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   Наименование :  My Days Are Numbered

   Автор :  Al Kooper

I woke up and found
No one beside me
No hand to hold onto
and no lips to guide me
what a hard world to face
in the light of an angry sun
ain't it hard to get on,
if you ain't got that someone

Chorus: And it seems that my days are numbered
down to a precious few
People I know that
My days are numbered
'cause I can't get it back together
without you.

I see the heaven moonlight
see it drippin' down my window
flowing like a river
through the tears that I have cried
I gotta find myself, hey
a reason to go on living
but you can't breathe life into somethin'
that's already died

(Guitar Solo)
Hey Hey
I got ta tell you right now
Every morning (fades)
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  Blood Sweat & Tears, 'Child Is Father To The Man', 1968, Columbia, Legacy

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