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   Sentimental Journey

Год издания : 1945/1995

Компания звукозаписи : Charly Budget, Galactic, (ru)

Музыкальный стиль : Traditional Pop, Swing

Время звучания : 2:08:31

К-во CD : 2

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CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Pop (Woman Voice)      

Doris Day with Les Brown and his Orchestra

songs 1941, 1945 and 1946 years

All Music Guide

========= from the cover ==========

Les Brown regarded Doris Day as the ideal singer for his band. Metronome's George Simon summed up her appeal in a review of their Arcadia Ballroom and Glen Island Casino performances during the fall of 1940. "And there's Doris Day, who for combined looks and voice has no apparent equal: she's pretty and fresh looking, handles herself with unusual grace, and what's most important of all, sings with much natural feeling and in tune! She is the ice-cream-soda girl for the icecream-soda band."

Les Brown was born in Reinerton, Pennsylvania on March 24, 1912 into a musical family. His father led a popular local dance band and made sure that his three sons received musical training at an early age. Les' brothers Warren and Stumpy both followed their father and took up the trombone, they both became long time members of Les' band. Les studied harmony, arranging and composing at Ithaca College and the New York Military Academy, where he also took up the clarinet and the saxes. In 1932 he entered Duke University at Durham, North Carolina, where he organised a dance band known as the Duke Blue Devils. This band left Duke University in 1936 as a complete unit to spend the summer at Budd Lake in New Jersey The Duke Blue Devils also made some Goodman-style recordings for Decca. The band broke up in 1937. When the boys decided to go back to Duke, Les stayed behind in New York and became a freelance arranger for the bands of Larry Clinton, Isham Jones, Ruby Newman and Don Bestor.

In 1938 Les formed a new band to play a three month engagement in the Green Room of New York's Edison hotel and signed a recording contract with Victor's subsidiary Bluebird label. The band slowly started to show promise. A good part of 1940 was spent at New York's Arcadia Ballroom and at the New York World's Fair dancing campus. The band now really came into its own. It's ranks now boasted the excellent tenor saxophonist Wolfie Tannenbaum and the brilliant lead-alto Steve Madrick. During the summer of 1940, Les lured away a very attractive seventeen-year-old ex-dancer from Cincinnati from the Bob Crosby band, Doris Day. Doris Mary Anne von Kappelhof was born on April 3, 1924 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She originally trained as a dancer, until a car accident shattered her leg. She then started singing lessons with Grace Raine, a vocal coach in Cincinnati, which led to radio work on local WLW, where she was heard by bandleader Barney Rapp, who hired the fifteen year old, and suggested a new professional name : Doris Day.

In 1939, she was discovered by the Bob Crosby band and she landed the prestigious job as featured female vocalist with the popular Crosby band. Her stint with the Crosby band lasted for three months, one report had it that a member of the band had made some pretty serious passes at the very young lady, which frightened her so much that she gave in her notice, while another story says that Doris became disenchanted because another singer named Bonnie King handled the vocal duties on Crosby's radio broadcasts. In any event Les Brown heard Doris with the Bob Crosby band at the Strand Theatre on Broadway, was immediately impressed and offered her the job as featured vocalist with his band. Doris accepted and joined the band in August 1940 making her public debut at Mike Todd's Theatre Cafe in Chicago. Doris was very happy in the Les Brown band and twenty five years later she told George Simon, "I was awfully lucky working with Les. The boys were so great. They softened things up for me when everything could have disillusioned and soured me". Doris' initial stay with the band lasted less than a year, during which she recorded fifteen sides that were released on the Okeh label, a subsidiary of Columbia to whom Les Brown was now signed. None of these recordings were hits, as the Les Brown band was still trying to find its own identity and rapport with the audiences. By the summer of 1941, the band had really found itself and scored its first real hit Joltin' Joe Di Maggio; by then Doris had left to marry trombonist Al Jorden to be replaced by the even younger Betty Bonney.

Doris' marriage to Al Jorden was an unhappy one, but she was blessed with a son, Terry in 1942. After her divorce she returned to Cincinnati and radio - WLW. In the meantime Les Brown had been calling Doris, for him she remained the ideal girl singer and he wanted her back. A series of Coca Cola radio shows which were broadcast from Army camps all over the country, brought the Brown band to Dayton, Ohio. It was here that Les called her one more time. Les recalls, "We were in Dayton, Ohio, and I told her that's as close as we'd be coming to Cincinnati, where she was living. 'So how about it?', I asked her. And when she couldn't quite seem to make up her mind because of her kid, I told her the band would send her son and her mother ahead to the Pennsylvania Hotel, where we were going to open in a few days, and fix them up there and everything if she'd join us right away in Ohio. That's when she agreed to come back". Doris' return marked the beginning of the greatest years of their association. This time around there were two number one hits: My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time and the million seller Sentimental Journey. On top of that there were the following 10 chart hits all included in this package. 'T ain't Me, Till The End Of Time, Aren't You Glad You're You?, Come To Baby-Do, You Won't Be Satisfied (Until You Break My Heart), Day By Day, I Got The Sun In The Morning, The Whole World Is Singing My Song, Sooner Or Later and her lovely version of The Christmas Song.

