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  Наименование CD :
   The Nest

Год издания : 2003

Компания звукозаписи : EmArcy, Universal Int., (ru)

Время звучания : 1:02:45

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Jazz (Small Orchestra - Contemporary)      

========= from the cover ==========

"The Nest" is inspired by Eva-Maria Riegler s photograph of the same name. When I first saw the picture, I was reminded of the words of Norwegian author Jens Bj0rneboe's "Happy is the man who has his room". There is a place for all artistic expression. By coincidence I was reading Hart Crane's (1899 - 1932) poetry, as I composed the music for the Riksteatret's and the National Theatre's production Undset, about the life of author and Nobel Prize-winner Sigrid Undset (1882 - 1949). Two more different author-personalities are hard to imagine. There is, however, a common thread in their approach to life - their existential search and continual fight for artistic challenge. Parts of the music for The Nest were written for the Undset play, while the Crane songs and instrumental passages are completely new. Eva-Maria Riegler's photograph is both an illusion and a tangible expression. To be inspired by the extremities and collisions of the inner and outer room, is the creative artist's privilege. Sigrid Undset experienced huge personal tragedy in life. Her marriage was unhappy, her daughter mentally retarded, and her son Anders was shot in Gausdal during World War 2. The pain at times turned her into a bitter realist, but her Catholic faith saved her from misanthropy and despair. Not so Crane, who died at sea on April 27th 1932 an apparent suicide, after struggling with warring parents, poverty, and discrimination as a homosexual. The music I have composed, inspired partly but not solely by these fates, is intended as melodic 'reconstructions'. Long conversations with my close friend, composer and guitarist Terje Rypdal, during recent years, while we were touring as a duo and with The Sea all over the World, have given me clearer insight into the possibilities of a melody at a time where the melodic elements are often reduced to fragments. The collaborations with Terje Rypdal, David Darling and Jon Christensen in The Sea, and duo sessions with Terje and David have inspired me to progress further with melody, and at the same time, as on my previous album Grace, include the human voice. As a logical coincidence, Jon's wife Ellen Horn appears as Sigrid Undset in Tine Thomassen and Otto Holmlung's piece. Perhaps it is the bridge Hart Crane wrote about, that joins all of these elements together. There should be room for everyone in Eva-Maria Riegler's The Nest. And Crane's "Old Song" harmonizes as a backdrop:

The burden of tile rose will fade

Sped in the spectrum's kiss

But here the thorn in sharpend shade

Weathers all loneliness.

-Ketil Bjornstad

  Соисполнители :

Anneli Marian Drecker (Vocals)
Eivind Aarset (Guitar)
Kjetil Bjerkestrand (Synthesizer, Percussion)
Nora Taksdal (Viola)

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Наименование трека



   1 The Nest         0:02:41 Preludium - Ketil Bjornstad
   2 In Shadow         0:04:20 Ketil Bjornstad
   3 The Window         0:03:07 -"-
   4 The Bridge 1         0:05:07 -"-
   5 The Bathers         0:04:07 -"-
   6 The Hope 1         0:01:37 -"-
   7 Exile         0:03:14 -"-
   8 The Circle         0:04:35 -"-
   9 Darkland         0:02:38 -"-
   10 Forgetfulness         0:04:01 -"-
   11 The Joy         0:03:41 -"-
   12 The Bridge 2         0:05:04 -"-
   13 Old Song         0:03:49 -"-
   14 The Hope 2         0:02:41 -"-
   15 The Memory         0:04:30 -"-
   16 Fear         0:03:29 -"-
   17 The Nest         0:04:04 Postludium - Ketil Bjornstad


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