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  Наименование CD :
   The Rhythm Of The Saints

Год издания : 1990/2013

Компания звукозаписи : Legacy

Музыкальный стиль : Adult Contemporary, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Soft Rock

Время звучания : 1:01:57

Код CD : 88691912922-9

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Paul Simon Complete Albums Collection (2013)

CD No09 About box

Though he recorded the album's prominent percussion tracks in Brazil, Paul Simon fashioned The Rhythm of the Saints as a deliberate follow-up to the artistic breakthrough and commercial comeback that was the South Africa-tinged Graceland. Several of the musicians who had appeared previously were back, along with some of the New York session players who had worked with Simon in the 1970s, and the overall sound was familiar to fans of Graceland. Further, Simon's nonlinear lyrical approach was carried over: he continued to ruminate about love, aging, and the onslaught of modern life in disconnected phrases and images that created impressions rather than telling straightforward stories. But where Graceland had seamlessly merged its styles into an exuberant whole, The Rhythm of the Saints was less well digested. Those drum tracks never seemed integrated effectively into what had been dubbed over them; at the same time, they tended to lock the songs into musical patterns that reined them in from the kind of excitement the South African music on Graceland generated, making the melodies harder to grasp. At the same time, Simon sang his lyrics in a less involved way, which sometimes made them seem like collections of random lines rather than the series of striking observations Graceland seemed to contain. No Paul Simon album could be lacking in craft or quality, and The Rhythm of the Saints was a typically tasteful effort. But this time around, Simon hadn't quite succeeded in bringing the wide-ranging elements together; the album sold about half as many copies as Graceland (that is to say, a none-too-shabby two million), and that's about right - where Graceland was an exotic adventure, The Rhythm of the Saints was more of an anthropology lesson.

A 2011 reissue added four bonus tracks.

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  Соисполнители :

Adrian Belew (Synthesizer)
Alain Hatot (Saxophone)
Andre Manga (Bass)
Anthony Carrillo (Bongos)
Armand Sabal-Lecco (Bass)
Armandinho (Guitar)
Asante (Drums)
Bakithi Kumalo (Bass)
Beloba (Percussion)
Briz (Background Vocals)
C.J. Chenier (Accordion)
Canegal (Percussion)
Charles Doherty (Alt Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone)
Charlotte M'bango (Background Vocals)
Clifton Anderson (Trombone)
Clifton Chenier (Accordion)
Clyde Mitchell (Trumpet)
Dave Bargeron (Euphonium, Horn)
Don Chacal (Bata, Bongos, Conga)
Elolongue Mbango Catherine (Background Vocals)
Errol Ince (Trumpet)
Felix Sabal-Lecco (Drums)
Florence Gnimagnon (Background Vocals)
Francisco Aguabella (Conga)
George Seba (Electric Guitar)
Giovanni Hidalgo (Conga)
Greg Phillinganes (Keyboards, Synthesizer)
Grupo Cultural (Drums)
Hugh Masekela (Flugelhorn)
Isaak Asante (Percussion)
J.J. Cale (Guitar, Percussion)
Jacques Bolognesi (Trombone)
Jimmy McDonald (Accordion)
Jorge Ferreira Da Silva (Percussion)
Jude Bethel (Tenor Saxophone)
Justin Tchounou (Synthesizer)
Karen Bernod (Background Vocals)
Kia Jeffries (Background Vocals)
Kim Wilson (Harmonica)
Kofi Electrik (Guitar)
Ladysmith Black Mambazo (Background Vocals)
Martin Atangana (Electric Guitar)
Mazzola (Percussion)
Michael Brecker (Percussion, Saxophone, Synthesizer)
Milton Nascimento (Vocals)
Mingo Araujo (Bells, Conga, Cymbals, Drums, Percussion, Shakers, Triangle)
Myrna Lynn Gomila (Background Vocals)
Nana Vasconcelos (Conga, Percussion, Triangle, Vocals)
Paul Santos (Percussion)
Pedro Sorongo (Percussion)
Phillipe Slominski (Trumpet)
Randy Brecker (Synthesizer, Trumpet)
Raphael Rabello (Guitar)
Ray Phiri (Guitar)
Remi Kabaka (Percussion)
Remy Kabocka (Drums)
Ringo Starr (Guitar)
Sidinho Moreira (Bongos, Conga, Drums)
Steve Gadd (Drums)
Vincent Nguini (Bass, Clavinet, Guitar)
Wilson DasNeves (Percussion)

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Наименование трека



   1 The Obvious Child         0:04:10 Paul Simon
   2 Can't Run But     T       0:03:37 -"-
   3 The Coast         0:05:05 Vincent Nguini / Paul Simon
   4 Proof         0:04:40 Paul Simon
   5 Further To Fly     T       0:05:36 -"-
   6 She Moves On     T       0:05:04 -"-
   7 Born At The Right Time     T       0:03:48 -"-
   8 The Cool, Cool River     T       0:04:33 -"-
   9 Spirit Voices     T       0:03:56 Milton Nascimento / Paul Simon
   10 The Rhythm Of The Saints         0:04:21 Paul Simon
   11 Born At The Right Time (Original Acoustic Demo)         0:03:50 Bonus Track - Paul Simon
   12 Thelma (Outtake)         0:04:15 -"-
   13 The Coast (Work-in-Progress)         0:05:14 Bonus Track - Vincent Nguini / Paul Simon
   14 Spirit Voices (Work-in-Progress)         0:03:49 Bonus Track - Milton Nascimento / Paul Simon


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