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  Исполнитель(и) :
   Buckner, Milt  (Piano, Vocals) , Kenny Clare (Drums) , Jimmy Woode (Bass) , Jo Jones (Drums
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  Наименование CD :
   Milt Buckner - Masterpieces

Год издания : 1995

Компания звукозаписи : MPS, (ru)

Время звучания : 1:16:16

  Комментарий (рецензия) :

CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Jazz (Piano)      


## 1 - 8 - from original album "More Chords"

## 9 - 13 - from original album "Play Chords"

## 14 - 16 - from original album "Locked Hands"

издано в Германии

========= from the cover ==========

In the seventies, Milt Buckner's long playing records for the legendary MPS label were easily available, Ihen they disappeared more and more, became collectors' ilems - not just because of the label. If now a selection of titles from that time is to be re-released, the often quoted descriptions of the mostly unknown or frequently underestimated musician will strike one initially.

Indeed, pianist and organist Milt Buckner (1915 - 1977) was not granted a career like those of Nat 'King' Cole or George Shearing, he never had been as successful as a Teddy Wilson or Earl Mines, and he was not involved in the revolutionary radical change movement around Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk, not to mention his limited record output. But still Milt Buckner has played his historical part: When in 1941 he started playing with Lionel Hampton, it was him, who bestowed the decisive pulse on Hampton's rhythm section with his swing feeling, his stylistic knowledge (he was an excellent boogie-woogie pianist), the sophisticated arrangements, and finally with his locked hands technique (the meshed chord-playing of both hands).

After seven years with Hampton, Buckner made, once again, an intermezzo in the vibraphonist's band between 1950 and 1952. Then came the moment to earn his living alone or on the road with smaller ensembles as well as to make a record from time to time. The LPs with the saxophone players Buddy Tate and Illinois Jacquet belong to the most beautiful recordings of that time. Another highlight of his altogether relatively inconspicuous career, however, was his excellent performance at the Berlin Jazz Days in 1966, where he accompanied a group of renowned tap-dancers like Baby Laurence and James 'Buster' Brown. At that time, the media and the audience were almost unanimously of the opinion that Mill Buckner was the real star of the evening.

The sixteen Buckner masterpieces of this GD reproduce very vividly the dense, orchestral sounds which Buckner knew to mix together two-handedly so masterly, and which already in 1966 made the audience in the Berlin Philharmonic jump off their seals. Recommend able, especially with respect to that, is Jimmy Giuffre's "Four Brothers", which calls to mind the compact sound of the saxophone section of Woody Herman's Second Herd.

With a little estrangement trick Buckner gives the classic "{Back Home Again In) Indiana" a different look - he starts as expected, but at the end the pianist finds the way to a furious "Donna Lee". The transformation of the theme is the result of an analogy of the harmonic progressions of both compositions. But it was surely also thought to be a sort of compliment to Charlie Parker, with whom Buckner played in the New York jazz club Birdland in 1953. Until today it remains unclarified whether Parker is really the composer of "Donna Lee" - now and then the title is also credited to Miles Davis or both of them.

Those looking for the authentic bounce of Buckner should listen to "Bobbins' Nest" - Oscar Peterson too recorded this title, written by Illinois Jacquet, for MPS in the middle of the sixties. He also copied Buckner's locked hands then, but failed to catch up with the verve and drive Buckner demonstrates here.

One word about the pianist's sidemen on this CD. Bassist Jimmy Woode, who is living in Europe since 1959, was soon after his Ellington experience so much in demand that Francy Boland hired him for his big band in 1963: an eminently precise and swinging mainstream musician of the Bay Brown school. Of a similar class is the British drummer Kenny Clare, who was often the driving force behind the Boland band together with co-leader Kenny Clarke. With Jo Jones, the second drummer featured on these recordings, one does not need to look for qiiality marks - more than ten years with the early Basic orchestra speak for themselves: hi-hat artist and master of numerous modern percussionists.

Milt Buckner, a locked hands pianist who only plays chords - can that be enough for the listener in the long run? Of course, it can. Because it is not important, how completely a musician flaunts the technical possibilities of an instrument, important is that he brings out the right main features, has a perfect time, and can provide the necessary portion of swing, as for example Count Basic or Milt Buckner.

- Hanns E. Pelrik

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Наименование трека



   1 I De-Clare         0:03:15 Milt Buckner
   2 I Want A Little Girl To Call My Own         0:06:54 Moll / Mencher / Murray
   3 Three O'clock In The Morning         0:04:22 Terris / Robledo
   4 Pennies From Heaven     T       0:06:50 Arthur Johnson / Johnny Burke
   5 Four Brothers         0:03:54 Jimmy GiulTre / Jon Hendrick
   6 Indiana         0:03:31 Back Home Again In - James F. Hanley / Ballard McDonald
   7 If I Could Be With You         0:04:33 One Hour Tonight - James / Henry Creamer
   8 Taking A Chance On Love     T       0:06:07 Vernon Duke / John Latouche / Ted Fetter
   9 Pick Yourself Up     T       0:04:25 Jerome Kern
   10 Robbins' Nest         0:04:38 Sir Charles Thompson / Illinois Jacquet
   11 Hamp's Boogie Woogie         0:02:33 Lionel Hampton / Milt Buckner
   12 SABA House Party         0:03:47 Milt Buckner
   13 Yours Is My Heart Alone         0:04:50 Franz Lehar
   14 Sunny         0:04:53 Bobby Hebb
   15 Jitterburg Waltz         0:05:35 Thomas 'Fats' Waller
   16 Lil' Darlin'         0:06:10 Neal Hefti


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