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  Исполнитель(и) :
   Pink Martini  (Group)
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  Наименование CD :
   Hang On Little Tomato

Год издания : 2004

Компания звукозаписи : Heinz

Музыкальный стиль : Alternative Pop/ Rock

Время звучания : 50:29

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Pop      

Recorded and mixed by Dave Friedlander at Kung Fu Bakery in Portland, Oregon, April 2001-June 2004.

It would be easy to liken Pink Martini's music to the lounge and swing revivals of the '90s. However, the 12-piece mini-orchestra's mix of jazz, classical, Latin, and vocal pop sounds more organic than the work of, say, Combustible Edison. Like the Squirrel Nut Zippers - who were always more than just a straightforward swing revival band - Pink Martini do more than just rehash their influences; by dabbling in different sounds that they love, they've come up with their own. And even on the most theatrical moments of their second album, Hang On Little Tomato, such as the Yma Sumac-meets-chamber jazz of "U Plavu Zoru" or the smoky Italian ambience of "Una Notte a Napoli," a lot of genuine sentiment shines through. Though most of Hang On Little Tomato - named after a vintage Hunt's Ketchup ad - consists of originals, a few well-chosen covers stake out Pink Martini's sonic territory: the festive "Anna (El Negro Zumbon)"; Villa-Lobos' "Song of the Black Swan"; a downright swellegant version of "Let's Never Stop Falling in Love"; and "Kikuchiyo to Moshimasu," which features Hiroshi Wada, the slide guitarist who played on the original recording of the song. Amid all the multiculturalism, Hang On Little Tomato emphasizes the French and Cuban elements of Pink Martini's sound, with "Dansez-Vous" and the lovely "Autrefois" nodding to the former, and the ever-so-slightly mischievous ballad "Lilly" tipping its hat to the latter. The album's moods are almost as wide-ranging as its sounds, spanning the innocence of the title track's '30s pop and the Bacharach-esque sweetness of "Clementine" to the world-weary "Veronique" to the smoky romance of "Aspettami." A more full-fledged album than the band's debut Sympathique, Hang On Little Tomato offers a charmingly populist approach to music.

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  Соисполнители :

Brian Davis (Percussion, Conga)
Charles Noble (Viola)
Dan Faehnle (Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Mandolin)
Denise Huizenga (Violin)
Derek Rieth (Percussion, Bongos)
Dieter Ratzlaf (Cello)
Doug Peebles (Trombone)
Douglas Edwards Smith (Percussion, Timbales)
Gavin Bondy (Trumpet)
Heather Blackburn (Cello)
Jason Stronquist (Trombone)
Joel Belgique (Viola)
John Wager (Bass)
Julie Coleman (Violin)
Kazunori Asano (Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele)
Mara Lise Gearman (Viola)
Martin Zarzar (Percussion, Drums, Timbales)
Maureen Love (Harp)
Norman Leyden (Clarinet)
Oreet Ranon (Cello)
Osao Murata (Organ)
Paloma Griffin (Violin)
Pansy Change (Cello)
Phil Hansen (Cello)
Robert Taylor (Trombone, Trumpet)
Thomas Lauderdale (Piano)
Timothy Jensen (Baritone Saxophone)
Timothy Nishimoto (Vocals)
Timothy Scott (Cello)
Tyler Neist (Viola)

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Наименование трека



   1 Let's Never Stop Falling In Love         0:03:03 Forbes, Lauderdale
   2 Anna (El Negro Zumbon)         0:02:36 Giordano, Vatro
   3 Hang On Little Tomato         0:03:17 Abbey, Forbes, Lauderdale
   4 The Gardens Of Sampson & Beasley         0:04:01 Forbes, Lauderdale
   5 Veronique         0:03:19 Lauderdale, Tozian
   6 Dansez-Vous         0:02:53 Taylor
   7 Lilly         0:02:44 Forbes, Lauderdale
   8 Autrefois         0:03:38 -"-
   9 U Plavu Zoru         0:06:01 Bondy, Davis, Eby, Forbes ...
   10 Clementine         0:03:50 Forbes, Lauderdale
   11 Una Notte A Napoli         0:04:45 Clemente, Dynell, Forbes ...
   12 Kikuchiyo To Mohshimasu         0:04:32 Suzuki, Yamazaki
   13 Aspettami         0:03:38 Forbes, Lauderdale
   14 Song Of The Black Swan         0:02:10 Villa-Lobos


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