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  Наименование CD :
   Spain & The New World: Renaissance Music From Aragon And Mexico

Год издания : 1997

Компания звукозаписи : Virgin, EMI

Время звучания : 2:05:40

К-во CD : 2

Код CD : Virgin 7243 5 61392 2 8

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Classics (Reconstruction)      

Recording date: January 1991

From 1492 onwards, the Catholic kings exercised their influence on Spanish music. Musicians regained the prestige lost since the Castilian dream of Alfonso X, and created an original style, free from European supervision and sure of technique. While internal, this aesthetic revolution also had repercussions, with the customary delay, in the lands of the New World. The first volume of this set recorded in 1991 brings together sacred music by Mondejar, Rivaflecha, Fernandez and Escobar, and above all two works by Penalosa, Inter vestibulum et altare followed by a splendid Magnificat. Also worthy of note is a very beautiful Stabat Mater by Alba. They all illustrate the emerging specific characteristics of the hispanic style, more homophonic than that of the rest of the continent, polyphonic sobriety contrasting with the care taken to pay the closest possible attention to the text on the dramatic level. The second part of the first disc is devoted to the polyphonic song, exemplified by Juan del Encina. Here too, Spanish composers tried to renew northern counterpoint with a lyrically coloured expressivity, making the words more immediately accessible.

The second CD covers music which formed part of the repertories of the churches of the New World. It is not therefore an exploration of an independent repertorie, but follows the composers of the Peninsula such as Guerrero, Lobo and Morales, in their virtual journey to the New World.

The Hilliard Ensemble exhibits, as usual, perfect intonation and an exemplary cohesion. One might wish that they would abandon a little this perfect tonal elegance, this very British refinement, in the humorous songs such as Cucu, cucu by Encina. But in the sacred polyphony as in the songs, the purity of diction, the splendour of vocal colour, arouse unreserved admiration.

-Sophie Roughol

  Соисполнители :

Francisco De Penalosa (Composer)
Juan Del Encina (Composer)
Luis De Milan (Composer)
Pedro De Escobar (Composer)
Pedro Guerrero (Composer)

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Наименование трека



   1 01 Ave Rex Noster         0:02:47 A. De Mondejar
   1 02 Inter Vestibulum Et Altare         0:03:02 F. De Penalosa
   1 03 Magnificat         0:09:42 F. De Penalosa
   1 04 Tierra I Cielos Se Quexavan         0:05:50 Anon.
   1 05 Vox Dilecti Mei         0:04:35 M. De Rivaflecha
   1 06 Di, Por Que Mueres En Cruz         0:05:00 Anon.
   1 07 Clamabat Autem Mulier         0:04:18 P. De Escobar
   1 08 Stabat Mater         0:03:45 A. De Alba
   1 09 Triste Espana Sin Ventura         0:02:49 J. Del Encina
   1 10 Dindirin, Dindirin         0:01:20 Anon.
   1 11 Passame Por Dios, Barquero         0:02:50 P. De Escobar
   1 12 Si La Noche Haze Escura         0:03:23 Anon.
   1 13 Mas Vale Trocar         0:02:27 J. Del Encina
   1 14 A La Caca, Sus, A Caca         0:01:57 Luchas
   1 15 Nunca Fue Pena Mayor         0:02:59 J. De Urrede
   1 16 O Dulce y Triste Memoria         0:05:17 F. De Millan
   1 17 Cucu, Cucu         0:00:59 J. Del Encina
   1 18 La Tricotera         0:01:03 Alonso
   1 19 Oy Comamos y Bebamos         0:01:24 J. Del Encina
   2 01 In Ilhuicac Cihuapille         0:01:39 Franco
   2 02 Salve Regina         0:08:52 Lienas
   2 03 Pater Noster         0:07:00 Morales
   2 04 Parce Mihi, Domine         0:03:56 Morales
   2 05 Magnificat         0:08:22 Morales
   2 06 Memento Mei, Deus         0:04:28 Franco
   2 07 O Quam Suavis Est, Domine         0:04:58 Lobo
   2 08 Ave Virgo Sanctissima         0:04:10 Guerrero
   2 09 Transfige, Dulcissime Domine         0:03:55 Gutierrez
   2 10 Salve Regina         0:10:19 Escobar
   2 11 Dios Itlazu Nantzine         0:02:34 Franco


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