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   Elvis' Golden Records

Год издания : 

Компания звукозаписи : RCA, (ru)

Музыкальный стиль : Pop/Rock, Pop, Rockabilly, Rock & Roll

Время звучания : 1:56:12

К-во CD : 2

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CD, стоящие на полке рядом : Rock (Rock & Roll)      

4 LP on 2 CD

1958/ 1960/ 1963 / 1968

## 101 - 114 'Elvis' Golden Records', RCA, (4.5*), 1958

This was rock & roll's first greatest-hits album, and it set the standard for all others to follow. As originally conceived, it was a 14-song collection of most of the King's biggest hits up to that time, released on the eve of his start of military service - a dearth of material being in the offing, it seemed only logical to assemble these hits. Each of the 14 songs had earned a gold-record award for a million sales, a record unequaled at that time by anyone else in rock & roll. The album wasn't intended as a history lesson, so "Hound Dog" and "Loving You" precede "Heartbreak Hotel" - the 1997 remastering also tampers with the concept a bit, adding six bonus tracks. Elvis' singing never sounded richer or more expressive, and one can fully appreciate in vivid detail the delicate nuances of his phrasing on songs like "Too Much." On the downside, the remastering has made the sound so clean on some of the harder songs that some of the raw, "dirty" ambience that characterized this stuff on the radio and the original 45s is lacking. Still, Scotty Moore's groundbreaking lead guitar part on "Hound Dog" and the Jordanaires' backup singing never came through more sharply or cleanly, and the all-important rhythm section is almost up front in the mix. Those who own the first Elvis box from RCA, covering the '50s masters, may hesitate to pick up this or the other parts of this latest remastered series, but the sound has been upgraded one more level, and Golden Hits does give a bite-sized glimpse of where Elvis had come from and where he was going (for better or worse) musically on the eve of heading into the Army. - Bruce Eder

## 115 - 124 '50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong: Elvis' Golden Records, Vol. 2 ', RCA, (4.5*), 1959

The release of this album, seen in its proper historical context, is an indicator of just how bright Elvis Presley's star shone in the late '50s. His first hits collection was issued in March 1958, on the eve of his going into the Army; his second was the first "volume two" greatest-hits album ever issued on a rock & roll star, appearing weeks ahead of his leaving the Army in March 1960. Anyone who buys the notion that Elvis was "tamed" during his first years at RCA will find revelation in "A Big Hunk of Love," "I Need Your Love Tonight" and "I Got Stung," some of the greatest pieces of hard rock & roll that the King ever cut - and all were recorded in the midst of Elvis' stay in the Army, in a hastily arranged session in Nashville during June 1958. The 1997 remastering works better on this material than it did on the earlier Golden Hits; the more expansive sound doesn't detract a bit from the power of the music, and the quality of Elvis' singing, coupled with his choice of material, was reaching its peak. By this time, his voice was becoming one of the finest instruments in rock & roll, his idolization of Dean Martin and other popular singers paying off with a degree of control and articulation that his rivals could only envy, and it's all laid out here on what are still some pretty hard-rocking sides. The remastered edition not only improves the sound significantly, but adds eight songs to the original ten. The notes are thorough, although they reveal the stretching that the producers were engaged in by citing British releases as the justification for inclusion. But the quality of the music is undeniable. - Bruce Eder

## 201 - 212 'Elvis' Golden Records, Vol. 3', RCA, (4.5*) 1964

The original Elvis' Golden Records, Vol. 3 was, like its predecessors, an unprecedented release - no one in rock & roll up to that point, other than Elvis, had ever legitimately earned a second greatest-hits volume, much less a third. This is also the place where the legitimately softer, more mature Presley replaces the angry young Elvis represented on the first two volumes. On a sexual level, songs like "Stuck on You," "It's Now or Never," "Fame and Fortune," "I Gotta Know," and "Surrender" offer seduction rather than diverting violation. He might no longer have been a rebel, but as represented on the original ten songs of this album, he was still making the Top Five and even the top of the charts regularly with work that was legitimately fine early-'60s rock & roll and pop/rock. "His Latest Flame" or "Good Luck Charm" might not have been groundbreaking musical statements of the caliber of "Heartbreak Hotel" or "Blue Suede Shoes," but in Elvis' hands they were worth hearing over and over. The original 12 songs have been augmented by six more, including "Can't Help Falling in Love" (which should have been on this disc to begin with) and the hauntingly beautiful "Girl of My Best Friend," which was a number two hit in England (and may be the prettiest song Elvis ever cut), plus "Wild in the Country" and "Wooden Heart" (a hit in Europe) from G.I. Blues. The producers have stuck with the most tasteful and intriguing numbers from the films, within the time frame of the original release, the annotation is thorough, and the 1997 remastered sound runs circles around all prior editions. - Bruce Eder