Late in 1946 Doris left the band for good when she married alto-saxophonist George Weidler an ex-member of the Les Brown sax-section. A couple of weeks later in December 1946, Les folded his band, but not for long, as he had overlooked a March booking at Hollywood's Palladium, which the management insisted be fulfilled. Then came I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm another million seller, that had laid unissued in the Columbia vaults for over two years. This year we celebrate Les Brown's 60 years as a leader and purveyor of the classiest, swinging dance music.

Doris Day's contributions to the Les Brown band catapulted the band into international popularity, while it gave her an early professional grooming for a solo and film career that would transform her into one of the biggest stars of this century.

- Joop Visser

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Наименование трека



   1 01 Lets Be Buddies         0:03:06 1940 - Porter
   1 02 Three At A Table For Two         0:02:49 1947 - Johnson / Cottler
   1 03 Dig It     T       0:03:18 'I Ain't Hep To That But I'll' 1940 - Mercer / Borne
   1 04 While The Music Plays On         0:03:06 1940 - Mills / Hen / Heim
   1 05 Between Friends         0:03:06 1941 - Straeter / Miller / Lerner
   1 06 Broom Street         0:03:07 1941 - Vance / Myrow / Ram
   1 07 Barbara Allen         0:02:52 1941 - Traddarr / Ben Homer
   1 08 Amapola         0:03:12 1941 - Gamse / Localle
   1 09 Easy As Pie         0:03:14 1941 - Gannon / Brown
   1 10 Booglie Wooglie Piggy         0:03:01 1941 - Jacobs
   1 11 Celery Stalks At Midnight         0:03:00 1941 - Sigman / Harris / Bradley
   1 12 Beau Night In Hotchkiss Corners         0:03:24 1940 - Magidson / Oakland
   1 13 Alexander The Swoose         0:03:07 'Half Swan - Half Goose' 1941 - Forrest / Keller / Burrs / Furlett
   1 14 Keep Cool, Fool         0:02:55 1941 - Johnson / Myrow
   1 15 Made Up My Mind         0:03:08 1941- Erans / Mann
   1 16 Sentimental Journey     T       0:03:11 1945 - Brown / Green / Homer
   1 17 My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time         0:03:19 1945 - Curtis / Mizzy
   1 18 He's Home Fora Little While         0:03:12 1945 - Goell / Shapiro
   1 19 Taint Me         0:03:17 1945 - Palmer / Davis
   1 20 I'll Always Be With You         0:03:05 1945 - Goetschius / Osser
   2 01 Till The End Of Time     T       0:03:01 1945 - Kaye / Mossman
   2 02 He'll Have To Cross The Atlantic         0:03:04 'To Get To The Pacific' 1945 - Cahn / Styne
   2 03 I'd Rather Be With You         0:03:13 1945 - Alfred / Comstock
   2 04 Aren't You Glad You're You?         0:03:04 1945 - Burke / Vanheusen
   2 05 The Last Time I Saw You         0:03:27 1945 - Goetschius / Osser
   2 06 Come To Baby, Do!         0:03:05 1945 - Miller / James
   2 07 You Won't Be Satiafied         0:03:05 'Until You Break My Heart' 1945 - Powell / Stock
   2 08 A Red Kiss On A Blue Letter         0:03:09 1945 - Evans / Genger / Lang
   2 09 We'll Be Together Again     T       0:03:19 1945 - Carl Fisher / Frankie Laine
   2 10 Day By Day         0:03:07 1946 - Paul Weston / Sammy Cahn / Alex Stordahl
   2 11 In The Moon Mist         0:03:08 1946 - Lawrence
   2 12 There's Good Blues Tonight         0:03:08 'Oh Yes, There's Good Blues Tonight' 1946 - Osser / Osser
   2 13 All Through The Day         0:03:17 1946 - Hammerstein / Kern
   2 14 The Deevil, Devil, Devil         0:03:11 1946 - Russell / Sigman / Kaydan
   2 15 I Got The Sun In The Morning         0:02:34 1946 - Berlin
   2 16 The Whole World Is Singing My Song         0:03:16 1946 - Cortis / Mizzy
   2 17 Sooner Or Later         0:03:13 1946 - Wolcott / Gilbert
   2 18 My Number One Dream Come True         0:02:58 1946 - Green / Brown
   2 19 You Should Have Told Me         0:03:17 1946 - Evans / Bellin / Barnes
   2 20 It Could Happen To You     T       0:03:20 1946 - Jimmy Van Heusen / Johnny Burte
   2 21 The Christmas Song         0:03:04 1946 - Mel Torme / Robert Wells


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