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  Наименование CD :
   Ninna Nanna 1550-2002 (Berceuses)

Год издания : 2002

Компания звукозаписи : AliaVox, (wb)

Время звучания : 1:17:43

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Classics (Reconstruction)      

Date et lieu d'enregistrement : realises en Juillet, Septembre, Octobre et Novembre 2002 Monastere de St. Pere de Casserres et a la Collegiale du Chateau de Cardona (Catalogne) et le 27 Octobre au Musikverein de Vienne (Autriche)

Montserrat Figueras, chant

Arianna Savall, chant & harpe triple


Jordi Savall

(Jordi Savall, violes de gambe soprano, basse, rebab - Sergi Casademunt, viole de gambe tenor - Imke David, lirone & viole de gambe basse - Lorenz Duftschmid, Sophie Watillon & Philippe Pierlot, violes de gambe basse - Xavier Diaz-Latorre, guitares (renaissance, baroque, romantique) - Driss El Maloumi, ud - Pedro Estevan, santur & pandero - Marc Hantai, flute traversiere renaissance - Andrew Lawrence-King, arpa doppia - Pedro Memelsdorff, flutes a bec - Begona Olavide, psalterium - Dimitris Psonis, santur & cloches)

Avec la collaboration de Paul Badura-Skoda, piano

From ancient times, the lullaby has been one of the most intrinsic musical forms, present among all human communities, without exception. Its characteristic emotion and sensitivity make it the oldest expression of affection and tenderness known to music. It is like food to the young child, lulling him to placid, restoring sleep, transporting him to a dream world of peace, beauty and love.

From the moment a baby is born and during the first few years of the child's life, lullabies are an indispensable ally to the mother in soothing her child, for whom everything in the big, wide world is new and perhaps frightening. The baby recognizes in the song his mother's voice, her presence and her expression. The intimacy of the moment creates a space rich in ancestral symbols, in which words and music create a bond of pure emotion and truth. It is in this space that the child experiences his first dialogue, his first story, his first contact with the teachings of tradition, experience and culture, which over time build into an essential part of our collective memory.

But, above all, whoever sings a lullaby - the child's mother, father, older brother, sister or grandmother - is moved by a desire to give of their very best, which is in itself an expression of love, and so the child begins to experience the essence of life.

This disc is dedicated to all mothers and children, especially to my own children, Arianna and Ferran, who have been an endless source of tenderness and inspiration.

- Montserrat Figueras (Bellaterra, Autumn 2002)

  Соисполнители :

Andrew Lawrence-King (Harp)
Arianna Savall (Vocals)
Hesperion XXI (Ensemble)
Jordi Savall (Conductor, Viola Da Gamba)
Paul Badura-Skoda (Piano)
Pedro Estevan (Santur)
Xavier Diaz-Latorre (Guitar)

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Наименование трека



   1 Jose Embala o Menino         0:05:40 Jordi Savall - Jose Embala o Menino, Cancao De Embalar For Voice & Ensemble (Anon. Portugal)
   2 My Little Sweet Darling         0:03:59 English Traditional - Lullaby (Anon. Angleterre)
   3 Berceuse: Dors Mon Bebe         0:03:24 Greek Traditional - Koimnsou Khaidemeno Mou (Sleep, My Baby)
   4 Nani, Nani, Ca.1500         0:06:01 Sephardic Traditional - Nani Nani, Sephardic Cradle Song
   5 Berceuse Amazigh         0:02:43 Berber Traditional - Berber Amazigh Lullaby ("I Met My Big Brother")
   6 Come, Pretty Babe         0:02:45 William Byrd - Song For Voice & 4 Viols
   7 Hor Ch'e Tempo Di Dormire         0:08:40 Tarquinio Merula - Canzonetta Spirituale Sopra Alla Nanna
   8 Mareta No'm Faces Plorar         0:06:03 Jordi Savall - Canco De Bressol For Voice & Ensemble
   9 Dors Mon Enfant         0:03:12 Johann Friedrich Reichardt (1752-1814)
   10 Avec La Poupee         0:01:48 Modest Mussorgsky - With The Doll (S Kukloy), Song For Voice & Piano (The Nursery No. 4)
   11 Berceuse Hebraique: Noumi, Noumi Yaldati         0:04:22 Israeli Traditional
   12 Berceuse De Noel         0:05:24 Arvo Part - Rozhdestvenskaya Koybel'naya - For Voice & Ensemble
   13 Maria Wiegenlied         0:02:07 Max Reger (1873-1916) - (Mary's Lullaby: "Maria Sitzt Am Rosenhag"), Song For Voice & Piano (or Orchestra), Op. 76/52
   14 Duermete, Nino, Duerme, Canciones Populares         0:04:30 Manuel De Falla (1876-1946) - Popular Spanish Songs (7), For Voice & Piano, G. 40 Nana ("Duermete, Nino, Duerme")
   15 Dors, Dors         0:01:38 Darius Milhaud - Berceuse, Song For Voice & Piano Or Orchestra (Chants Populaire Hebraiques No. 4), Op. 86/4
   16 Nana De Sevilla: Este Galapaguito         0:04:17 Federico Garcia Lorca (1898-1936) - Canciones Espanolas Antiguas, For Voice & Piano, "Nana De Sevilla"
   17 Kuus, Kuus Kallike         0:04:13 Arvo Part - Estonian Lullaby For 2 Voices & Ensemble
   18 Canco De Bresol: La Mare De Deu         0:06:56 Traditional


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