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  Наименование CD :
   Gounod, Massenet: Arias

Год издания : 2005

Компания звукозаписи : Virgin

Время звучания : 1:07:16

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Classics Vocal (Man Voice)      

Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, Chorus of Radio France (Philip White, Choir Master)

The "flavor of the month" tenor phenomenon is an aspect of the classical music industry that may have its detractors, but let's face it - it's been around since Enrico Caruso finally agreed to have his voice recorded by Fred Gaisberg at the Grand Hotel in Milan on April 11, 1902. There is simply so much money to be made and, conversely, so many fans to please. The question is especially sententious as this is written, given the retirement, already secured in two cases and looming for the other, of the "big three" - Pavarotti, Domingo, and Carreras. Just who is going to fill their shoes? Virgin Classics has done well to engage the services of outstanding Mexican tenor Rolando Villazon, whose singing on Gounod - Massenet: Arias eloquently demonstrates that he is up to the fulfillment of both requirements.

We can be thankful to Virgin for not following up Villazon's obligatory first release, Italian Opera Arias, with another heaping helping of spaghetti. On Gounod - Massenet: Arias Villazon is heard in some of the very fine solo arias that originate within the French Romantic tradition. Of course, Villazon's delivery and approach remain solidly Italian even in French literature, even down to incorporating a bit of the Caruso-like "sob" into his singing. Although his thorough assimilation of the tricky pronunciation of the French language is admirable, Charles Panzera's he isn't. Nonetheless, Villazon provides plenty of drama, intensity, and variety to these proceedings - his performance of "Oui, ce qu'elle, m'ordonne" from Gounod's Werther is particularly galvanizing, as Villazon begins softly, almost like speaking, and ultimately explodes at the words "Pere! Pere! Pere je ne connais pas." It really gets your attention.

Villazon's performance throughout Gounod - Massenet: Arias is quite consistent, as is the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France in its role as accompanist, guided steadily, and with heart, by conductor Evelino Pido. If Rolando Villazon keeps making recordings as good as this one is, perhaps someday he will make audiences forget Pavarotti and Domingo in the same manner that they once made the world forget singers like Alfred Piccaver and Giacomo Lauri-Volpi.

  Соисполнители :

Evelino Pido (Conductor)
Natalie Dessay (Soprano Voice)

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Наименование трека



   1 Act 3. Air De Rodrigue. Ah! Tout Est Bien Fini ... O Souverain         0:04:53 Jules Massenet - Le Cid, Opera
   2 Act 2. Reve De Des Grieux. Enfin Manon... En Fermant Les Yeux         0:04:46 Jules Massenet - Manon, Opera In 5 Acts
   3 Act 2. Air De Werther. Oui, Ve Qu'elle M'ordonne.... Lorsque L'enfant Revient         0:04:09 Jules Massenet - Werther, Lyric Drama In 4 Acts
   4 Act 2. Cavatine De Romeo. L'amour! L'amour!... Ah! Leve-toi, Soleil         0:04:20 Charles Gounod - Romeo Et Juliette, Opera
   5 Act 3. Air De Polyeucte. Source Delicieuse         0:04:37 Charles Gounod - Polyeucte, Opera
   6 Act 2. Air D'Adoniram. Faiblesse De La Race Humaine... Inspirez-moi, Race Divine         0:05:11 Charles Gounod - La Reine De Saba, Opera
   7 Act 4. Air D'Alim. Voix Qui Me Remplissez D'une Ineffable Ivresse         0:04:11 Jules Massenet - Le Roi De Lahore, Opera In 5 Acts (3 Versions)
   8 Act 2. Air D'Alain. Je Suis L'oiseau         0:02:52 Jules Massenet - Griselidis, Opera In 3 Acts
   9 Act 3. Lied D'Ossian. Traduire... Ah! Bien Souvent Mon Reve S'envole... Pourquoi Me Reveiller         0:03:38 Jules Massenet - Werther, Lyric Drama In 4 Acts
   10 Act 5. Air De Vincent. Mon Coeur Est Plein D'un Noir Souci !... Anges Du Paradis         0:03:33 Charles Gounod - Mireille, Opera
   11 Act 5. Air Du Tombeau. C'est La... Salut, Tombeau Sombre Et Silencieux         0:06:03 Charles Gounod - Romeo Et Juliette, Opera
   12 Act 3. Cavatine De Faust. Quel Trouble Inconnu Me Penetre !... Salut, Demeure Chaste Et Pure         0:06:05 Charles Gounod - Faust, Opera
   13 Act 3. Air De Des Grieux. Je Suis Seul!... Ah! Fuyez, Douce Image         0:04:45 Jules Massenet - Manon, Opera In 5 Acts
   14 Act 3. Air De Lentulus. Je Vais La Voir ! Tout Mon Etre Fremit         0:04:33 Jules Massenet - Roma, Tragic Opera In 5 Acts
   15 Act 2. Air De Zarastra. Ah ! Parais ! Parais, Astre De Mon Ciel         0:03:40 Jules Massenet - Le Mage, Opera In 5 Acts


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