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   One O'clock Jump

Год издания : 1956

Компания звукозаписи : Verve Forecast, (ru)

Музыкальный стиль : Vocal Jazz, Traditional Pop, Swing

Время звучания : 49:25

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Jazz (Woman Voice)      

Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Joe Wlliams

#1-10 are on original LP version

Included are Ella, Count Basie, and Joe Williams - selections from four sessions.

All Music Guide

========= from the cover ==========

One O'clock Jump

Although French critic Andre Hodeir - and some American writers -still believe that "jazz is a music of young people made by young people for young people," Count Basie and scores more continue to prove every day that the Hodeir Law is considerably oversimplified. It is true that jazz still makes a larger and quicker impact among the young, but the audiences at concerts and clubs in the past few years have also contained a growing number of informed listeners in their thirties and up. Basie, for one example, and Ella for another, attract audiences consistently that cannot be easily categorized as to age.

As for the players and singers aside from Basie, Ellington, Harry Carney, Coleman Hawkins, Roy Eldridge, Vic Dickenson, and Ella, there are many, many more jazzmen (and women) past thirty and forty and some past fifty who still have a great deal to say with power and unmistakable individuality. This is not to say that the vital newer influences do not come from the young, like Sonny Rollins, but it is to emphasize that in the music of veterans like Basie and Ella, there is a satisfying maturity of purpose and execution that is the goal, after all, of every young experimenter of each generation. Both the young and their elders are essential.

In "One O'clock Jump" *, the soloists a are Basie, Frank Wess, Benny Powell, Frank Foster, Joe Newman, Henry's Coker, and Basie again. Joe Newman is soloist in "Jamboree".

The final extended "Coast to Coast" was commissioned by Basie when the band was touring across the country with Billy Eckstine in 1953. It was Ernie Wilkins's first attempt at "something longer than the regular four-chord swinger". The idea for the opening "Rhapsody in Blue"-like clarinet flourish by Marshal Royal was Basie's. The soloists are Marshal Royal on alto; Wendell Culley, trumpet; Frank Wess, tenor; Basie and the rhythm section; Henry Coker, trombone; and Frank Foster, tenor. It is this last section - starting with the Basie interlude and the Coker solo - that Wilkins is fondest of. "The band keeps coming and building." And that, after all, is the identifying characteristic of this current Basie band - a charging, driving power that builds to an excitement that almost hits the listener with a physical force.

-Nat Hentoff

  Соисполнители :

Benny Powell (Trombone)
Bill Graham (Alt Saxophone)
Bill Hughes (Trombone)
Charlie Fowlkes (Baritone Saxophone)
Eddie Jones (Bass)
Frank Foster (Tenor Saxophone)
Frank Wess (Tenor Saxophone)
Freddie Green (Guitar)
Henry Coker (Trombone)
Joe Newman (Trumpet)
Marshall Royal (Clarinet)
Reunald Jones (Trumpet)
Sonny Payne (Drums)
Thad Jones (Trumpet)
Wendell Culley (Trumpet)

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Наименование трека



   1 Too Close For Comfort     T       0:03:05 Jerrold Bock / Lawrence Holofcener / George Weiss
   2 Smack Dad In The Middle         0:03:39 Charles Calhoun
   3 Amazing Love         0:03:31 Jeanne Burns
   4 Only Forever         0:03:37 James Monaco / Johnny Burke
   5 Don't Worry About Me         0:03:04 Rube Bloom / Ted Koehler
   6 Stop, Pretty Baby, Stop         0:03:07 Milton Lovett / Red Saunders / Leon Washington
   7 One O'clock Jump (1956)         0:04:32 William 'Count' Basie
   8 Jamdoree         0:02:00 Ernest Brooks 'Ernie' Eilkins
   9 I Don't Like You No More         0:02:41 Cirino Colocrai / Teddy Randazzo
   10 From Coast To Coast         0:08:44 Ernie Wilkins
   11 Too Close For Comfort     T       0:03:00 Altrnative Version
   12 One O'clock Jump (EP version)         0:02:27 EP Version
   13 One O'clock Jump (Alternate Track)         0:05:58 Alternative Take


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