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  Исполнитель(и) :
   Ravel, Maurice  (Composer) , Christian Ferras (Violin) , Pierre Barbizet (Piano) , Jean-Pierre Jacquillat (Conductor
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  Наименование CD :
   Chamber Music

Год издания : 2003

Компания звукозаписи : EMI

Время звучания : 2:36:25

К-во CD : 2

Код CD : CZS 7672172

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Classics (Symphony)      

Musique de chambre / Chamber music / Камерная музыка

Conductor: Jean-Pierre Jacquillat

Performer: Pierre Barbizet, Christian Ferras, et al.

========= from the cover ==========

Invited in 1910 to express his thoughts on the music of Frederic Chopin, Maurice Ravel wrote the following lines in which one detects, over and above an act of homage to the Polish master, a declaration of his own principles: "Musician: creator or dilettante; to be sensitive to rhythm, to melody, to the atmosphere created by sounds. To quiver at the progression from one chord to the next, as at the rapport between two colours. Subject matter: this is of prime importance in all the arts. The rest flows from..." Captivated by rhythm (the Blues of the Sonata for violin and piano are enough to make this evident), a born melodist (from this point of view he was, with Chopin, among the most imaginative of musicians), a colourist in whom rare harmonic relationships and the subtle use of instrumental timbre have a magic quality comparable to that of Matisse and Bonnard, Maurice Ravel practised an aesthetic of pleasure, a sensual and voluptuous art. In his music for piano, as in his chamber music, one discerns what might be called a temptation towards the orchestral. The richness of tone colour of the String Quartet (1903) and the enchanting sonorities of the Introduction and Allegro for harp, string quartet, flute and clarinet (1905), as also the writing for piano of Ma Mere I'Oye (1910), especially in Laideronette, Impera-trice des pagodes and the Jardin feerique are in this respect particularly significant. The temptation towards the orchestral can therefore be seen as typical of the period 1903-1912 in which Ravel composed Rap-sod ie espagnole and Daphnis et Chloe, and in which he orchestrated Ma Mere I'Oye and Valses nobles et sentimentales. The sensuality is rather less apparent in the Trois poemes de Mallarme for voice, piano, string quartet, two flutes and two clarinets (1913) and in the Trio for piano, violin and cello (1914), for the purity and fullness of the melodic line are now predominant, foreshadowing the musician's new manner which will be evident in the Sonata for Violin and Cello (1922), the Chansons madecasses for voice flute, violin and piano (1926) and the Sonata for Violin and Piano (1927). In his Esquiss-es autobiographiques, Ravel speaks in fact of a turning point in his career which was marked by his "renouncing harmonic charm". An art which henceforth aims at sobriety is nonetheless full of the surprising and the unexpected. Drawing on the poetry of Evariste Parny, the eroticism of the Chansons madecasses seems like a renewed affirmation of the aesthetic of pleasure, for sobriety in Ravel does not lead to asceticism, but simply to a more distinct and more direct idiom.

Tzigane, a concert rhapsody for violin and piano (1924), and the Piece en forme de Habanera, a transcription for cello and piano of a Vocalise-Etude for bass voice and piano (1907) express respectively Ravel's attraction to virtuosity and the fascination Spain had held for him since the time of the first Habanera (from the Sites auriculaires) written in 1895.

Nobody knowing Ravel only from his works for piano or for orchestra would have a comprehensive knowledge of the musician, whereas this could be claimed for his chamber music, which has served as a laboratory for his most daring experiments and has proved his most intimate means of expression.

- Jean Roy (Translation: Denis Ogan)

  Соисполнители :

Andre Boutard (Clarinet)
Annie Challan (Harpsichord)
Colette Lequien (Alt Voice)
Fernand Caratge (Flute)
Fernand Dufrene (Flute)
Georges Pludermacher (Piano)
Georges Tessier (Violin)
Gerard Jarry (Violin)
Guy Fallut (Violoncello)
Jean-Christophe Benoit (Baritone Voice)
Michel Tournus (Violoncello)
Monique Fallot (Piano)
Paul Tortelier (Violoncello)
Pierre Simon (Violin)
Robert Bex (Violoncello)
Robert Rochet (Flute)
Samson Francois (Piano)
Shuku Iwasaki (Piano)

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Наименование трека



   1 01 Tzigane, Rhapsodie De Concert Pour Violon Et Piano         0:09:15 Christian Ferras, Pierre Barbizet - 1962
   1 02 I Allegreto         0:08:26 Sonate Pour Violon Et Piano - Gerard Jarry, Georges Pludermacher - 1973
   1 03 II Blues         0:05:22 -"-
   1 04 III Perpetuum Mobile         0:04:03 -"-
   1 05 I Modere         0:09:47 Trio Pour Piano, Violon Et Violoncelle - Gerard Jarry, Georges Pludermacher, Michel Tournus - 1971
   1 06 II Pantoum (Assez Vif)         0:04:25 -"-
   1 07 III Passacaille (Tres Large)         0:07:55 -"-
   1 08 IV Final (Anime)         0:05:31 -"-
   1 09 I Pavane De La Belle Au Bous Dormant         0:01:13 Ma Mere L'Oye, 5 Pieces Enfantines - Samson Francois, Pierre Barbizet - 1968
   1 10 II Le Petit Poucet         0:02:50 -"-
   1 11 III Laideronnette, Imperatrice Des Pagodes         0:02:50 -"-
   1 12 IV Les Entretiens De La Belle Et De La Bete         0:03:59 -"-
   1 13 V Le Jardin Feerique         0:02:28 -"-
   1 14 I Soupir         0:03:43 3 Poemes De Stephane Mallarme - Jean-Christophe Benoit, 1968
   1 15 II Placet Futile         0:04:06 -"-
   1 16 III Surgi De La Croupe Et Du Bond         0:03:06 -"-
   2 01 I Moderato Tres Doux         0:08:25 Quatuor A Cordes En Fa Majeur - Marcel Charpentier - 1970
   2 02 II Assez Vif - Tres Rythme         0:06:10 -"-
   2 03 III Tres Lent         0:08:49 -"-
   2 04 IV Vif Et Agite         0:05:13 -"-
   2 05 Introduction Et Allegro Pour Harpe, Avec Accompagnement De Quatuor A Cordes, Flute Et Clarinette         0:11:02 Annie Challan, Georges Tessier, Pierre Simon, Andre Boutard, Colette Lequien, Fernand Caratge - 1965
   2 06 I Allegro         0:05:17 Sonate Pour Violon Et Violoncelle - Gerard Jarry, Michel Tournus - 1971
   2 07 II Tres Vif         0:03:33 -"-
   2 08 III Lent         0:07:01 -"-
   2 09 IV Vif, Avec Entrain         0:05:56 -"-
   2 10 Piece En Forme De Habanera         0:02:51 Paul Tortelier, Shuku Iwasaki - 1973
   2 11 I Nahandove         0:05:17 3 Chansons Madecasses - Jean-Christophe Benoit - 1955
   2 12 II Aoua         0:03:55 -"-
   2 13 III II Est Doux         0:03:55 -"-


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