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  Наименование CD :
   El Cant De La Sibil-la - Mallorca, Valencia

Год издания : 1998

Компания звукозаписи : AliaVox

Время звучания : 1:01:09

Код CD : AVSA9806 (7 619986 398068)

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Classics (Reconstruction)      

La Capella Reial de Catalunya

Recording Date and Place : in June and December 1998 en la Colegiata del Castillo de Cardona (Catalunya)

Sibil-la Mallorquina*

Monasterio de monjas de La Concepcio Palma de Mallorca

El Cantoral de La Concepcio, fols. 84v-86v : "Al jorn del judici parra qui haura fet servici"

Sibil-la Valenciana**

Catedral de Valencia

Hores de la Setmana Sancta, 1533 : . "Al jorn del judici, se pagara notre servici" (Anonyme. Refrains de Alonso et Bartolome Carceres)

* Chour de femmes, avec Carlos Mena & Josep M. Gregori, contretenors - Beatrice Delpierre, chalemie & Pedro Estevan, cloches

** Voix : Maite Arruabarrena, mezzo-soprano - Carlos Mena, Martin Oro, Josep M. Gregori & Jean-Yves Guerry, contretenors - Lambert Climent, Francesc Garrigosa, Lluis Vilamajo, tenors - Jordi Ricart, Yves Berge, Daniele Carnovitch, basses

Reconstitution et realisation musicale : Jordi Savall

Released in 1999, this is the third volume of "Songs of the Sibyls", a series of recordings begun with Auvidis in 1988. It has won praise from the critics and the record-buying public, fascinated by these superb works from a long-distant past, have eagerly awaited each new discovery.

The origins of the Songs of the Sibyls date back to the 6th century BC. Semi-divine beings, their oracular powers enabled them to predict the future. The myth of the sibyl was appropriated by the early Christians to prophesy the second coming of Christ, heralding the last judgment and the end of the world. This mythological element survived as late as the Middle Ages and even the Renaissance. Originally sung in Latin, the Songs of the Sibyls were traditionally performed by a young boy disguised as a woman during Matins on Christmas Day or during Holy Week in France, Italy and especially the Iberian Peninsula from the 10th century. Over time, traditional elements of popular music were added to the profoundly austere original versions and from the 13th century, the Sibyls were sung in the vernacular. They fell into disuse in the 18th century, although the tradition is still alive in certain areas (particularly Majorca, where the Songs of the Sibyl are still sung before Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve).

In this recording, Jordi Savall presents two more Sibyls: from Majorca (taken from a 15th century manuscript conserved in Palma) and Valencia (dated 1533 and reconstituted on the basis of a manuscript by Bartolome Carceres and Alonso). Montserrat Figueras truly lives and breathes this repertoire; as always, her performance is impassioned and moving. Perfectly matched with La Capella Reial de Catalunya, she embodies the hypnotic power and soaring magical quality of this music from another age.


  Соисполнители :

Bartomeu Carceres (Composer)
Carlos Mena (Countertenor Voice)
Daniel Lassalle (Trombone)
Daniele Carnovitch (Bass Voice)
Francesc Garrigosa (Bass Voice)
Jean-Pierre Canihac (Cornet)
Jean-Yves Guerry (Countertenor Voice)
Jordi Ricart (Bass Voice)
Josep M. Gregori (Countertenor Voice)
Lambert Climent (Bass Voice)
Lluis Vilamajo (Tenor Voice)
Luca Guglielmi (Organ)
Maite Arruabarrena (Mezzosoprano Voice)
Martin Oro (Countertenor Voice)
Michael Behringer (Organ)
Michele Claude (Percussion)
Sergi Casademunt (Viola Da Gamba)
Sophie Watillon (Viola Da Gamba)
Stefan Legee (Trombone)
Xavier Diaz-Latorre (Lute)
Yves Berge (Bass Voice)

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Наименование трека



   1 Un Rey Vendra Perpetual         0:03:13 Sibil-la Mallorquina (Mallorca) (reconstructed By J. Savall)
   2 Ans Del Judici Tot Anant         0:02:23 -"-
   3 Apres Se Badara Molt Fort         0:02:08 -"-
   4 Del Cel Gran Foc Devallara         0:02:32 -"-
   5 Llos Puygs E.ls Plans         0:02:37 -"-
   6 Hanc Hom Non Feu Res         0:02:17 -"-
   7 Ladonchs No Haura Hom Talent         0:02:50 -"-
   8 Del Morir Sera Tot Lur Talens         0:02:40 -"-
   9 Cascun Cos S'alma Cobrara         0:02:42 -"-
   10 Los Infants Qui Nats No Seran         0:02:33 -"-
   11 E Dira Casc? Axi         0:02:20 -"-
   12 Deus Dexendra Del Celsa Ius         0:02:42 -"-
   13 So Es Aquest Que Nos Panges         0:02:22 -"-
   14 Deus Dira Aycels Dulcement         0:03:47 -"-
   15 Fanfares         0:02:02 Sibil-la Valenciana (Valencia) (reconstructed By J. Savall After Alfonso De Mondejar & Bartolome Carceres)
   16 Gloria Tibi Domine         0:01:48 -"-
   17 Al Jorn Del Judici         0:00:56 -"-
   18 D'una Verge Naixera         0:01:55 -"-
   19 Mostrar-s'han Quinze Senyals         0:02:26 -"-
   20 D'alt Dels Cels Devallara         0:02:09 -"-
   21 Portara Casc? Escrit         0:02:34 -"-
   22 Als Bons Dara Goig Etern         0:02:36 -"-
   23 Mare De Deu Pregau Per Nos         0:03:08 -"-
   24 Vosaltres Tots Que Escoltau         0:02:53 -"-
   25 Fanfares         0:01:33 -"-


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