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  Наименование CD :
   Venus & Adonis

Год издания : 1999

Компания звукозаписи : Harmonia mundi

Время звучания : 50:58

Код CD : HMC 901684 (7 94881 46402 9)

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Classics (Opera)      

Venus and Adonis, masque (Венера и Адонис)

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Joshua, Finley, Blaze, Dir. R. Jacobs - Clare College Chapel Choir - Orchestra Of The Age Of Enlightenment

John Blow described Venus and Adonis as a masque, but for all intents and purposes, it's an opera, as fully as Dido and Aeneas is, and it should make anyone who considers the Purcell the first English opera think again. The two works have much in common in their dramatic structure, subject matter, length, and level of musical expressiveness. Based on the quality of Blow's work, it's surprising that the piece isn't frequently programmed on a double bill with Dido and Aeneas. Venus' response to the death of Adonis isn't as melodically memorable as Dido's famous lament, but it's as deeply felt and as poignant. Blow's libretto, by an anonymous writer, is superior to Nahum Tate's text for the Purcell on almost every count; the characters have more individuality and their interactions are less mannered. It even has moments of genuine humor. In one scene, Cupid comically instructs a band of adorable little cupids-in-training in the skills required to ensnare lovers. When Venus asks Cupid how to guarantee Adonis' continued affection, he replies, "Use him very ill," at which she bursts into irrepressible laughter. Blow's music is a revelation: deeply expressive, emotionally direct, richly varied, distinctively British (some of his melodies evoke Celtic folk song), witty, and always elegant. Rene Jacobs brings his considerable gifts as an interpreter of music of the Baroque to the little opera, and this 1998 performance by the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment and the Clare College Chapel Choir is luminous. The soloists are all first-rate. Soprano Rosemary Joshua as Venus, baritone Finley as Adonis, and counter tenor Robin Blaze sing radiantly, creating memorably etched characters, and the singers in the supporting roles are equally effective. Any fan of Baroque opera, or any fan of opera, for that matter, should find much to please in this stellar performance of a forgotten masterpiece.

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  Соисполнители :

Christopher Josey (Countertenor Voice)
Gerald Finley (Baritone Voice)
John Bowen (Tenor Voice)
Jonathan Brown (Bass Voice)
Maria Cristina Kiehr (Soprano Voice)
Robin Blaze (Countertenor Voice)
Rosemary Joshua (Soprano Voice)

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Наименование трека



   1 Overture         0:02:40 John Blow - Venus And Adonis, Masque
   2 Cupid, Chorus - Behold My Arrows And My Bow         0:00:49 The Prologue
   3 Shepherds, Shepherdess - Come Shepherds All         0:01:59  
   4 Cupid - Courtiers There Is No Faith In You         0:00:48  
   5 Chorus, Shepherds, Shepherdess - In These Sweet Groves         0:02:35  
   6 Cupid's Entry         0:01:16  
   7 The Act Tune         0:01:33 Act I
   8 Adonis, Venus - Venus! Adonis!         0:02:06  
   9 Hunter's Music, Venus - Hark, Hark The Rural Music Sounds         0:01:09  
   10 Adonis, Venus - Adonis Will Not Hunt Today         0:02:27  
   11 Huntsman, Adonis, Chorus - Come, Follow The Noblest Game         0:02:33  
   12 Entry: A Dance By A Huntsman         0:01:01  
   13 The Act Tune         0:02:53 Act II
   14 Cupid, Venus - You Place With Such Delightful Care         0:01:43  
   15 Cupid, Little Cupids - The Cupid's Lesson: The Insolent, The Arrogant         0:01:35  
   16 Cupid - Choose For The Formal Fool         0:01:37  
   17 A Dance Of Cupids         0:01:35  
   18 Venus - Call The Graces         0:00:53  
   19 Chorus Of The Graces - Mortals Below, Cupids Above         0:01:27  
   20 The Graces' Dance         0:01:18  
   21 Gavatt         0:00:47  
   22 Saraband For The Graces         0:01:35  
   23 A Ground         0:01:40  
   24 The Act Tune         0:02:09  
   25 Venus, Adonis - Adonis, Uncall'd For Sighs         0:05:05 Act III
   26 Venus - With Solemn Pomp Let Mourning Cupids Bear         0:02:26  
   27 Chorus - Mourn For Thy Servant         0:03:20  


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