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  Исполнитель(и) :
   Orchestre National De Jazz  (Ensemble)
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  Наименование CD :

Год издания : 2003

Компания звукозаписи : ECM

Время звучания : 1:16:44

Код CD : ECM 1828 (018 493-2)

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Jazz (Free - Avant-Garde)      

Recorded in concert at Palot/L'Allan

Scene Nationale de Montbeliard, October 15 and 16 2001

Mixed at Studios La Buissonne, Pernes-les-Fontaines

For the first time under the direction of a foreigner, Paolo Damiani, the French orchestra explores themes related to the Mediterranean area. With the help of special guests Anouar Brahem and Gianluigi Trovesi, the Italian musical director offers musical landscapes that encompass the various aspects of the region. The album opens with a suite penned by Trovesi, which digs deep into the Italian musical tradition, but also incorporates more recent influences from the Middle East and Africa. With the brass instruments in the forefront, it is definitely the most colorful and animated segment of the disc. Fran?ois Jeanneau takes the relay with another suite that brings the music back into jazz territory while paying tribute to the long French tradition of jazz violin. The saxophonist successfully blends the saxophones with the string and brass sections, producing a unique and rich texture. Brahem's two-part composition "Artefact" slows down the pace and sets a more reflective mood. Not surprisingly, the music has a strong Middle Eastern flavor. Ironically, the musical director's contributions featured at the end of the program pale in comparison and sound somewhat conventional. The pace is similar to Brahem's piece, which might suggest that the music could have been better sequenced. "Argentiera" features some thoughtful playing, but the title track is lackluster save for a forceful solo by Trovesi. This is a disappointment for an otherwise very enjoyable outing adequately dominated by the voice of the soprano saxophone.

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Press Reactions

If it's big-band jazz looking squarely into the future you're after, the French Orchestre National de Jazz has just put out an epic, freewheeling work called Charmediterran?en. Conceived by its director, Paolo Damiani, the work draws on music from around the shores of the Mediterranean. So Latin fire, the ghost of Monteverdi and the Arab oud all play their part. The forces of globalism being what they are, there's also a guitarist who sounds like Bill Frisell. The orchestra is one of those innovative continental units, like the Vienna Art Orchestra and the Willem Breuker Kollektief, happy to mix and match traditions. There are fusion riffs, moments of great delicacy and high-volume energy (this is the region of the sirocco and mistral after all) in a 75-minute suite.

-John Bungey, The Times

France's national jazz orchestra is a unique and admirably inclusive institution. Its membership is constantly changing, each season finds a new musical director at the helm, and there are always a few non-French musicians taking part as guest artists. This is last year's edition, playing a programme reflecting the diverse musical styles to be heard around the Mediterranean. The two guest soloists are Italian saxophonist Gianluigi Trovesi and Anouar Brahem, Tunisian master of the oud, a kind of lute. This may all sound a bit ominous but give it a chance because the music itself is utterly charming. At one moment the textures are warm and seductive, and a few minutes later the whole thing sounds like a New Orleans marching band on a spree.

-Dave Gelly, The Observer

In stark verj?ngter Besetzung, unter der Leitung des italienischen Cellisten Paolo Damiani und unter Beizug der Gastsolisten und -komponisten Gianluigi Trovesi und Anouar Brahem ist der Formation nun mit Charmediterran?en ein Album gegl?ckt, das man nicht so schnell vergisst: Ein mal ausgelassenes, mal zorniges Manifest wider die allenthalben grassierende Einfaltspinselei, ein Taumel der Gef?hle, der einen mitreisst. Diese passionierte Musik hat weder Angst vor dem Chaos noch vor der Kraft und Sch?nheit sehnsuchtsvoller Melodien.

