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  Исполнитель(и) :
   Buika, Concha  (Vocals)
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  Наименование CD :
   En Mi Piel: The Best Of Buika

Год издания : 2011

Компания звукозаписи : Warner Music

Музыкальный стиль : jazz

Время звучания : 1:12:46

Код CD : 2564665114

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Pop (Woman Voice)      

The first official compilation by the acclaimed flamenco fusion/jazz/soul vocalist from Palma de Mallorca, En Mi Piel: The Best of Buika collects highlights from the four excellent albums she recorded between 2005 and 2009. This generous two-CD set concentrates on her projects with producer Javier Limo'n, and while it does not feature any material from her rare 2000 debut Mestizu"o, it includes many tracks not available on her original albums. Among these are collaborations with Sean, Armando Manzanero, and the Iva'n Melo'n Lewis Quintet; her two superb contributions to Pedro Almodo'var's 2011 film La Piel Que Habito ("Por el Amor de Amar" and "Se Me Hizo Fa'cil"); and two previously unreleased tracks, "Sueno con Ella" and "Como Era."

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Concha Buika's African-Inspired Flamenco

- Jerome Socolovksy

November 12, 2008 - Concha Buika, a nominee for this year's Latin Grammy Album of the Year, is a black flamenco singer from Spain whose voice has been described as "sultry," "sonorous" and "achingly beautiful."

Buika's voice has been a sensation in Spain since her previous album, Mi Nina Lola, came out in 2005. Buika is part of a new generation of flamenco performers who are hooking young audiences by mixing in other influences.

The fusion of flamenco with jazz, soul and dance rhythms in Buika's music mirrors the story of her own life. Her father was a political exile from Equatorial Guinea, a former Spanish colony with one of the most repressive regimes in Africa. She grew up in Spain, on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, where the population includes American millionaires, German and English tourists, and poor Gypsies in the barrio where her family lived. But, she says, there was no one else of African origin.

"I was always the only black in the movie theater, the only black in class, the only black in the library, the only black in the discotheque," she says. "I always felt observed and judged."

In Mallorca, her family sang African tunes at home, and her mother had an entire wall filled with jazz records. Buika got her start as a performer singing at clubs on Mallorca and neighboring Ibiza, Europe's party island. Later she tried her luck in Las Vegas. She sang in casinos, as a Tina Turner look alike.

"Yeah, I was there, having fun for a while. It was strange," she says. "Las Vegas is a very strange place. It's a place of broken dreams."

Buika's latest album, La Nina de Fuego, is a collection of flamenco songs and Spanish and Mexican folk ballads. The songs are about women dealing with loneliness, infidelity and the consequences of falling in love with the wrong man - or woman. Buika's turbulent affairs with both sexes has only added to her allure in Spain.

"I sing against emotional dictatorships," she says, "and against the imposition of one person over another, in the name of love."


Buika was born in Palma de Mallorca in 1972 where her family, originally from Guinea Ecuatorial, live. She learnt from her mother to listen to the great voices of jazz, and from the Spanish radio, the copla that rushed into her life.

She started singing at bars & pubs in Mallorca, recording several songs (house style) and collaborated with La Fura del Baus in "Ombra". In 2000, she dosen't remember exactly how or why, she arrived to Las Vegas where she worked in Casinos as the double of Tina Turner and The Supremes where she got an invitation from Rachelle Ferrell, (a jazz mademoiselle) to act at Club Blue Note.

When she moved to Madrid and recorded her first album, in it, she showed the never-ending possibility of her skills as a singer. At the recording studio she kept her style besides the insistence of four producers that wanted to change her personal style.

With her second album "Mi Ni?a Lola", produced by Javier Lim?n, she got the credibility, the recognition and the awards (Best musical production and Best album of Spanish song in the Spanish Music Awards; an award from the German critic, etc ), big festivals and the exiting critics that ended up people leaving her concerts without breathe.

We can't resume her career in a sentence but when she opens her mouth you realise there is no singer like her.

Buika becomes, with her third album, a "Ni?a de Fuego" - "Fire little woman" and Javier Lim?n took control of production again. In this album, Buika goes back to the Spanish copla, touches for the first time ranchera (Mexican popular song) and some unknown songs composed by herself and Javier Lim?n. The album is full of love and overall lack of affection songs. Buika sings her personal experience in the lyrics that Javier Lim?n writes especially for her and also in her own lyrics composed in a lot of sleepless nights during last year's tour.

With her fourth album, Chucho Vald?s and Buika met in Abdala studio in Cuba and, and thanks again to Javier Lim?n, they recorded "El Ultimo Trago". The album pays homage to Chavela Vargas on her 90th anniversary, covering the repertoire that she has built during her entire career. "Las ciudades"; "Las simples cosas"; "Sombras"; "Luz de Luna", these are some of the songs that Chavela delivered at New York's Carnegie Hall, Buenos Aires' Luna Park, Paris' Olympia among others.

  Соисполнители :

Africa Gallego (Drums)
Bebo Valde's (Piano)
Blanca Barriga (Drums)
Chucho Valde's (Piano)
El General (Drums)
Horacio 'El Negro' Herna'ndez (Drums)
Ivan 'Melon' Lewis (Piano)
Ivette Falcon (Cello)
Jose Reinoso (Piano)
Lukmil Perez (Drums)
Marcus Brown (Organ, Piano)
Miguel Campello (Drums)
Pati Ballinas (Drums)
Steve Sidelnyk (Drums)
Toni Mangas (Drums)

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Наименование трека



   1 Por El Amor De Amar (from La Piel Que Habito)         0:02:41  
   2 Se Me Hizo Facil (from La Piel Que Habito)         0:04:05  
   3 Mi Nina Lola         0:04:28  
   4 Nostalgias         0:04:09  
   5 No Habra Nadie En El Mundo         0:03:51  
   6 Talk To Me         0:04:53  
   7 New Afro Spanish Generation         0:05:58  
   8 Sueno Con Ella         0:05:40  
   9 Jodida Pero Contenta         0:05:45  
   10 La Falsa Moneda         0:03:32  
   11 Como Era         0:04:31  
   12 Arboles De Agua         0:04:33  
   13 Volver         0:04:54  
   14 El Ultimo Trago         0:02:47 Featuring - Chucho Valdes
   15 Somos         0:04:10 -"-
   16 Volveras         0:06:49  


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