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   Наименование :  A Ritual Mask

   Автор :  Peter Hammill

A Ritual Mask upon the wall
furnishes his surroundings
and he thinks that's all.

A Ritual Mask,
its power still strong,
a memento of his travels,
that he got for a song.

He got it for a song.

It was the song of the centuries undisturbed,
the song of secrets and power words;
the song of a culture not grown immune
to the virus of progress,
to the theft of the tune.

The Ritual Mask,
the evil eye
inhabits his apartment,
inhabits his mind
with a song of vengeance,
a song of a debt repaid, a song of justice,
a song of a hand unstayed,
a song of a culture as old as the hills...
that sits uneasy on the living-room wall
like a snake about to kill.

The Ritual Mask,
it won't take long
before he finds out the bargain
has turned out dreadfully wrong.

Oh, he got it for a song.


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