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  Исполнитель(и) :
   Cale, J.J.  (Guitar, Vocals)
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  Наименование CD :
   Guitar Man. Troubadour

Год издания : 

Компания звукозаписи : Virgin, Mercury, (ru)

Музыкальный стиль : Blues-Rock

Время звучания : 1:14:48

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

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2 LP on 1 CD

Guitar Man 1996 Virgin (## 1-12)

J.J. Cale's albums usually sound interchangeable, and his twelfth release, Guitar Man, is no exception. Although he has recorded Guitar Man as a one-man band effort, it sounds remarkably relaxed and laidback, like it was made with a seasoned bar band. That doesn't mean there's much excitement on the album, but Cale's music has never been about excitement - it's more about laying back and letting the music flow. Of course, that approach results in remarkably uneven records, and Guitar Man is no exception. There's a handful of very good songs, but there's nothing on the level of his previous classics. It's just another pleasant J.J. Cale album, nothing more but nothing less, either.

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Troubadour 1976 Mercury (## 13-24)

Producer Audie Ashworth introduced some different instruments, notably vibes and what sound like horns (although none are credited), for a slightly altered sound here. But Cale's albums are so steeped in his introspective style that they become interchangeable. If you like one of them, chances are you'll want to have them all. This one is notable for introducing "Cocaine," which Eric Clapton covered on his Slowhand album a year later.

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  Соисполнители :

Audie Ashworth (Percussion, Producer)
Bill Boatman (Guitar)
Bill Pursell (Keyboards)
Bill Raffenspeger (Bass)
Billy Puett (Saxophone)
Bobby Wood (Keyboards)
Buddy Emmons (Guitar)
Buddy Harmon (Drums)
Charles Dungey (Bass)
Christine Lakeland (Guitar, Vocals)
Chuck Browning (Guitar, Drums)
Dennis Good (Trombone)
Don Tweedy (Keyboards)
Farrell Morris (Drums, Vocals)
Gordon Payne (Guitar)
Harold Bradley (Guitar)
James Cruce (Drums)
Jerry Allison (Percussion)
Jim Karstein (Drums)
Joe Osborne (Bass)
Karl Himmel (Drums)
Kenneth A. Buttrey (Drums)
Kenny Malone (Drums)
Reggie Young (Guitar)
Sonny Curtis (Composer)
Tommy Cogbill (Bass)

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Наименование трека



   1 Death In The Wilderness     T       0:04:59 Cale
   2 It's Hard To Tell     T       0:02:40 -"-
   3 Days Go By     T       0:03:27 -"-
   4 Low Down     T       0:02:48 -"-
   5 This Town     T       0:02:54 -"-
   6 Guitar Man     T       0:04:02 -"-
   7 If I Had A Rocket     T       0:03:02 -"-
   8 Perfect Woman     T       0:02:10 -"-
   9 Old Blue     T       0:02:42 Traditional
   10 Doctor Told Me     T       0:03:12 Cale
   11 Miss Ol' St. Louie     T       0:02:33 -"-
   12 Nobody Knows     T       0:03:52 -"-
   13 Hey Baby     T       0:03:13 -"-
   14 Travelin' Light     T       0:02:51 -"-
   15 You Got Something     T       0:04:01 -"-
   16 Ride Me High     T       0:03:35 -"-
   17 Hold On     T       0:01:59 -"-
   18 Cocaine     T       0:02:50 -"-
   19 I'm A Gypsy Man     T       0:02:43 Curtis
   20 The Woman That Got Away     T       0:02:53 Cale
   21 Super Blue     T       0:02:42 -"-
   22 Let Me Do It To You     T       0:03:00 -"-
   23 Cherry     T       0:03:22 -"-
   24 You Got Me On So Bad     T       0:03:18 -"-


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