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  Наименование CD :
   Le Roman De La Rose

Год издания : 2001

Компания звукозаписи : Opus 111, (wb)

Время звучания : 57:54

Код CD : Opus 111 30-303

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Classics (Reconstruction)      

Musiques Medievales, 13-15 Siecle


Brigitte Lesne (voice, harp, percussion), Emmanuel Bonnardot (voice, vielle, cittern, rebec), Pierre Hamon (recorders, flutes, bagpipes), Anne Quentin (voice), Pierre Bourhis (voice, recitation)

Recording date: February 2001 (Walburg)

The present program is oriented around the famous Roman of the Rose (c.1270), a lengthy set of love poems said to have been begun by Guillaume de Lorris and completed by Jean de Meun. Poetic recitations (with instrumental accompaniment) are included in the program. The manuscript itself has no notation, although many famous composers set music on related themes.

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This imaginative program is a compilation of motets and chansons-both mono- and polyphonic-by some of the greatest early masters, interspersed with short readings from the famous 13th-century French romance poem Roman de la Rose. The subject, of course, is courtly love, and the musical selections, especially those by Machaut (motet, ballades, and virelai) and Binchois are among the finest examples of these styles. The three-voice rondeau "Tant con je vivrai", by Adam de la Halle, is a delightful entertainment and the concluding ballade by Dufay, the inimitable "Se la face ay pale", is clearly and carefully sung even if the ensemble technique is a bit rough around the edges. The instrumental contributions-everything from vielle and rebec to harp, cornemuse, and all manner of flutes-add the vivid color and flavor we expect from music of this period.

The problem is the close-up, under-a-microscope sound that doesn't allow sufficient space for the voices to blend and resonate as they naturally would in a proper listening situation. The overall quality is rough and edgy, an effect that may enhance the instrumental timbres but gives an unpleasant cast to some of the voices. The other problem-and this is a personal thing-is the narration. Although I understand the rationale for including the poetic readings-after all, the themes from Roman de la Rose are what this musical program is about-the insertion of spoken texts, especially in old French, is more of a distraction than an enhancement of the musical experience. After all, these texts have nothing directly to do with the musical settings, which come from other sources, and therefore, for purposes of a recorded program without benefit of visual interaction, it's usually better to just let the music speak for itself-and for all concerned, especially when it's this good.

-David Vernier


  Соисполнители :

Adam De La Halle (Composer)
Anne Quentin (Vocals)
Brigitte Lesne (Harp, Percussion, Vocals)
Emmanuel Bonnardot (Vihuela, Vocals)
Gilles Binchois (Composer)
Guillaume De Lorris (Composer)
Guillaume Dufay (Composer)
Gullaume De Machaut (Composer)
Jehan De L'Escurel (Composer)
Pierre Bourhis (Vocals)
Pierre Hamon (Flute)

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Наименование трека



   1 Le Songe: Ci Commence Li Romanz         0:01:19 Guillaume De Lorris / Jean De - Meum Le Roman De La Rose, Poem Le Songe: Ci Commence Li Romanz (poem)
   2 Biau M'est, Quant Voi Verdir Les Champs         0:04:22 Anonymous, French - Reverdie
   3 Je Ne Chant Pas Talens M'est Pris Aptatur Omnes         0:01:48 Anonymous, French - Motet In 4 Pieces
   4 A N'amerai Autre / Sire Diex / In Seculum         0:01:21 Anonymous, French - Motet
   5 La Rose Du Verger Et La Fleche D'amour Ou Mireor Entre Mille Choses         0:00:31 Guillaume De Lorris / Jean De Meum - Le Roman De La Rose, Poem La Rose Du Berger: Ou Mireor Entre Mille Choses (poem)
   6 On Demande Mout Souvent Qu'est Amours         0:03:21 Adam De La Halle - Monophonic Chanson, R. 2024
   7 Tant Con Je Vivrai         0:01:41 Adam De La Halle - Rondeau For 3 Voices
   8 Amour Voules Vous Accorder         0:02:20 Jehannot De L'Escurel - Ballade
   9 Li Dieus D'amors Qui, Arc Tendu         0:00:41 Guillaume De Lorris / Jean De Meum - Le Roman De La Rose, Poem La Rose Du Verger: Li Dieus D'amours Qui, Arc Tendu (poem)
   10 Je Muir Je Muir D'amourette         0:02:10 Adam De La Halle - Rondeau For 3 Voices
   11 Abundance De Felonie         0:03:49 Jehannot De L'Escurel - Ballade
   12 La Blessure D'amour Et Le Baiser De Venus Quand Se Vendra Qu'il Sera Nuiz         0:01:08 Guillaume De Lorris / Jean De Meum - Le Roman De La Rose, Poem La Blessure D'amour: Quand Ce Vendra Au'il Sera Nuiz (poem)
   13 Aucune Gent / Qui Plus Aimme Plus Endure Aucune Gent Fiat         0:02:42 Guillaume De Machaut - Motet For 4 Voices
   14 De Toutes Flours N'avait         0:06:20 Guillaume De Machaut - Ballade For 3 Voices
   15 La Merveilleuse Histoire De Pygmalion Lors Chante A Haute Voiz Serie         0:01:11 Guillaume De Lorris / Jean De Meum - Le Roman De La Rose, Poem La Merveilleuse Histoire: Lors Chante A Haute Voiz Serie (poem)
   16 Je Puis Trop Bien Ma Dame Comparer         0:04:20 Guillaume De Machaut - Ballade For 3 Voices
   17 Je Vivroye Liement         0:01:36 Guillaume De Machaut - Virelai For Voice
   18 Bel Accueil En La Forteresse De Jalousie Amours Ce Est Pais Hayneuse         0:01:11 Guillaume De Lorris / Jean De Meum - Le Roman De La Rose, Poem Bel Accueil En La Forteresse: Amours Ce Est Pais Hayneuse (poem)
   19 Triste Plaisir Et Douloureuse Joie         0:04:54 Gilles De Bins Dit Binchois - Rondeau For 3 Voices, R. 45
   20 Anonyme - Enferme Suys Je En La Tour         0:05:51 Anonymous, French - Rondeau
   21 Preambulum         0:01:51 Anonymous, French - Used With La Roman De La Rose
   22 Se La Face Ay Pale         0:03:27 Guillaume Dufay - Ballade For 3 Voices


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