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   Наименование :  1983

   Автор :  Brazzaville

Summer days 15 years old
Rodney’s on the radio
The RTD and a pack of cloves
Oh Oh oo Oh oo Oh Oh Oh
And girls in death rock pantyhose

Junes are cloudy in L.A.
All the city’s shades of gray
The air is warm with ocean spray
Oh Oh oo Oh oo Oh Oh Oh
And morning seems to last all day

And if I should die
In the meantime
Take me home
To those days
When the world
Still really shone

Come on Baby ride with me
We’ll take the bus down to the sea
Go swimming in the morning light
Oh Oh oo Oh oo Oh Oh Oh
And lose the memories of last night

And if I should die…


CD коллекции, на которых можно найти данную композицию:
  Brazzaville, 'East L.A. Breeze', 2006, Zakat, Vendlus

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