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  Наименование CD :
   English Folksongs & Lute Songs

Год издания : 1996

Компания звукозаписи : Harmonia mundi, (wb)

Время звучания : 1:09:21

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Classics (Reconstruction)      

English Folksongs & Lute Songs [17th Century][HM 1996]

The CD starts with Behold a Wonder Here (Dowland) and for people familiar with Emma Kirby's rendering, it's a bit of a surprise. Nothing namby-pamby about this: it suits Andreas's range perfectly and he lets go with plenty of oomph.

The unaccompanied King Henry is a showcase for his purity of tone. I doubt that other countertenors could pull this song off so well, of those one thinks of at the present time.

His expression in My Love Hath Vow'd (Campion) is very varied and playful, but it is so very much a woman's song that I found it hard to take from Andreas Scholl, albeit sung so so well. I had to imagine the composer singing with his own lute, and remind myself over and over again that the singer is quoting the woman in the song ...

The preoccupation with sorrow and death of the English composers of the period seems to amuse Andreas somewhat, when he is asked about it, but you would never know it from listening to him sing these sad songs. His steady, pure voice is like a rope drawing you right into the pain. The highlights IMHO are All Ye Whom Love or Fortune Has Betrayed and I Saw My Lady Weep. Heartbreaking.

Andreas Scholl describes himself as a singer in the English tradition - despite what others say of him and his German/Swiss musical background. In these archetypal English songs, he proves his point. It is a beautiful, beautful collection.

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  Соисполнители :

John Dowland (Composer)
Thomas Campion (Composer)

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Наименование трека



   1 Behold A Wonder Here         0:03:05 John Dowland - For Voice, Lute & Bass Viol (Third Book Of Songs)
   2 Me, Me And None But Me         0:03:10 John Dowland - For 4 Voices & Lute (Third Book Of Songs)
   3 All Ye, Whom Love Or Fortune Hath Betray'd (First Book Of Songs)         0:04:55 John Dowland - For 4 Voices & Lute
   4 The Lady Russell's Pavan         0:05:24 John Dowland - For Lute, P 17
   5 The Three Ravens         0:03:19 English Traditional - Folk Song
   6 Waly, Waly         0:03:10 -"-
   7 King Henry         0:03:14 -"-
   8 Kemp's Jigg (for Lute)         0:01:43 Anonymous, English
   9 My Sweetest Lesbia         0:03:51 Thomas Campion
   10 I Care Not For These Ladies         0:02:36 Thomas Campion - For Voice, Lute & Bass Viol
   11 My Love Hath Vow'd         0:02:58 Thomas Campion - Hee Will Forsake Mee For Voice, Lute & Bass Viol
   12 I Saw My Lady Weep         0:04:05 John Dowland - For 2 Voices & Lute (Second Book Of Song)
   13 Flow, My Tears, Fall From Your Springs         0:04:04 John Dowland - For 2 Voices & Lute (Second Book Of Songs)
   14 Sorrow, Stay, Lend True Repentant Tear         0:03:55 John Dowland - For 2 Voices & Lute (Second Book Of Songs)
   15 Say, Love, If Ever Thou Didst Find         0:01:25 John Dowland - For 4 Voices & Lute (Third Book Of Songs)
   16 Can She Excuse My Wrongs?         0:02:30 John Dowland - For 4 Voices & Lute (First Book Of Songs)
   17 Go From My Window         0:00:37 John Dowland - Song Arranged For Lute, P 64
   18 Go From My Window         0:04:47 -"-
   19 I Will Give My Love An Apple         0:01:46 British Isles Traditional - Folk Song
   20 Barbara Allen         0:03:09 Scottish Traditional - Folk Song
   21 Lord Rendall         0:05:37 English Traditional - Folk Song


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