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  Наименование CD :
   Lost In Paradise

Год издания : 2002

Компания звукозаписи : Paras, Bolero, (ru)

Музыкальный стиль : Newage, Contemporary Flamenco

Время звучания : 51:52

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Pop (Guitar)      

Armik's lifelong love affair with the flamenco guitar began on his first visit to Spain at age 20, when he saw the legendary Paco de Lucia perform. Driven by a fire for the tradition that has defined his musical life ever since, the young musician immediately switched from his electric Gibson CS175, trading his Wes Montgomery licks for an in-depth journey to the heart of Spanish music. Launching his solo career with 1994's Rain Dancer - a Top Ten Billboard New Age hit, like his five subsequent releases - he drew upon his jazz roots and flamenco passions to create a revolutionary twist on the emerging nouveau flamenco sound. Armik's Bolero Records debut, Lost in Paradise, paints a lush landscape of a unique style he calls "gypsy jazz," joyfully blending classic elements of rhumba, cha-cha, bolero, jazz, and, taking a rhythmic sojourn down to Brazil, a bit of bossa nova. The bold, percussive opening rhumba track "Barcelona Sunsets" thrusts the listener full throttle into the raw, emotional power of the Armik experience; his powerful fingerstyling is enhanced by a lively piano harmony. This is balanced by the gentle intimacy of the title track, a slow rhumba featuring a dreamy, seductive guitar line. The snappy cha-cha-cha piece, "Golden Rule," features Armik's plucky strains over a spirited, rolling groove. After the romantic sizzle of "Bolero Passion" (parts of which feature a harp like guitar sound), the fast rhumba "Almeria" brings back the fire for an aggressive, percussion-dense jam session. The Fender Rhodes-enhanced "Gypsy Love" demonstrates the true fusion that defines Armik's style, a soul-jazz meets flamenco jam that almost singlehandedly creates a new genre.

- Jonathan Widran (All Music Guide)

========= from the cover ==========

Originality is, of course the touchstone of any art, but there is such a thing as a complete original and Armik is one. The solo musical odyssey we embark on with Armik includes 11 original songs that entertain and reach his audience with brilliant, sparkling guitar virtuosity. The musical, cultural, and personal relationship between Armik and his audience reaches an exciting new level on such songs as "Lost In Paradise," "Barcelona Sunsets," "Magic of Your Eyes," and "Bolero Passion." As we listen to Armik's guitar, it offers explanations of its whys and hows, fine arrangements and no matter what the context of the song, when Armik picks up the guitar, he creates something even more beautiful and memorable than before.

Rather remarkably, LOST IN PARADISE accomplishes the entire gamut of Armik's musical talents as a composer, arranger, guitarist and producer. A man of many attributes, Armik plays on custom guitars made especially for his recordings. "Barcelona Sunsets," is quite atmospheric and resplendent with the beauty and flavors of Spain. The song allows you to get outside yourself with the same feelings of inner peace and solitude that sunsets somehow manage to effect. While you're busy savoring the string virtuoso's spirit at sunset, Armik pulls you into yet another jewel of a love song titled, "Magic Of Your Eyes," His strumming shimmers and flourishes over the strings like a brilliant diamond, producing a Nuevo flamenco mood complete with a perfect yearning for the magic in your lover's eyes. "Golden Touch," is both exotic and elegant. It is to Armik's credit that it is indicative of his flamenco influences yet it reflects a contemporary elegance of rapturous guitar notes that wrap you in their love as they float from his fingers.

Among other things, a musician's primary challenge is to tell a story through sound, creating and sustaining the narrative with melodic and rhythmic events. The sophistication of "Bolero Passion" shows Armik's unfailing adeptness at spinning deep, highly personal melodies into harmonious emotions his listeners will feel and appreciate. Originally a mid-paced form for string trios, this bolero ignites the listener's inner passions that pass between the soloist and his guitar like a baton of divine romance. Armik's musical gifts on the title track "Lost In Paradise," are serene and placid. The rhythmic pace is slower, a lush romantic soundscape taken at ballad tempo. Armik provides a sea of tranquility in which he reawakens splendid guitar tones that beckon your name. The stillness of the song leaves you drifting in a peaceful, romantic ambience.

Armik's fine guitar artistry is once again defined by this wonderful collection of songs titled LOST IN PARADISE. He is quite inventive; offering his listeners an inimitable fusion of jazz and Nuevo flamenco fire. Armik's arrangements are pleasant throughout, with a nicely lilting rhythmic feel. And there are sensational moments here when Armik's technical brilliance unites the stylistic elements of Latin jazz improvisation with lyrical flamenco chords. By deftly blending his art of spontaneous performance with intonation and technique, the resulting musical colors and textures form clear chordal harmonies that appeal to you, the listener. Through his masterful combinations of rhythmic pulse, melodic phrases, speed and song forms, i.e., bolero, flamenco, jazz, ballad, and impovisations. Armik shows that although he is one player who has grown with the times, he had his technique and guitar virtuosity from the start and continues to work his distinguished musical magic.

- Paula Edelstein

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Наименование трека



   1 Barcelona Sunsets         0:04:57 Armik
   2 Lost In Paradise         0:05:12 -"-
   3 Golden Touch         0:04:47 -"-
   4 Bolero Passion         0:04:27 -"-
   5 Almeria         0:04:42 -"-
   6 Magic Of Your Eyes         0:04:55 -"-
   7 Treasures From Spain         0:04:53 -"-
   8 Dreaming Of You         0:05:02 -"-
   9 Gypsy Love         0:04:38 -"-
   10 Romantic Escape         0:04:37 -"-
   11 Solo Para Ti         0:03:43 -"-


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