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   Наименование :  Wonderful Day In A One-way World

   Автор :  Gabriel, Peter

Saturday is shopping day and I drive my car but there's no place to park it,
No respect for supermen in the supermarket.
I guess there must be trouble but I've not been alerted;
Looking round the store, it was all deserted
And I'm stranded here with my empty basket,
So full of questions but nowhere to ask it.

By the one way out, strange voice shouts,
'Don't let that good man out!'
'Have a wonderful day in our one-way world,
One way, one day;
Have a wonderful day in our one-way world,
One way, one day;
One-way man, one-way mind, get along with mankind.'

There's an old man on the floor so I summon my charm,
I say, 'Hey scumbag, has there been an alarm?'
He says 'Yeah, I been selling off eternal youth,
They all got afraid, 'cos I'm the living proof.
My name is Einstein, do you know time is a curve?'
I said, 'Stop, old man! You've got a nerve,
'cos there's only one rule that I observe:
Time is money, and money I serve.'



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  Peter Gabriel, 'The 2'rd Studio Albom', 1978, Ars Nova, Atco

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