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  Исполнитель(и) :
   Talking Heads  (Group)
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  Наименование CD :
   Talking Heads: 77. Fear Of Music

Год издания : 1977/1984

Компания звукозаписи : Sire, (ru)

Время звучания : 1:19:40

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Rock (Album Rock)      

2 LP on 1 CD

## 1 - 11 Talking Heads: 77, 1977, Sire, (5*)

Though they were the most highly touted new wave band to emerge from the CBGB's scene in New York, it was not clear at first whether Talking Heads' Lower East Side art rock approach could make the subway ride to the midtown pop mainstream successfully. The leadoff track of the debut album, Talking Heads: 77, "Uh-Oh, Love Comes to Town," was a pop song that emphasized the group's unlikely roots in late-'60s bubblegum, Motown, and Caribbean music. But the "Uh-Oh" gave away the group's game early, with its nervous, disconnected lyrics and David Byrne's strained voice. All pretenses of normality were abandoned by the second track, as Talking Heads finally started to sound on record the way they did downtown: the staggered rhythms and sudden tempo changes, the odd guitar tunings and rhythmic, single-note patterns, the non-rhyming, non-linear lyrics that came across like odd remarks overheard from a psychiatrist's couch, and that voice, singing above its normal range, its falsetto leaps and strangled cries resembling a madman trying desperately to sound normal. Talking Heads threw you off balance, but grabbed your attention with a sound that seemed alternately threatening and goofy. The music was undeniably catchy, even at its most ominous, especially on "Psycho Killer," Byrne's supreme statement of demented purpose. Amazingly, that song made the singles chart for a few weeks, evidence of the group's quirky appeal, but the album was not a big hit, and it remained unclear whether Talking Heads spoke only the secret language of the urban arts types or whether that could be translated into the more common tongue of hip pop culture. In any case, they had succeeded as artists, using existing elements in an unusual combination to create something new that still managed to be oddly familiar. And that made Talking Heads: 77 a landmark album.

- William Ruhlmann (All Music Guide)

## 12 - 22 Fear of Music, 1984, (4*)

By titling their third album, Fear of Music and opening it with the African rhythmic experiment "I Zimbra," complete with nonsense lyrics by poet Hugo Ball, Talking Heads made the record seem more of a departure than it was. Though Fear of Music was musically distinct from its predecessors, mostly because of the use of minor keys that gave the music a more ominous sound. Previously, David Byrne's offbeat observations had been set off by an overtly humorous tone; on Fear of Music, he was still odd, but no longer so funny. At the same time, however, the music had become even more compelling. Worked up from jams (though Byrne received sole songwriter's credit), the music was becoming denser and more driving, notably on the album's standout track, "Life During Wartime," with lyrics that matched the music's power. "This ain't no party," declared Byrne, "this ain't no disco, this ain't no fooling around." The other key song, "Heaven," extended the dismissal Byrne had expressed for the U.S. in "The Big Country" to paradise itself: "Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens." It was also the album's most melodic song. Those were the highlights. What kept Fear of Music from being as impressive an album as Talking Heads' first two was that much of it seemed to repeat those earlier efforts, while the few newer elements seemed so risky and exciting. It was an uneven, transitional album, though its better songs were as good as any Talking Heads ever did.

- William Ruhlmann (All Music Guide)

  Соисполнители :

Ari Up (Percussion, Conga)
Brian Eno (Synthesizer, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals)
Chris Frantz (Drums)
David Byrne (Guitar, Vocals)
Gene Wilder (Percussion, Conga)
Jerry Harrison (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals)
Julie Last (Vocals, Background Vocals)
Robert Fripp (Guitar)
Tina Weymouth (Bass, Vocals)

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Наименование трека



   1 Uh-Oh, Love Comes To Town     T       0:02:49 Byrne
   2 New Feeling     T       0:03:09 -"-
   3 Tentative Decisions     T       0:03:08 -"-
   4 Happy Day     T       0:03:55 -"-
   5 Who Is It?     T       0:01:44 -"-
   6 No Compassion     T       0:04:50 -"-
   7 The Book I Read     T       0:04:10 -"-
   8 Don't Worry About The Government     T       0:03:02 -"-
   9 First Week / Last Week ... Carefree     T       0:03:21 -"-
   10 Psycho Killer     T       0:04:21 Byrne / Frantz / Weymouth
   11 Pulled Up     T       0:04:31 Byrne
   12 I Zimbra     T       0:03:09 Ball / Byrne / Eno
   13 Mind     T       0:04:13 Byrne
   14 Paper     T       0:02:39 -"-
   15 Cities     T       0:04:10 -"-
   16 Life During Wartime     T       0:03:41 -"-
   17 Memories Can't Wait     T       0:03:30 -"-
   18 Air     T       0:03:34 -"-
   19 Heaven     T       0:04:01 Byrne / Harrison
   20 Animals     T       0:03:30 Byrne
   21 Electric Guitar     T       0:03:03 -"-
   22 Drugs     T       0:05:09 -"-


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