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  Исполнитель(и) :
   Bach, Johann Sebastian  (Composer) , Pittsburgh Symphony Brass (Ensemble
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  Наименование CD :
   The Art Of The Fugue (Pittsburgh Symphony Brass)

Год издания : 1998

Компания звукозаписи : Four Winds, (wb)

Время звучания : 1:07:32

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Classics (Symphony)      

J.S. Bach - The Art of the Fugue

About BWV 1080 on 'bach-cantatas.com'

The Pittsburgh Symphony Brass, led by Grammy Award winner George Vosburgh, was organized in 1994 with an emphasis on featuring some of the world's finest orchestral brass musicians playing in chamber ensemble. The result has been a unique blend of virtuosity with brilliant sonority usually associated with orchestral brass. The ensemble endeavors to stretch the limitations of performance and explore a wide range of musical expression rarely achieved in brass music. The Pittsburgh Symphony Brass are George Vosburgh (trumpet), Neal Berntsen (trumpet), William Caballero (french horn), Peter Sullivan (tenor trombone), Murray Crewe (bass trombone), and Eric Bubacz (tuba). George Vosburgh - trumpetThe Pittsburgh Symphony Brass is led by celebrated soloist and lecturer George Vosburgh. In 1987 George won the Grammy Award for Best New Classical Artist. He is internationally acclaimed for his virtuosity on the trumpet in recordings, concerts, and recitals. After his tenure as the youngest member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra's world famous brass section under the late Sir George Solti, Vosburgh joined the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra as Principal Trumpet in 1992. With renowned Chicago producer Arnie Roth at the helm, A Christmas Concert (FW 3017) was recorded by the group in the East Liberty Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh in July, 2000. In December of that year, "it took over the town" to quote one of the members of the sales staff at the Symphony gift store Curtain Call, which sold over 1,800 units at its one location. The album became the top selling Christmas album in the Pittsburgh market, crossing over from "classical" to out sell all other seasonal CDs, including rock, pop, urban, and country. The group's follow up 2003 Holiday album The Spirit of Christmas (FW 3022) has become the group's top selling release to date. With concert performances, TV appearances, press coverage, in-store appearances, and saturated airplay from legendary radio station WQED, this ensemble of world class musicians has gained a very large following that is spreading throughout the Midwest, and the rest of the country.

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  Соисполнители :

George Vosburgh (Trumpet)
Murray Crewe (Trombone)
Neal Bernsten (Trumpet)
Peter Sullivan (Trombone)
Sumner Erickson (Tuba)
William Caballero (French Horn)

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Наименование трека



   1 Contrapunctus I         0:04:41 Johann Sebastian Bach Die Kunst Der Fuge (The Art Of The Fugue), For Keyboard (or Other Instruments), BWV 1080
   2 Contrapunctus II         0:03:22  
   3 Contrapunctus III         0:03:18  
   4 Contrapunctus IV         0:05:13  
   5 Contrapunctus V         0:03:25  
   6 Contrapunctus VI         0:04:29  
   7 Contrapunctus VII         0:03:13  
   8 Contrapunctus VIII         0:02:48  
   9 Contrapunctus IX         0:03:02  
   10 Contrapunctus X         0:04:46  
   11 Contrapunctus XI         0:05:02  
   12 Contrapunctus XII: Rectus / Inversus         0:05:14  
   13 Contrapunctus XIII: Rectus / Inversus         0:04:34  
   14 Contrapunctus XIV: Unfinished         0:09:28  
   15 'Vor Deinen Thron'         0:04:58  


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