playing as well as to the stellar cast of Baroque specialist vocalists in their youthful prime-two of whom, Andreas Scholl and Christoph Pregardien, eventually would sign with major labels and achieve international acclaim. Barbara Schlick already had recorded with the Musica Antiqua Koln on Archiv and with the Concentus Musicus Wien on Teldec.

While the three cantatas offered are among Bach's least familiar, they include many elements that typify the master's command of the form. For example, the opening work, BWV 180 "Schmucke dich, o liebe Seele" (Deck yourself, my soul, with gladness), begins with a stately chorale whose seriousness is playfully undermined by lighthearted flute and oboe dialogues. Pregardien's dramatic second-movement aria also is brilliantly heightened by an engaging, rhythmically charged continuo of violoncello piccolo and obbligato flute. Likewise Coin augments the feeling of disparity in Schlick's lovely fifth-movement aria by complementing Bach's underlying rhythmic fabric with momentum shifts at important junctures. Incidentally, for all of these performances Coin has boldly chosen to eschew the usual (and admittedly more orthodox) small chest organ in favor of the full-bodied 1737 Silbermann instrument at the recording's venue-the Ponitz village church in Thuringia, Germany. While this certainly heightens the impact of the arias and chorales, the recitatives benefit most.

Astree's sound is gorgeous-warmly reverberant though never at the expense of clarity or detail. Gilles Cantagrel's original extensive, informative, and sensibly ordered notes have been strangely reshuffled-but at least all of the information is still there. Also included is Naive's current 2003/2004 full-color 210-page catalogue. You simply can't go wrong here. [2/25/2004]

-John Greene, ClassicsToday.com

  Соисполнители :

Andreas Scholl (Countertenor Voice)
Barbara Schlick (Soprano Voice)
Christoph Pregardien (Tenor Voice)
Gotthold Schwarz (Bass Voice)

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Наименование трека



   1 'Schmucke Dich, o Liebe Seele' - Chor         0:06:21 Cantate BWV 180
   2 Aria 'Ermuntre Dich' (Tenor)         0:04:58 -"-
   3 Recitativo Und Aria 'Wie Teuer Sind' (Sopran)         0:02:56 -"-
   4 Recitativo 'Mein Herz' (Alt)         0:01:23 -"-
   5 Aria 'Lebens Sonne' (Sopran)         0:04:08 -"-
   6 Recitativo 'Herr, Lass An Mir' (Bass)         0:01:01 -"-
   7 Choral 'Jesu, Wahres Brot Des Lebens'         0:01:31 -"-
   8 'Ich Geh' Und Suche Mit Verlangen' - Sinfonia         0:06:47 Cantate BWV 49
   9 Aria 'Ich Geh' Und Suche Mit Verlangen' (Bass)         0:05:31 -"-
   10 Recitativo 'Mein Mahl' (Bass, Sopran)         0:01:48 -"-
   11 Aria 'Ich Bin Herrlich' (Sopran)         0:04:39 -"-
   12 Recitativo 'Mein Glaube' (Sopran, Bass)         0:01:29 -"-
   13 Aria Und Choral 'Dich Hab Ich Je Und Je Geliebt' (Bass, Sopran)         0:04:51 -"-
   14 'Mache Dich, Mein Geist, Bereit' - Chor         0:04:06 Cantate BWV 115
   15 Aria 'Ach Schlafrige Seele' (Alt)         0:09:27 -"-
   16 Recitativo 'Gott, So Vor Deine Seele Wacht' (Alt)         0:01:14 -"-
   17 Aria 'Bete Aber Auch Dabei' (Sopran)         0:06:47 -"-
   18 Recitativo 'Er Sehnet' (Tenor)         0:00:50 -"-
   19 Choral 'Drum So Lasst Uns Immerdar'         0:01:06 -"-


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