## 213 - 224 'Elvis' Golden Records, Vol. 4', RCA, (4.5*) 1968

This is one of Elvis's most misunderstood albums. At the time of release the reviews almost without exception discussed how Elvis's gold was drained up and he was reduced to filling up the fourth volume with B-sides. Actually there was more than enough gold for the set: "Wooden Heart," "Can't Help Falling in Love," and "Return to Sender" are the most obvious. "A Mess of Blues," "Witchcraft," and "Please Don't Drag That String Around" are fine uptempo numbers while "Love Letters" and "It Hurts Me" are among the best ballads Elvis - or anyone else - recorded during the decade. - Neal Umphred

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Наименование трека



   1 01 Hound Dog     T       0:02:18 Leiber / Stoller
   1 02 Loving You     T       0:02:16 -"-
   1 03 All Shook Up     T       0:01:59 Blackwell / Presley
   1 04 Heartbreak Hotel     T       0:02:08 Axton / Durden / Presley
   1 05 Jailhouse Rock     T       0:02:27 Leiber / Stoller
   1 06 Love Me     T       0:02:45 -"-
   1 07 Too Much     T       0:02:33 Rosenberg / Weinman
   1 08 Don't Be Cruel     T       0:02:04 Blackwell / Presley
   1 09 That's When Your Heartaches Begin     T       0:03:25 Fisher / Hill / Raskin
   1 10 Teddy Bear     T       0:01:49 Let Me Be Your - Lowe / Mann
   1 11 Love Me Tender     T       0:02:46 Matson / Presley
   1 12 Treat Me Nice     T       0:02:14 Leiber / Stoller
   1 13 Any Way You Want Me     T       0:02:16 That's How I Will Be
   1 14 I Want You, I Need You, I Love You     T       0:02:40 Kosloff / Mysels
   1 15 I Need Your Love Tonight     T       0:02:04 Reichner / Wayne
   1 16 Don't         0:02:51 Leiber / Stoller
   1 17 Wear My Ring Around Your Neck     T       0:02:17 Carroll / Russell
   1 18 My Wish Came True     T       0:02:38 Hunter
   1 19 I Got Stung     T       0:01:53 Hill / Schroeder
   1 20 One Night     T       0:02:34 Bartholomew / King
   1 21 A Big Hunk O' Love     T       0:02:07 Schroeder / Wyche
   1 22 I Beg Of You     T       0:01:55 McCoy / Owens
   1 23 A Fool Such As I     T       0:02:32 Now And Then There's - Trader
   1 24 Doncha' Think It's Time     T       0:01:57 Dixon / Otis
   2 01 It's Now Or Never     T       0:03:18 Gold / Schroeder
   2 02 Stuck On You     T       0:02:20 McFarland / Schroeder
   2 03 Fame And Fortune     T       0:02:32 Weisman / Wise
   2 04 I Gotta Know     T       0:02:17 Evans / Williams
   2 05 Surrender     T       0:01:55 Pomus / Shuman
   2 06 I Feel So Bad     T       0:02:58 Willis
   2 07 Are You Lonesome Tonight?     T       0:03:07 Handman / Turk
   2 08 His Latest Flame     T       0:02:08 Marie's The Name - Pomus / Shuman
   2 09 Little Sister     T       0:02:31 Pomus / Shuman
   2 10 Good Luck Charm     T       0:02:23 Gold / Schroeder
   2 11 Anything That's Part Of You     T       0:02:04 Robertson
   2 12 She's Not You     T       0:02:08 Leiber / Pomus / Stoller
   2 13 Love Letters     T       0:02:54 Heyman / Young
   2 14 Witchcraft     T       0:02:25 Bartholomew / King
   2 15 It Hurts Me     T       0:02:31 Byers / Daniels
   2 16 What'd I Say     T       0:03:07 Charles
   2 17 Please Don't Drag That String Around     T       0:01:56 Blackwell / Scott
   2 18 Indescribably Blue     T       0:02:50 Glenn
   2 19 Devil In Disguise     T       0:02:23 You're The - Baum / Giant / Kaye
   2 20 Lonely Man     T       0:02:48 From Jerry Wald's 'Wild In The - Benjamin / Marcus
   2 21 A Mess Of Blues     T       0:02:43 Pomus / Shuman
   2 22 Ask Me     T       0:02:09 Baum / Giant / Kaye / Kaye / Modugno / Mondugno
   2 23 Ain't That Loving You Baby     T       0:02:26 Hunter / Otis
   2 24 Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello     T       0:01:53 Leiber / Stoller


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