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  Наименование CD :
   The Bill Evans Trio Faturing Stann Getz But Beautiful

Год издания : 1974/1995

Компания звукозаписи : Milestone, Galactic, (ru)

Музыкальный стиль : Modal Music, Post-Bop, Ballads

Время звучания : 1:09:46

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Jazz (Small Orchestra - Smooth)      

Recorded august 1974

Mixed and edited october 1995

Produced by Helen Keane

Pianist Bill Evans and tenor-saxophonist Stan Getz only recorded in the studio together on one occasion, making these previously unreleased concert performances (issued for the first time in 1996) quite valuable. Evans (due to a misunderstanding) sits out on much of "Stan's Blues," and there are two trio features without the tenor but otherwise the other seven numbers match Getz with Evans, bassist Eddie Gomez, and drummer Marty Morell. Although released under the pianist's name, this CD is very much Stan Getz's show and his beautiful tone sounds quite exquisite on "But Beautiful," "Emily," "The Peacocks," and the swinging "You and the Night and the Music." This historic and somewhat unique release has many enjoyable moments.

All Music Guide

========= from the cover ==========

Musically Bill Evans and Stan Getz seldom crossed paths. I don't know when they first met or even how well they knew each other. My first experience with Bill and Stan together was during a May 1964 Verve record date for Creed Taylor. The date didn't go well and we unanimously agreed that the session shouldn't be released. Sometime later, when both Stan and Bill were re-signing with Verve, they had it put in their contracts that the company would never release the record. Unfortunately, Verve issued the session, Stan Getz & Bill Evans, in 1973.

Stan and Bill didn't play together again until the Laren and Middelheim concerts in 1974. Aside from the Verve date, this live performance is the only recording of Bill and Stan together, and for fans of both musicians, it will prove to be a masterpiece. However, I feel it's important that I explain why Bill is not playing on most of "Stan's Blues."

Since Bill and Stan hadn't worked together very often, they called a rehearsal on the day of the performance in Laren. They rehearsed for about three hours. The format for the evening was that the trio would perform for about 40 minutes, then Stan would join the group as Bill's special guest. Stan Getz was a very unpredictable guy and sometimes he could be a very bad boy. After the trio finished their set, Stan was announced. As he entered the stage, he called a tune they hadn't rehearsed. I was watching the performance on a television monitor in the audio truck and saw the angry expression on Bill's face as Stan began to play the unrehearsed "Stan's Blues." Bill played a little on the melody chorus, then took his hands off the keyboard and didn't play for the rest of the tune. As soon as he got Eddie Gomez's eye, Bill shook his head, meaning "don't take a solo." That explains why there's no piano on "Stan's Blues." Bill was a gentle person, but very strong. Although he always worked well with other musicians, obviously Stan's behavior really affected him.

Stan may have had a demon in him from time to time, but he also had the ability to be charming. You would be ready to wring his neck one minute, and the next minute you thought he was really wonderful, At the later performance in Belgium, after the group played "The Peacocks," Stan warmly wished Bill a happy birthday and played an impromptu "Happy Birthday" together with a few bars of "I'll Be Loving You Always" as a segue into "You and the Night and the Music." There is obviously no way of proving it, but knowing Stan as I did, I believe that his wishing Bill a happy birthday in Belgium was his way of apologizing for what happened in Holland. I think Bill was very touched by Stan's birthday wish before an audience of seven thousand people.

In addition to the eight quartet tunes, I have included two trio tunes ("See-Saw" and "The Two Lonely People") from the performance in Laren. Bill rarely recorded either tune, and this performance by the trio was particularly outstanding.

In closing, it's important to note that it took a long time to get the various clearances necessary to release this recording. And I couldn't be more pleased to finally be able to make this stunning performance available to the many fans of Bill and Stan.

- Helen Keane, 1995

  Соисполнители :

Eddie Gomez (Bass)
Marty Morell (Drums)

№ п/п

Наименование трека



   1 Grandfather's Waltz         0:08:05 Lasse Farnlof
   2 Stan's Blues         0:05:49 Stan Getz
   3 But Beautiful          0:05:44 Burke - Van Heusen
   4 Emily         0:05:40 Johny Mandel / Mercer
   5 Lover Man          0:08:03 Davis / Ramirez / Sherman
   6 Funkallero         0:06:36 Bill Evans
   7 The Peacocks         0:07:16 Jimmy Rowles
   8 You And The Night And The Music         0:07:38 Arthur Schwartz / Howard Dietz
   9 See - Saw         0:06:43 Cy Colleman
   10 The Two Lonely People         0:08:12 Evans / Hall


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