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   Chant Byzantin

Год издания : 1992

Компания звукозаписи : Harmonia mundi

Время звучания : 51:31

Код CD : HMC 901315

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Sacred Music (Master Works)      

Saint-Julien-Le-Pauvre Church Choir

Chant Byzantin is the first album by Lebanese nun and musicologist Soeur Marie Keyrouz. Prior to the arrival of Keyrouz, Western scholars and listeners alike hadn't paid much heed to Middle Eastern Christian chant, perhaps owing to its obscurity and strongly Arabic flavor. Chant Byzantin pretty much took the West by surprise upon its arrival in 1989, not only with the apparently ancient repertoire it represents, but also due to Keyrouz's own incredible virtuosity; her ability to sing the tiniest intervals in rapid flourishes, notes that are difficult for most singers to hear, let alone sing. Chant Byzantin is one of the "purest" of her discs, featuring Keyrouz backed by a small chorus which mostly sings drones, as Keyrouz weaves delicate and complex figurations in the foreground. It makes no sense to evaluate Chant Byzantin along the lines of conventional critical standards; Keyrouz is practically alone in her particular musical pursuits, and one either likes her singing a great deal or doesn't get it. Keyrouz's singing is strongly Arabic-inflected with a virtuoso's ability to handle microtones, and is driven by an internal spiritual energy that seems inexhaustible. One of her books is entitled Je Chante Dieu (I Sing God) and, indeed, by the end of Chant Byzantin, an enthusiastic listener will be hard-pressed to qualify that this is not, in fact, so.

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Наименование трека



   1 Alleluia (3 Fois) - Behold, The Bridegroom Comes (Tropaire De La Venue De L'Epoux - Lundi Saint)         0:02:46  
   2 1. Version Arabe         0:01:06 I Contemplate Thy Bridal Chamber (Exapostilarion De L'Office De Mardi Saint)
   3 2. Version Grecque         0:01:15 -"-
   4 3. Version Arabe         0:01:18 -"-
   5 Lord... (Apostikhon De L'Office De Mercredi Saint)         0:07:26 Priere De Marie-Madeleine
   6 At Thy Mystic Supper (Kinonikon - Chant De Communion - De La Liturgie De Jeudi Saint)         0:06:16 From The Liturgy For Holy Thursday
   7 The Noble Joseph (Tropaire Des Matines De Samedi Saint)         0:02:57  
   8 This Day Is Hanged From The Gallows-tree (14e Antienne De L'Office De Vendredi Saint)         0:05:42  
   9 Premiere Stance         0:01:57 Tagaridh O Christ - Extraits Du Canon De Samedi Saint
   10 Deuxieme Stance         0:02:17 -"-
   11 Troisieme Stance         0:01:34 -"-
   12 In You, o Woman Full Of Grace         0:05:28 Hymne A La Sainte Vierge, De La Liturgie De Saint Basile
   13 Christ Is Risen (de L'Office Pascal 'Christos Anesti' )         0:02:30  
   14 All Ye Who Have Been Baptized In Christ         0:04:15 Chant Qui Remplace Le Trishagion Dans La Liturgie Du Dimanche De Paques
   15 The Angel Called To Mary         0:04:41 9e Ode Du Canon De L'Office Du Dimanche De Paques


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