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  Наименование CD :
   Wiener Soiree

Год издания : 2000

Компания звукозаписи : Deutsche Grammophon

Время звучания : 56:38

Код CD : 463 185-2

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Classics (Modern Classics)      

Wiener Philharmoniker

Imagine what they would do in Vienna if the works of the Strauss family were suddenly put off limits. Sir John Eliot Gardiner here demonstrates how the Viennese tradition could prosper even without a Strauss contribution. He draws scintillating performances from the Vienna Philharmonic in this delightful collection of overtures, waltzes and shorter pieces, including one item not otherwise available, Lanner's dashing Tourbillon-Galopp. Several other items, too, were available only in ageing versions conducted by Robert Stolz.

Gardiner sets the pattern in a performance of the Suppe overture at once high-powered, highly polished and deliciously sprung. Compared with most other performances, this is a reading of fearless extremes, both in dynamics and tempos. It seems a bigger, stronger piece as a result, not just light and undemanding.

Some may find the high tension and brisk manner of the openings of some items diminishes the cosy Viennese charm, but there is ample compensation not just in the pinpoint precision of ensemble but the glorious resonance of the VPO's playing, and Gardiner, as in his Vienna recording of Lehar's The Merry Widow, enters fully into the Viennese spirit. Lehar's Ballsirenen waltz is, in fact, a fantasy on themes from that operetta, refined and tender as well as ebullient. The other Lehar item, too, the Gold and Silver waltz, brings magical pianissimos when the main theme is repeated.

It has sometimes been claimed that the Viennese lilt is just an excuse for imprecision, but with Gardiner, polish and lilt go together, as in the underlined hesitations in Ziehrer's Wiener Burger waltz. Most winning of all perhaps are the rarer, shorter items, where Gardiner and the Viennese players uninhibitedly shrug off all thought of vulgarity, playing Ziehrer's Facher Polonaise and Schonfeld March with irresistible zest and bounce. The DG recording, made in the Vienna Musikverein, has ideal freshness and clarity as well as warmth, making most rivals in this repertory seem relatively dim.

- Edward Greenfield, Gramophone (All Music Guide)


How does one put together a frothy Viennese orchestral program without drawing upon composers named Strauss? Ask John Eliot Gardiner, who gathers the likes of Suppe, Lehar, Heuberger, and Ziehrer at this intelligently programmed and meticulously executed musical dessert cart. A light music fancier with a cultivated sweet tooth, however, will rightly suspect the chef in charge to be the proverbial calorie counter from hell. Gardiner favors bracing tempos and taut, steel-edged textures that smack of rigorous, schlag-free dieting. The punchy orchestrations of Lehar's Ballsirenen and Gold und Silver, to be sure, benefit from Gardiner's crew-cut approach, and faster paced selections like Zieher's Polonaise from Facher and Lanner's rarely heard Tourbillon-Galopp show that the Vienna Philharmonic can sprint with incision and pep when it has to. Even so, one sorely misses the soaring lyricism and lilting inflections this repertoire desperately needs in order to blossom, bloom, and inspire an audience to leave their seats humming the tunes.

-Jed Distler

  Соисполнители :

Carl Michael Ziehrer (Composer)
Franz Lehar (Composer)
Franz Von Suppe (Composer)
Joseph Lanner (Composer)

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Наименование трека



   1 Ein Morgen, Ein Mittag, Ein Abned In Wien (Morning Noon And Night In Vienna), Overture From The Incidental Music         0:08:16 Franz Von Suppe
   2 Wiener Burger, Walzer, Op. 419         0:08:52 Carl Michael Ziehrer
   3 Ballsirenen Waltzer For Orchestra (on Themes From 'The Merry Widow')         0:07:14 Franz Lehar
   4 Die Schonbrunner Waltzer, Waltz For Orchestra, Op. 200         0:08:14 Joseph Lanner
   5 Facher-Polonaise, Op. 525         0:03:16 Carl Michael Ziehrer
   6 Gold Und Silber, Walzer, For Orchestra, Op. 79, NV 87         0:08:55 Franz Lehar
   7 Tourbillon-Galopp, Op 142a         0:01:52 Joseph Lanner
   8 Schonfeld-Marsch, Op. 422         0:02:56 Carl Michael Ziehrer
   9 Der Opernball, Operetta Overture         0:07:03 Richard Heuberger


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