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   Love Is Forever. Good News

Год издания : 1965/1967

Компания звукозаписи : EMI, Columbia, (ru)

Музыкальный стиль : Rock & Roll, Pop, Pop/Rock, Teen Idol, Early British Pop/Rock

Время звучания : 1:17:18

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CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Pop      

2LP on 1CD (Stereo)

## 1 - 14 "Love Is Forever", 1965, EMI-Columbia (2*)

By late 1965, Cliff Richard was having serious doubts about his continued role in pop. He had recently rediscovered Christianity and, years later, acknowledged that he was suddenly questioning whether a continued career in rock & roll was even possible. Songs which he might once have recorded without a second thought now seemed somehow wrong - maybe the lyric was too racy, maybe the rhythm too raunchy. Today he acknowledges, "a lot of [new Christians] create problems for themselves because they want to change what they themselves are." However, he also admits that it would take another year, and a very near brush with retirement, before he realized that fact for himself. The first fruit of that confusion, Love Is Forever was as smooth, slick, and professional as any Richard album could be. But that was all you could say about it. Almost without exception, its contents rank among the most uninspiring songs he had yet brought together. A redundant rendering of "Fly Me to the Moon" is only one of several nadirs plumbed; the insipid "Through the Eye of a Needle" just the worst of too many insubstantial jingles. There is a passable version of "A Summer Place," and "Paradise Lost" is at least buoyed along by an attractively dramatic arrangement. But the best song in sight is the mid-tempo Shadows by numbers of "Someday (You'll Want Me to Love You," and even that scarcely rouses itself beyond the level of human Muzak. In seeking out the songs least likely to raise controversy or comment, Richard had also succeeded in uncovering some of the blandest confections of the age - and, in turn, provoked more outrage than he could ever have imagined. Love Is Forever spent one week in the U.K. Top 20 (at number 19), then vanished without a trace. Oblivion, even his greatest fans admit, was the best place for it.

- Dave Thompson (All Music Guide)

## 15 - 28 "Good News", 1967, EMI-Columbia (2.5*)

Although Cliff Richard's last few albums had indicated that any musical hiccups created by his conversion to Christianity had now been overcome, he remained uncertain about the suitability of pop as a career. His friends all seemed to be teaching religion in schools, or devoting their lives to charity, and he admits, "I thought 'oh dear, there's them being proper Christians, and here's me rocking it up and having a great time.' So I thought I'd get out." He wrapped up his business affairs, closed down his fan club and took a course in Religious Education. "And suddenly, just when I thought I couldn't do anything [with music] for my faith..." a plethora of fresh projects fell into his lap. The BBC offered him a six-part TV series in that Sunday evening hour known to British viewers as "the God slot"; the media began recruiting him every time a religious topic arose elsewhere in the world of pop and rock; and long-time producer Norrie Paramor suggested they cut a gospel album. "And I realized, 'hang on, I can be a Christian in my business. I can make use of my business.' So I stayed." Recorded with long-time accompanist Bernard Ebbinghouse's orchestra, Paramor and arranger Mike Leander, Good News was the first-ever British rock album to seriously broach religious music - and it is a rock album. The arrangements may be flavored by American concepts of gospel, but they have a frenetic air which is descended directly from the sounds which thrilled Richard's original audience, a decade earlier - and which would return to favor half a decade later. Leander would subsequently find superstardom as Gary Glitter's leading co-conspirator, and while one would never suggest that Good News has anything in common with "Do Ya Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)," rock & roll has had stranger bedfellows. Leander's treatment of "Go Where I Send Thee" has all the pounding flavor of the vintage Spencer Davis Group (or a particularly moody Motown chestbeater), while "Get on Board Little Children" rattles along like an express train. Arranged by Paramor, a dramatic reading of the "23rd Psalm" and a gently balladic "What A Friend We Have In Jesus" are probably the most traditional performances here. A vigorous "Just a Closer Walk With Thee" (with Ebbinghouse) and another Leander effort, "We Shall Be Changed," on the other hand, not only prove that the Devil doesn't have all the best tunes, he doesn't have a monopoly on serpentine rhythms either. Lyrically, of course, Good News makes no bones about its maker's beliefs, and that's how it should be. Of all Cliff Richard's virtues, his refusal to proselytize has proven one of his most important. "When I do gospel concerts, I actually advertise them as gospel concerts. And when I make gospel albums...I don't get people in thinking they're going to hear "'Devil Woman'" and then sing them a hymn." But if this is his idea of hymns, they wouldn't need "Devil Woman."

- Dave Thompson (All Music Guide)

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Наименование трека



   1 Everyone Needs Someone To Love         0:02:18 Burt Bacharach / Hal David
   2 Long Ago         0:02:33 And Far Away - Jerome Kern / Ira Gershwin
   3 All Of A Sudden         0:02:30 My Heart Sings - Harold Rome / Henry Herpin / Janblan
   4 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You         0:02:49 Scott Wiseman
   5 Fly Me To The Moon     T       0:02:55 In Other Words - Bart Howard / D Roth
   6 Theme From A Summer Place         0:02:31 Max Steiner / Mack Discant
   7 I Found A Rose         0:02:41 Sid Teppsr / Roy Bennett
   8 My Foolish Heart         0:02:25 Victor Young / Ned Washington
   9 Through The Eye Of A Needle         0:02:42 Burt Bacharach / Hal David
   10 My Coloring Book         0:03:25 John Kander / Fred Ebb
   11 I'll Walk Alone         0:02:45 Sammy Cahn / Jule Styne
   12 Someday         0:02:21 You'll Want Me To Want You - Jimmie Hodges
   13 Paradise Lost         0:02:41 Estelle Loring / Kaye Rodgfirs
   14 Look Homeward Angel         0:02:43 W Gold
   15 Good News         0:02:45 Traditional / M Leander
   16 It Is No Secret     T       0:03:24 Stuart Hamblen
   17 We Shall Be Changed         0:02:30 Traditional / M Leander
   18 23rd Psalm         0:02:34 Crimond - Jessie Seymour Irvine / Norrie Paramor
   19 Go Where I Send Thee         0:03:45 Traditional / M Leander
   20 What A Friend We Have In Jesus         0:02:48 Frederick Converse / Norrie Paramor / Scriven
   21 All Glory Laud And Honour         0:03:34 John Mason Neale / Norrie Paramor
   22 Just A Closer Walk With Thee         0:02:16 Traditional / Ebbinghouse
   23 The King Of Love My Shepherd Is         0:02:39 Traditional / Norrie Paramor
   24 Mary What You Gonna Name That Pretty Little Baby         0:02:29 Richard King
   25 When I Survey The Wondrous Cross         0:02:24 Miller / Nome Paramor
   26 Take My Hand Precious Lord         0:03:07 Thomas A Dorsey
   27 Get On Board Little Children         0:03:09 Traditional / M Leander
   28 May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You         0:02:35 Meredith Willson


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