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  Исполнитель(и) :
   Sparks, Tim  (Guitar)
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  Наименование CD :
   At The Rebbe's Table

Год издания : 2002

Компания звукозаписи : Tzadik

Музыкальный стиль : Jewish Music, Jewish Folk

Время звучания : 51:43

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : World Music (Jewish)      

Recorded January 11, 2002 at Avatar, NJ.

This is Tim Sparks' third album as a leader for the Tzadik label, and as with the others he interprets tunes from the repertoire of traditional Jewish song. Here, he takes a few pieces from the noted modern composer Naftule Brandwein, along with an eclectic selection of traditional Yemenite, Sephardic, Hasidic, and Klezmer melodies. This album is distinguished, at least in part, by the unusual collection of musicians, such as avant-gardists Marc Ribot on guitar and Erik Friedlander on cello, all of whom were handpicked by executive producer John Zorn. Zorn even contributed one of the compositions, the traditional-sounding "Mashav." Sparks stamps each piece with his own unique concept that incorporates elements of modern folk music and some jazz. He transforms the traditional Jewish repertoire so that it barely resembles the way in which the songs have typically been played. They are mutated into lovely, tuneful melodic excursions that, although not vigorous enough to serve in their usual roles as dance music for weddings or religious holidays, are paragons of loveliness. In Sparks' fingers, these tunes are given new life as modern folk tunes, with Cyro Baptista's consistently rhythmic percussion giving them a forward-reaching thrust. Rejecting simplistic explications of the Jewish niggun, Sparks treats the melodies respectfully as serious guides to a people's past, and in the process explores the life-affirming nature of the music.

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The breathtaking guitarist who created Neshamah and Tanz, two of the most popular CDs in the Tzadik catalogue, continues to delight us with his newest release At the Rebbe's Table. Tim Sparks once again has managed to choose a surprising program of Jewish music from around the world. Lilting melodies to tickle the soul. Harmonies and rhythm to make you dance. Special guests Marc Ribot and Erik Friedlander join Tim's trio from Tanz for some intimate duets and complex band arrangements. At the Rebbe's Table is Tim's best CD yet.

- "Tzadik"

  Соисполнители :

Cyro Baptista (Percussion)
Erik Friedlander (Cello)
Greg Cohen (Bass)
Marc Ribot (Guitar)

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Наименование трека



   1 Returning From The River (Fun Tashlach)         0:04:57 Brandwein
   2 The Keys From Spain (La Jave Espana)         0:04:30 Jagoda
   3 At The Rebbe's Table (Baym Rebn's Sude)         0:04:09 Traditional
   4 Beautiful City (Kirya Yefefiya)         0:05:13 -"-
   5 Tartar Dance (Der Heisser)         0:05:14 Brandwein
   6 Mahshav         0:03:49 Zorn
   7 Abu's Courtyard         0:05:24 Traditional
   8 Walking In The In-Laws Home (Fim Di Mekhutonim Aheym)         0:03:38 Brandwein
   9 La Serena (The Siren)         0:04:39 Traditional
   10 Todos Si Hueron (They Have All Gone)         0:07:04 Jagoda
   11 Sadagora Dance (Sadagora Chusidl)         0:03:06 Traditional


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