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  Наименование CD :
   The Unza Unza Time

Год издания : 2000

Компания звукозаписи : Universal, (ru)

Время звучания : 1:03:55

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : World Music (Balkan)      

Kusturica Emir & The No Smoking Orchestra

produced by Vajislav Aralica

There is no place on earth with so many intertwined civilizations, armies and religions as in the Balkans. Over the centuries, scores of peoples crossed this region, leaving in their wake the indelible marks of their own cultures. Yet the music was there all along, even before diplomats, traders and surveyors set foot on this hilly land.

The music clung to the Balkan land, and remained there as an integral part of it even after the last soldier had withdrawn before the advancing army of a new encroaching power. There is no place on earth with a greater combination of differing melodies or lullabies as in the Balkans. Not even a nearly deaf ethnomusicologist happening to cross this land could fail to notice the coexistence of Arabian, Turkish, Russian, Greek, Spanish, German and Italian tunes, not to mention Indian influences on local Serbian, Romanian, Hungarian, Albanian, Bosnian and Macedonian music. And these influences are so inextricably intertwined that the same music that Romanians claim as their own is also claimed as theirs by Serbs, and so on. On the fertile Balkan lands bloomed flowers of all kinds and colours, and their powerful blooming escaped the control of priests, generals, kings, ministers and law-makers, the only gardener being the wild stream of emotions flowing through the centuries.

The Gypsies were those who planted the seed from East to West, from North to South, as if they were the most trusted carriers of all, with their horses, their tents and their genuine ways of life that coexisted peacefully with those of their neighbours. They were the ones who spread the music that had always accompanied them through their life - from childbirth to marriage to burial. The peoples inhabiting those regions where the Gypsies couldn't stop in their endless roaming inherited that music, with its tangle of tunes and rhythms that could be easily added to and moulded from the outside.

Just as a new flower bloomed from any seed that fell on the Balkan soil, so a new musical genre was born from the seed of rock music that was planted in the 20th century, following in the natural tradition of folk music.

The Unza Unza music is the product of sophisticated, state-of-the-art laboratories where attempts were being made at developing the atom bomb that was meant to protect the Balkan peoples' integrity and sovereignty. What came out of those labs instead was a music that claimed to be the most effective way of producing extra proteins - those fundamental substances that control the most basic function of any living being: love. The Unza Unza music is a bunch of different musical flowers from the Balkans, bound up in a single rhythm of two quarter notes that is called Unza Unza after the sound of its beat. But, beware: the word Unza must be repeated at least twice, as in Unza Unza. Only by uttering it twice can the production of extra proteins be possible and effective. The results of scientific tests conducted on blood samples taken from people who had seen Emir Kusturica's film Black Cat, Wild Cat - the first truly Unza Unza movie - have shown that when you listen to this music, the production of extra proteins is increased 7-fold, compared to when you eat, say, a lemon, honey, nuts or garlic, 8.4-fold compared to when you make love, or even 11-fold compared to when you make use of cocaine or other powerful drugs.

In their desire to help make it easier for humankind to produce extra proteins, scientists have declared the No Smoking band as the first band truly representative of Unza Unza music and have agreed to recruit them as the greatest generator of extra proteins.

If you want to help yourself or your loved ones, you should play the band's CD every day and repeat to yourself the Unza Unza syntagma, for this is the best way to produce extra proteins. Your perseverance will be rewarded.

Through their research work, scientists have discovered that you need to dance to the rhythm of this music if you want to improve your production of extra proteins and discover the only truth that matters: "The dance is sex".

"Теперь понятно, почему кинорежиссер Кустурица решил отказаться от дальнейших услуг им же самим найденного и прославленного Бреговича - у самого Кустурицы получается лучше! Причем намного. Оба играют на одном "балканско-цыганско-славянском" поле, но делают это очень по-разному. Если Брегович педалирует национальный пафос и выжимает слезу..., то оркестр Кустурицы играет бесшабашно-веселую и, в общем-то, довольно космополитичную музыку, в которой всяческая "балканщина" смешана в равных пропорциях с рок-н-роллом и блюзом. Сделано всё это легко, с юмором, безумным драйвом и способно вставить всех - от любителей надрывной цыганщины и Тома Уэйтса до поклонников Pogues и группы "Два самолёта". Несомненно, один из лучших международных дебютов 2000 года". - А.К. Троицкий

  Соисполнители :

Alexander The Great Balaban (Tuba)
Bokan Stankovic (Trumpet)
Dejan Spravalo (Violin)
Glava 'The Head' Markovski (Bass)
Her Dralle Draugentaller (Keyboards)
Nanad Gajin Goce (Guitar)
Nasho 'Blackbird' Petrovic (Saxophone)
Nelle Dr. Karajic (Vocals)
Stribor Kusturica (Drums, Percussion)
Vojislav Aralica (Keyboards, Percussion)
Zaklin Pula (Cymbals)
Zoki Miloshevic (Accordion)
Zoran Marjanovic Cheda (Percussion)

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Наименование трека



   1 Unza Unza Time         0:04:42  
   2 Djindji Rindji Bubamara         0:05:01  
   3 Lubenica         0:05:51  
   4 Prnavor         0:03:37  
   5 Pitbull Terrier         0:04:05  
   6 Was Romeo Really A Jerk         0:04:11  
   7 Drag Nach Osten         0:04:48  
   8 Corfu         0:02:35  
   9 Upside Down         0:04:10  
   10 Sanela         0:05:39  
   11 Devil In The Business Class         0:03:45  
   12 Gruss Gott Trauer         0:04:05  
   13 Emir's Dream         0:00:42  
   14 Imao Sam Bjelog Konja         0:04:40  
   15 Some Other Man         0:01:48  
   16 Furja Djildje         0:04:14  


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