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  Исполнитель(и) :
   Zipoli, Domenico  (Composer) , Cesare Teghillo (Clavinet, Organ
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  Наименование CD :
   Sonate D'Intavolatura Per Organo E Cembalo. Parte Seconda

Год издания : 1987

Компания звукозаписи : Excelsa Musica

Время звучания : 36:26

Код CD : SAO TC108

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Classics (Organ & Harpsichord)      

========= from the cover ==========

Domenico Zipoli (Prato 1688 - Cordoba 1726) seems to have had his first musical education in Florence with G.M. Casini, then with A. Scarlatti in Naples. After having finished his studies in Bologna, in 1715 he was appointed organist in Chiesa del Gesu in Rome and, together with B. Pasquini, he frequented Roman music milieu. But in 1716 he had already left to Sevilla and in the following year to Argentina, where he stayed till his death.

Heir to the marvellous Frescobaldian experience, his keyboard music is well distinguished by spontaneousness, simplicity and singular freshness; it also shows traces of the transition from contrapuntal style to a more lyrical and dialogical one: a rather free and graceful writing, without Neapolitan composers' ornamental excesses. In a peculiar balance between the linear contrapuntal writing and the harmonic vertical one, Domenici Ziploc's works show themselves authentic and coherent ones, in a delightful lyrical ardour and in a very characteristic style, that witness the charming and inspired composer's personality.


Although the performing practice of the period not always distinguished organ role from harpsichord one, the 4 Suites and the 2 Partitas that complete the Sonata. D Intavolatura Per Organo E Cimbalo (Parte Seconds) show to have been undoubtedly conceived for the harpsichord. They also reveal the adaptation to the "stile galante" monodic practice, that marked a new epoch in the music history. In the dance Suites an already favourite field of the harpsichord language the Preludi in the various keys (h, g, C, d) are followed by Allemande, Correnti, Sarabande, Gighe, Gavotte; though prudent, the imitative writing of these Suites shows lyrical refinement and marked liveliness. Also in the Partite (C, a) the typical D. Zipoli's inspiration appears through the variety in rhythmical combinations, the plasticity in the harmonical structure, the charm in the melodical entries and the delight fill virtuosity.

- W. Muller-Heidelberg

Cesare Teghillo, 25 years old, is now attending the 10th Organ and Harpsichord Course at the European Music School and the International Courses for Specialization and High Level Interpretation organized by the Studio Ars Organi under Vittorio Bonotto's guide for the recording of valuable works from a range of European organ and harpsichord compositions throughout the ages. In 1987 he achieved the "Exceusa Musica" Phonographic Award resulting in the interpretation of Domenico Zipoli's complete keyboard works and the recording of this Compact Disc, dealing with harpsichord music (part two).

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Наименование трека



   1 Suite I (si)         0:08:05 1. Preludio, 2. Corrente, 3. Aria, 4. Gavotta
   2 Suite II (sol)         0:07:02 1. Preludio, 2. Corrente, 3. Sarabanda, 4. Giga
   3 Suite III (do)         0:07:21 1. Preludio, 2. Allemanda, 3. Sarabanda, 4. Gavotta, 5. Giga
   4 Partita (do)         0:04:19  
   5 Suite IV (re)         0:05:20 1. Preludio, 2. Allemanda, 3. Gavotta, 4. Minuetto
   6 Partita (la)         0:04:17  


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