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   Portrait Of Jaco

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Компания звукозаписи : King Records (Japan), (ru)

Время звучания : 52:55

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CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Jazz (Small Orchestra - Bop)      

========= from the cover ==========

1. Portrait Of Tracy

This is the bass solo song that Jaco played as his debut piece. Bassists all over the world have admired this song that is full of revolutional ideas, and in which harmonic playing is used to entirely. With the new movement that this kind of song can be composed for the bass, the degree of its playing highly sofisticated has become a point of discussion. Brian's idea to try this song with a wood bass was great. The harmonics in the introduction also work well. There is a strong sense that the solo song has been made attractive with harmonics, percussion and live strings.

2. Continuum

This is also from the debut album. Jaco often used to play this song at his live shows throughout his lifetime. The original version starts with the theme from the beginning, but Jaco also often inserted the introduction at live shows. Brian has also composed an emotional introduction and then moved on to the theme. Creating the melodies using a fretless bass, the background music with a wood bass and the melodies and adiibs by piccolo bass is a cool fusion of the three basses. A phrase from "The Sound Of Musio" that Jaco loved, makes me grin.

3. Teen Town (bass version)

This is one of the popular songs that Jaco composed that became a classic for Weather Report on "Heavy Weather" (1977). Many bassists have played this song but Brian's approach here is really fresh. Playing back and forth between the wood and electric basses, and particularly the touch of the differences in tempo, fuses with the space, including the timbre, and the result is marvelous. The way the horn section joins in is also very attractive as all the sounds interweave.

4. A Remark You Made

This is a ballad song included in the previously mentioned, "Heavy Weather". Joe Zawinul (kyd) composed it with Jaco's bass solo in mind, and it has become very popular as one of Jaco's outstanding performances. The solo by a wood bass really makes us feel the sound that Jaco was aiming at, and it gives the melodies life and lyricism. The participation of Jaco's friends Bob Mintzer (sax) and Alex Acuna (perc) who played in the original version of this song is also impressive.

5. Three Views Of A Secret

This is a famous Jaco song that was released on, "Night Passage" by Weather Report (1980) and on Jaco's second album, "Word Of Mouth" (1981). Jaco often performed this song in live shows, and many musicians also cover it. Joe Zawinul also gives it high praise when he says that it is a famous song that will become a classic. The fusion of wood and fretless basses is also interesting here, and Bob Mintzer's solo is also excellent in a way that only mature players can perform.

6. Tears

This is a beautiful, original song that Brian has offered to Jaco. Using wood, fretless, acoustic and piccolo basses and nylon strings, digesting Jaco and various influences, and doing his own work, blending his original approach with his personal sense of beauty, this lets us feel what Brian likes. This is a positive song that turns the inspiration received from Jaco into a real tribute.

7. Slang

This is Jaco's bass solo that was in Weather Report's live album, "8:30" (1979). Jaco liked the rock guitar revolutionary, Jimi Hendrix, and he often inserted part of Hendrix's, "Third Stone From The Sun" in his bass solos. Jaco's bass solos using delay machines are legendary, and Brian also performs here using one. His electric bass playing on this song is really great. Everything is just amazing! It has everything about basses.

8. Come On, Come Over

This is a unique vocal song that was on the debut album. It is like Jaco, who was an R&B freak, and the original was sung by the popular R&B duo, Sam & Dave. In this song, Bill Champlin (formerly in Chicago) and Bobby Kimball (formerly in TOTO) let us hear some groovy vocals. R&B type bass like this was also one of Jaco's favorites, and Brian makes this song funky in a cool way using a five string bass.

9. The Chicken

The original song is by sax player A.J. Ellis, from The James Brown (soul singer) Band. Jaco had liked this song since his boyhood, and he always played it in his live shows. Without our realizing it, this has become one of Jaco's classics, and the groovy bass line has become famous. Brian challenges this funky song using a wood bass. This song also holds deep memories for Bob Mintzer, who was a regular in Jaco's band.

10. Teen Town (piccolo bass version)

The third track, for the piccolo bass version, the sound like a guitar in the last half of this track is the sound of a piccolo bass. When I listened to the piccolo bass in Brian's old piece, "You Know That Feeling" (1998) I was surprised. It is important to remember the way Brian searches for unique bass sounds when we talk about his music.

This Jaco tribute by Brian is a soulful piece through which a new spirit has been blown into the wonderful inheritance that Jaco left. Jaco created many wonderful melodies like these, and the harmonies supporting the melodies are not ordinary at all, just like his bass playing. They were completely different from anything else! To say it in a single word, that was "Jaco".

-Yoshio Matsushita

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Наименование трека



   1 Portrait Of Tracy         0:02:56 J. Pastorius
   2 Continuum         0:07:40 -"-
   3 Teen Town         0:04:53 Acoustic Bass Version - J. Pastorius
   4 A Remark You Made         0:06:58 J. Zawinul
   5 Three Views Of A Secret         0:06:13 J. Pastorius
   6 Tears     T       0:06:02 B. Bromberg
   7 Slang         0:04:45 J. Pastorius
   8 Come On, Come Over         0:04:48 B. Herzog / J. Pastorius
   9 The Chicken         0:03:46 A. J. Ellis
   10 Teen Town         0:04:53 Piccolo Bass Version - J. Pastorius


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