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  Исполнитель(и) :
   Phasisi  (Ensemble)
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  Наименование CD :
   Georgian Folk Songs

Год издания : 1982/1999

Компания звукозаписи : (ru)

Время звучания : 1:00:09

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : World Music (Georgia)      

Songs from Georgia

========= from the cover ==========


Folklor group Phazisi was foundated twenty five yars ago. Phazisi is the group with high class professionals. It continues cultural traditions of Georgian folklor songs. During the years it prooved its uniqures. Phazisi from the begining brought attention of spesialists and andience for its unique hand. That is why its recognition and respect is'notgroundless. The group has done great work and efforts for the Georgian folklor musical culture. Songs performed by the group are the part of the Golden Fund of Georgian music.

The group has recorded and released giga plate in 1982 and 1987-album. In Rotterdam 1999 group released two CD one of wich contains Georgian church pray and traditional songs. Phazisi actively performs in concerts. It has visited a lot of Asian, European and American countries.

For more than twenty years the male folklore choir Phazisi has been in sendee of the treasury of Georgian cultural heritage - musical folklore, and is widely acclaimed as one of the best-performers. It seems that fate has made a choice in selecting the singers of the choir - all ten of them - to implement this challenging and strenuous task. Their first encounter with these unique gems of Georgian culture dates back to the time of their childhood. That was followed by aspiring years of their youth and participation in the University groups and choirs. It was their mutual love and obsession with songs, which after graduation united them in Phazisi, founded and supported by the Academy of Sciences. It did not take long for the group of amateurs to transform - and perfect themselves into a top-level choir with sound skills and manner of performing. It did not also take them long, either, to attract attention of the general public and professionals to their very distinctive personal style. During all these years the members of Phazisi succeeded in finding and restoring beauty of long-forgotten melodies. Their spectators and listeners are grateful for the new life of some songs, lost in time and oblivion - and their rare versions too - hardly familiar to anyone in the countiy. The service record of Phazisi concerts is rather rich and apart from Georgia covers also various countries like England, Italy, Russia, France, Austria, Mexico, Norway, Hungaiy, Syria and so forth. All these countries witnessed and increased the appreciation and well-deserved fame of Georgian folk music. Quite a few international festivals (Sweden, Norway, Russia, Switzerland) proclaimed Phazisi the best among other excellent choirs. During all these years the various papers and magazines in various countries incessantly published their praise of their professional level and artistic style of singing. The same could be said about the TV and Radio. Single and double record albums, published by Melodia Recording Studio, immediately became popular among music lovers and earned their distinguished place in private collections, and consequently, won their esteemed place among the stars of Georgian music.

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Наименование трека



   1 Namgluri         0:02:58  
   2 Imeruli Mkhedruli         0:01:44  
   3 Ganego Asdzlo         0:01:57  
   4 Dadianuri Modzskhili         0:02:36  
   5 Makha         0:02:55  
   6 Mravaljamieri         0:01:42  
   7 La Patonephi         0:03:15  
   8 Turfani Skhedan         0:03:34  
   9 Khemkhvaia         0:02:16  
   10 Makruli         0:02:41  
   11 Suliko         0:02:55  
   12 Tamar Qalo         0:03:17  
   13 Maphshalia         0:03:22  
   14 Doluri         0:01:30  
   15 Mkis Simgera         0:03:18  
   16 Lechkhumuri Makruli         0:02:05  
   17 Movedit Da Takvani Vscet         0:02:27  
   18 Odoya         0:03:40  
   19 Svanuri Pherkhuli         0:02:58  
   20 Shen Gigalob         0:02:17  
   21 Khreituli Naduri         0:03:10  
   22 Zamtari         0:03:34  


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