:  Madalena

   :  Brazzaville

Walking through the streets of Amsterdam
Half a pack of kreteks in my hand
The rain smells like a woman
That I knew long ago
And I hope shes happy
Hope shes doin grand

The cyclones never seem to get this far
They die out off the shores of Zanzibar
And at night I watch the storm clouds
Lighting up the sea
And I wonder if she ever thinks of me

Theres something in the way you held me
But theres not much left
To hold onto anymore

Im older now
My hair is turning gray
A fixture at this crumbling cafe
And Im haunted by the memories
Of the man I used to be
Cause he took your love
And threw it all away

And Madalena.


CD , :
  Andy Narell, 'Behind The Bridge', 1998, Heads Up
  Brazzaville, 'East L.A. Breeze', 2006, Zakat, Vendlus


    23/10/2016 16:29:55


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