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  Наименование CD :
   Rastaman Vibration. Exodus

Год издания : 1976/1977

Компания звукозаписи : Tuff Gong, (ru)

Музыкальный стиль : Roots Reggae

Время звучания : 1:12:24

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Rock (Reggae)      

2 LP on 1 CD

## 1-10 'Rastaman Vibration' 1976 (4*) Tuff Gong

For Bob Marley, 1975 was a triumphant year. The singer's Natty Dread album featured one of his strongest batches of original material (the first compiled after the departure of Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer) and delivered Top 40 hit "No Woman No Cry." The follow-up Live set, a document of Marley's appearance at London's Lyceum, found the singer conquering England as well. Upon completing the tour, Marley and his band returned to Jamaica, laying down the tracks for Rastaman Vibration (1976) at legendary studios run by Harry Johnson and Joe Gibbs. At the mixing board for the sessions were Sylvan Morris and Errol Thompson, Jamaican engineers of the highest caliber. Though none of these cuts would show up on Legend, Marley's massively popular, posthumous best-of, some of the finest reality numbers would surface on the compilation's more militant equivalent, 1986's Rebel Music set. "War," for one, remains one of the most stunning statements of the singer's career. Though it is essentially a straight reading of one of Haile Selassie's speeches, Marley phrases the text exquisitely to fit a musical setting, a quiet intensity lying just below the surface. Equally strong are the likes of "Rat Race," "Crazy Baldhead," and "Want More." These songs are tempered by buoyant, lighthearted material like "Cry to Me," "Night Shift," and "Positive Vibration." Not quite as strong as some of the love songs Marley would score hits with on subsequent albums, "Cry to Me" still seems like an obvious choice for a single and remains underrated. Though record buyers may not have found any single song to be as strong on those terms as "No Woman No Cry," Rastaman Vibration still reached the Top Ten in the United States.

- Nathan Bush (All Music Guide)

## 11-20 'Exodus' 1977 (4.5*) Tuff Gong

Recorded in London following an attempt on his life, Exodus shows Marley mellowing a bit. Despite some powerful political tracks, Marley adopts a less fiery, more reflective approach than his previous outings. Still, it's hard to find reggae as good as this. Exodus has all one would expect from a Bob Marley album; rumbling statements like "Exodus" and "The Heath" as well as poetic love songs like "Turn Your Lights Down Low." Considering how good these tracks are, Exodus does not stop here. Marley also unleashed the huge international hits "Jamming," "Waiting In Vain" and "One Love/People Get Ready." These inspired tracks, perhaps more than any others, came to define Marley around the world. They are irresistible no matter how many times they are played. Never one to dodge innovation, "Exodus" hints that Marley was taking cues from the emerging dub scene. Exodus, even though it contains some of Marley's best work, has an underlying nostalgic feel to it hinting that Marley was getting a little formulaic.

- Matthew Hilburn (All Music Guide)

  Соисполнители :

Al Anderson (Guitar)
Alvin Patterson (Percussion)
Aston Barrett (Percussion, Guitar)
Donald Kinsley (Guitar)
Earl 'Chinna' Smith (Guitar, Percussion, Guitar)
Judy Mowatt (Vocals)
Marcia Griffiths (Vocals)
Rita Marley (Vocals)
Tyrone Downie (Bass, Percussion, Keyboards)

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Наименование трека



   1 Positive Vibration     T       0:03:31 Ford
   2 Roots, Rock, Reggae     T       0:03:37 -"-
   3 Johnny Was     T       0:03:46 Marley
   4 Cry To Me     T       0:02:33 -"-
   5 Want More     T       0:04:13 Want More
   6 Crazy Baldhead     T       0:03:10 Ford / Marley
   7 Who The Cap Fit     T       0:04:41 Barrett / Barrett
   8 Nightshift     T       0:03:09 Marley
   9 War     T       0:03:36 Barrett / Cole
   10 Rat Race     T       0:02:49 Marley
   11 Natural Mystic     T       0:03:28 -"-
   12 So Much Things To Say     T       0:03:08 -"-
   13 Guiltiness     T       0:03:20 -"-
   14 The Heathen     T       0:02:32 -"-
   15 Exodus     T       0:07:35 -"-
   16 Jammin'     T       0:03:31 -"-
   17 Waiting In Vain     T       0:04:14 -"-
   18 Turn Your Lights Down Low     T       0:03:39 -"-
   19 Three Little Birds     T       0:03:00 -"-
   20 One Love / People Get Ready     T       0:02:51 -"-


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