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   Наименование :  A Cry For Everyone

   Автор :  Gentle Giant

Lead vocals: Derek
(The lyric gives away something of the lyric thoughts of one or two members of the band, and is inspired by the literature and philosophy of Albert Camus.)

Run, why should I run away
When at the end the only truth certain -
One day everyone dies -
If only to justify life.
Live, I've lived a thousand lives;
And anyone is the right, the just life.
If I could cry, I'd cry for everyone.
Doubts, no doubt, is all I know.
There is no fate, there's no luck,
what does
that show.
Showing is proof, but proving is nothing
but fear.
If I could cry, I'd cry then for everyone.
Hope, I've hoped two thousand years,
no one hears, so I've cried, crying
vain tears.
Always too late, too late to cry, cry
for everyone.


CD коллекции, на которых можно найти данную композицию:
  Gentle Giant, 'Octopus. The Power And The Glory', 1972, Columbia

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