-Tom Steiger, Der Bund

Das Wortspiel im Titel weist schon darauf hin: Es geht um den ganz besonderen Charme des Mittelmeers. Das Orchestre National De Jazz - ein Unikat in der internationalen Szene, weil es vom franz?sischen Staat unterhalten wird - hat sich dabei zweier Starsolisten von beiden Seiten dieses Gew?ssers bedient. Gianluigi Trovesi aus Italien an Klarinette und Altsaxofon, besonders aber der tunesische Oud-Virtuose Anouar Brahem bereichern die CD ungemein und steuern auch eigene St?cke bei. Trovesis "Sequenze Orfiche" bedient sich bei einem Motiv aus Monteverdis Oper "Orfeo", um sodann auch ungest?me gro?orchestrale Free-Passagen zu durchschiffen, Brahems "Artefact" klingt dagegen arabisch. Weitere Epen aus der Feder von Francois Jeanneau und Paolo Damiani, des ehemaligen und des jetzigen ONJ-Leiters, verdeutlichen den Klangfarbenreichtum dieser 14-k?pfigen Big Band. Vor allem der Hang zum Saiteninstrument ist reizvoll: Neben der Oud kommen Geige, Cello, Gitarre und Bass zum Einsatz.

-Rolf Thomas, Jazzthing

Happy to say that Damiani's stint in front of this French institution is a lively and enterprising one. This CD contains a number of compositions, three of them in suite form. ... The Orchestre's execution is superb. Jeanneau's work is more redolent with what may be termed European classicist elements but the rhythms remain propulsive, even with violinist Huby soloing. Brahem's two-part "Artefact" has more Near-Eastern aura, as does Damiani's title piece, a work connecting some of the crosscurrents of the countries which share that sea as a common shore. An impressive outing for Damiani and his colleagues and one which underlines the amount of fresh territory that is still on offer to adventurous big bands, government funded or not.

-Keith Shadwick, Jazzwise

Unter der Leitung des italienischen Cellisten Paolo Damiani widmet sich das unkonventionell instrumentierte Orchestre National de Jazz feinsinnig den Werken seiner G?ste Gianluigi Trovesi und Anouar Brahem. Souver?n jonglieren die famosen Franzosen mit Trovesis entz?ckender Monteverdi-Variation "L'Orfeo" und huldigen bei "Estremadura" ihrem Spiritus Rector Fran?ois Jeanneau. Als Bonbon reichen Damiani & Co. noch einige kleinteilig besetzte, intime Preziosen.

-Sven Thielmann, Stereoplay

  Соисполнители :

Alain Vankenhove (Flugelhorn, Trumpet)
Anouar Brahem (Oud)
Christophe Marguet (Drums)
Francois Jeanneau (Flute, Soprano Saxophone)
Gianluca Petrella (Trombone)
Gianluigi Trovesi (Alt Saxophone, Clarinet)
Jean Marc Larche (Alt Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone)
Mederic Collignon (Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Vocals)
Olivier Benoit (Guitar)
Paolo Damiani (Cello)
Paul Rogers (Double Bass)
Regis Huby (Violin)
Thomas De Pourquery (Alt Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone)

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Наименование трека



   1 Prologo: L'Orfeo         0:01:05 Sequenze Orfiche - Trovesi
   2 Sequenza Prima         0:01:52 -"-
   3 Sequenza Seconda         0:07:44 -"-
   4 Sequenza Terza         0:02:52 -"-
   5 Sequenza Quarta         0:01:06 -"-
   6 Epilogo         0:03:02 -"-
   7 Estramadure, Pt. 1         0:06:08 Jeanneau
   8 Estramadure, Pt. 2         0:02:47 -"-
   9 Estramadure, Pt. 3         0:07:12 -"-
   10 Montbeliard Trio         0:01:49 Brahem, Damiani, Trovesi
   11 Artefact, Pt. 1         0:08:57 Brahem
   12 Artefact, Pt. 2         0:09:14 -"-
   13 Argentiera         0:05:46 Damiani
   14 Charmediterraneen         0:14:32 -"-
   15 Argentiera         0:02:38 -"-


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