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  Наименование CD :
   Plug Me In. High Voltage

Год издания : 1999

Компания звукозаписи : Atlantic, (ru)

Музыкальный стиль : Hard Bop, Soul-Jazz

Время звучания : 59:41

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Jazz (Saxophone - Bop)      

2 LP on 1 CD

"Plug Me In" - 1968 Eddie Harris & his electric saxophone

One of Eddie Harris's more underrated sessions, this out-of-print Atlantic album finds Harris creatively playing his electrified tenor on a wide variety of tunes, some of which utilize rock/funk rhythms of the period. Although his supporting cast includes such fine players as baritonist Haywood Henry, trumpeter Jimmy Owens and pianist Jodie Christian, the focus throughout is on Harris's distinctive playing. Highlights include "Live Right Now," "It's Crazy" and "Theme in Search of a T.V. Commercial." The only real fault to this enjoyable set is that the playing time is under 27 minutes.

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"High Voltage" - 1969 Recorded live at the village gate in New York and at Shelly's Manne - Hole in Hollywood Recorded live at Shelly's Manne Hole in Hollywood and the Village Gate in New York City, Eddie Harris is caught on LP near the peak of his popularity peddling his electric funk thing with his regular quartet - Jodie Christian (piano), Melvin Jackson (bass) and Billy Hart (drums). His flair for drama shows in the pounding opening cut "Movin' on Out" where he builds the tension with an escalating series of murky cascades on his Echoplexed electric sax. He can also be playful with the electronics on the repetitively lovely "Children's Song" (which, though credited to Harris, is actually a South African tune called "Mangwene Mpulele," previously covered by Harry Belafonte). And then, when you least expect it, Eddie turns around and adopts a husky Coleman Hawkins-like tenor stance on the retro ballad "Is There a Place for Us." Fascinating music, and a jazz radio staple in its time.

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========= from the cover ==========

Eddie Harris - Plug me In

This is Eddie Harris... all the way. Once you've heard him, there is no mistaking the style. It can be pulsating... or serene and tender. Harris, with complete ease, can soar from his lower register to fantastic heights to capture a necessary effect. It was such a joy listening to this album over a quiet weekend, I don't know how many times I replayed each side, but, I found myself never tiring of listening to every selection. The material, obviously, was thoughtfully chosen. Each cut offers a different facet of this gifted artist.

His previous release, "The Electrifying. Eddie Harris," brought into complete focus his ability to adapt to the amplified sax. Rather than a mechanical effect, Harris1 complete control adds warmth and color to an instrument that, handled otherwise, could sound like a kazoo. The wide public acceptance of the previous album demonstrates that an electronically aided instrument, when placed with a talent such as Eddie Harris, can find a proper niche in today's ever evolving music.

Live Right Now, the first cut, gets off to an infectious boogaloo setting, followed by a soft, sonorous blues refrain'. The selection builds with complete freedom.- Notice how Harris will punctuate the air on the off-beat with a high "peck." It reminded me of a blue's singer's way of weaving around a half-note ... a note that, perhaps, is not really there, but, he creates it.

It's Crazy finds Harris working in the upper register with the musicians urging him on. Before this one is over you'll find yourself really moving. The persistent drive of this cut again demonstrates this man's flexibility and energy.

Cut three is just what the title, Ballad (For My Love), indicates. A bluesy-ballad. Harris gets so much emotion into his solo on this one. He conveys a certain nostalgia and the bitter feeling that comes from unrequited love. The melody could easily inspire a lyric. Play this one over soft candlelight or, in the winter, before a log-filled fireplace.

The second side opens with lovely Is Today. At first you get the impression that this is going to be a calypso, but after a moment you realize this is Eddie Harris in still another mood. The changes are as colorful as a rainbow at sunset. The orchestra, though dominant, compliments , rather than overshadows this reeling endeavor. This is another one the more you play, the more enjoyable it becomes.

The Theme In Search Of A TV. Commercial gets off to a fine rock-jazz beat introducing Harris in a reflective mood. Here, again, he demonstrates his unique ability to pursue a melodic line and still, through improvisation, take you down many side paths where the scenery is breathtaking.

Throughout Winter Meeting I found myself unconsciously snapping my fingers and tapping my toes. It just swings. When good friends get together for those "happy hours" be sure this one is spinning. In fact, why not just put this one on automatic play. You won't find better listening.

-Bill Cerri

Eddie Harris - High Voltage

Since the success of Listen Here, Eddie Harris has been working quite steadily in concert appearances and club dates around the country. Eddie has been amazing crowds with his bag of musical tricks on the plain old tenor and with his electronic equipment. Eddie can turn an audience inside out. He, as well as those of us at Atlantic Records, have been deluged with requests for a "live" album; here it is. Recorded at New York's famed Village Gate and at Shelly Mann's Hole in Hollywood, Eddie and his qua-tet have captured on tape the excitement for which he is famous.

One of the amazing things about Eddie Harris' live performance, is that he can get the same effects in person that he does on record. He carries all of his electronic equipment with him and listeners are never disappointed at the disparity between studio sound and "in person" sound.

Naturally, included in the LP is the live version of Eddie's big hit Listen Here. There is also a live, and a different version of the lovely Ballad (For My Love). On record for the first time are four new Eddie Harris compositions. Movin' On Out Is in the tradition of Listen Here but with a little Latin emphasis rhythmically. The Funky Doo pre-dates Listen Here as a composition but this is the first recording of the tune. There is also the, nostalgic harkening back to the big-toned tenor days of the thirties with Is There A Place For Us, Eddie's tribute to Ben Webster, Coleman Hawkins, etc. Finally, there is, to me, the highlight of the album, a tune called The Children's Song. This haunting theme is a combination of African and West Indian music filtered through the Chicago soul of Mr. Harris.

It is a pleasure working with Eddie in the production of his LPs. It is an even greater pleasure having the albums to listen to because Eddie is a consummate artist.

-Joel Dorn

  Соисполнители :

Garnett Brown (Trombone)
Grady Tate (Drums)
Henry Haywood (Baritone Saxophone)
Jimmy Owens (Trumpet)
Jodie Christian (Piano)
Joe Newman (Trumpet)
Melvin Jackson (Bass)
Melvin Lastie (Trumpet)
Richard Smith (Drums)
Tom McIntosh (Trombone)

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Наименование трека



   1 Live Right Now         0:07:02 LP - Plug Me In - Harris
   2 It's Crazy         0:03:15 Harris
   3 Ballade         0:03:23 'For My Love' - Harris
   4 Lovely Is Today         0:04:28 Harris
   5 Theme In Search Of A T.V. Commercial         0:04:11 Stepney
   6 Winter Meeting         0:04:52 -"-
   7 Movin' On Out         0:06:12 LP - High Voltage - Harris
   8 Funky Doo         0:08:11 Harris
   9 Children's Song         0:03:27 -"-
   10 Ballade         0:04:58 'For My Love' - Harris
   11 Is There A Place For Us         0:05:57 Harris
   12 Listen Here         0:03:46 -"-


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